Technical Help

How to use this site

To get your audio to appear on this website you have to do the following things.

  • Upload it to an audio hosting site – eg., or pod0matic
  • Get a log -in from one of the redbricks radio website team and add the link to the file in a it as a blog post.

Adding your post

When you have a log in and you are ready to add your post you’ll want to have the following things ready

  • A link to your audio file / music show ( a URL starting
  • Some text about the show
  • A picture to add to the post to make it look nice (it makes all the difference)

Editing your audio and saving it for the Internet

If you think we are getting ahead of ourselves here and you don’t even have some audio to upload, maybe you need to edit it and save it as a file first.

There is help on all that in the Audacity Manual, which is linked to here.

Using WordPress to add your show

For general help on using WordPress check out the manual here.

What we specifically need to do is to add the URL of the audio file that we’ve uploaded somewhere else to a Post.

To do this, go to the bottom of you post and paste in the URL of the audio in the Podcasting box – as shown below

Click on Add – and the the following box will appear.

Fill in as much of this as you can.

Then Click on the Publish button on the right of the screen to publish this post. Then if you go back to the front page of the site the post should be there, and you should be able to play it.