New blog: orcas and animals

Orcas and animals is a new blog which explores anarchism, animal rights and veganism. Produced by Kevin Watkinson who has written for Species and Class and covering similar ground to what’s on offer here, it is most welcome. The latest post, “Orphaned lambs and political opportunism”, shows how politicians use animals as commodities and opportunies to further their careers:

The three leaders of the main political parties all treat animals as commodities, in a similar way to most of their supporters, and in this way they try to appear as ‘normal’ members of society.

Other posts include a look at the commercialisation of veganism, how society decides whether or not animal suffering is necessary and an especially interesting article called “Species and class” which examines how society and even the animal rights movement determines some animals as being of more significance than others.

Relevant, thoughtful and well worth reading.

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