We live in an age of “austerity”, poverty, institutionalised brutality and injustice. The working class has been suffering on a level not seen for many years, with no signs of this suffering abating.

Whilst the poorest of the poor break their bones and torture their minds, working for just enough to survive, suited millionaires, undeserving royalty, exploitative landlords, and the entire upper class, the entitled and privileged few, lord over us with total contempt in their eyes. Contempt for the working class, contempt for the disadvantaged and the vulnerable, and contempt for all who they see as being beneath them.

The Revolutionary Front is a militant Anarchist-Communist movement, dedicated to bringing about change in our own communities, as well as fostering a desire for real change and a complete and total demolition of the current status quo.

The only way that true freedom, true justice and true peace will come about, however, is through the abolition of state, capitalism and nationalism, and through the solidity of reborn international working class solidarity and unity.

We will not liberalise our opinions to suit and convince the middle class, for our only concern, is the continued support and defence of the working class, from all enemies – state, fascist, capitalist or otherwise.

If this world is to become a better place, a place worth living in, then we need to further this cause of liberty, equality and brotherhood for all mankind. We must combat capitalist greed wherever it rears its ugly head. We must support those who struggle with day to day life. We must refute and demolish the exploitative fascist poison that seeps through our communities.

We are the Revolutionary Front, and these are our objectives.

The time to rise is coming, but the time to organise is now.