Business as usual…

It has been all of five months since I was last here. The blog has returned. That’s not why this post is called Business as usual though. That refers to what’s been happening inbetween; how the world has continued to be run in the interests of the wealthy and powerful. We should expect nothing less – that’s how they’ve always operated.

We’ve seen the escalation of conflict in Syria and the growth of the refugee crisis, the Paris attacks followed swiftly by the climate summit with its vacuous promises and pledges that won’t be materialise, flooding across Britain, ratcheting up of policies against the poor, the disabled and the marginalised and the constant, unfaltering exploitation of the earth, nature, people and animals.

So nothing has changed from the ruling class. But with that there comes a response, a reaction, a fightback. Business as usual means our renewed struggle and positive alternatives to the despair of their system. The blog exists to document that since you will find very little about opposition and alternatives to capitalism and hierarchy in the mainstream media. Last but not least I will also continue to highlight the treachery and lies of those who run society for their own profit: the politicians, the capitalists, the media moguls, the police, etc.

Welcome back. Comments will be appreciated, as ever.

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