More anarchist and radical bookfairs than ever before in 2018 has just published an article on upcoming anarchist and radical bookfairs for the rest of 2018. Derry has already hosted a successful fair on 27 January with a larger turnout than last year. The list is very impressive with events taking place throughout the country in places such as Liverpool, Bristol, Swansea, Norwich, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and Dorset, amongst others.

The glaring omission is London which for the first time in over three decades does not have an anarchist bookfair scheduled. An incident took place last year  for which the organisers faced criticism and as a result they decided not to go ahead with it this year. This does not mean there cannot be another in 2018 if enough people want to organise it and there have been murmurings on social media but so far nothing definite Рand time is running out!

But in the mean time there is a London Radical Bookfair, organised by the Alliance for Radical Booksellers, on Saturday 2 June at Goldsmiths University. For details of this and all the other bookfairs see below.

Anarchist Bookfairs in 2018


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