Daily Opinion

I am going to change “Thought Of The Day” to “Daily Opinion” as this is a more appropriate title. This is because sometimes my “Thought Of The Day” is less of a thought and more of a wider set of thoughts on something. Sometimes I write a single one liner, other times I write a longer piece so “Daily Opinion” is a more appropriate title.

Thought Of The Day: Middle Class Protestors And Vietnam

I was streaming a documentary series online titled “The Vietnam War”, and in the fourth episode of the first series it talks about the anti-war movement. What struck me was that it made a very valid point about the middle class protestors. What began as a moral (in the case of religious types, liberals, etc) or even a political movement (socialists, leftists, etc), change when the government realised that they needed to start drafting middle class kids. Previously they had only drafted working class kids, to go off and kill other working class kids. However as has already been said, they later had to draft middle class kids.

This is when the middle class took to the streets against the war, and the direction of the anti-war movement changed from one of either political or moral objection, to one of self-preservation. They were not bothered when working class kids were killing other working class kids, they only became bothered when they were faced with the fate of being sent to fight in that war.

It is typical, the middle class are only bothered and only protest when faced with issues of self-preservation. As a class they do not do out of affinity with our class, they do it because their privileged position within the ruling class is threatened. Once their trivial and temporary problems of self-preservation have be remedied, they revert to type. They revert to licking the upper class’ boots and forget about the working class.

This is partly why the middle class as a class do not have the same interests as us, do not share the same aspirations and the same fate, and certainly do not share the same fight. Their involvement is not incumbent upon solidarity with the working class, it is incumbent upon their own self-interest(s).

Thought Of The Day: Zionism, The Media, And Antisemitic Myths

We should get one thing straight, Zionists do not control the media. The fact of the matter is that the media supports the status quo, and Israel is a part of that status quo, and will defend it accordingly.

The idea that Zionists control the media is often a substitute for the crazy idea that Jews control the media (the non-Jewish Rupert Murdoch anyone?). Equally crazy is the idea that the media is impartial when it comes to the issue of Israel and Palestine.

Thought Of The Day: Oh Stephen!

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”, aka “Waxy Lemon”) was released from prison today. He was sent down for jeopardising the trial of a bunch of nonces. He has now been released following appeal, pending a retrial.

Yaxley-Lennon has told us all that he is ‘not here to lead the revolution against the Muslims’, and that there has to be some sort of revolution from within Muslims in the community.

This charlatan is playing the game very cleverly. Muslims in the community, generally speaking, know as much as anyone else about who the jihadists are and who they are not. This effectively means that when “the Muslims” will not be able to deliver on what Yaxley-Lennon has said they should deliver on. This will give the illusion that “the Muslims” do not care or maybe even want to shield those jihadists in the community. We all know this is bullshit, and the vast majority do not like jihadists as much as the rest of us do not. But what Yaxley-Lennon has done here is to push this onto one section of the community (Muslims generally), rather than the community as a whole. Any lack of results stemming from this shouldering of responsibility will be blamed on Muslims as a whole, and Yaxley-Lennon in his own eyes and the eyes of his followers, will be vindicated. Either himself or his followers will say something along the lines of ‘oh look, he gave them the opportunity to solve the issue themselves and they did not want to take it’. This is rather than say ‘Muslims in the community generally speaking, are no more aware of who and where the jihadists are, than the rest of us. It is hardly surprising they will not be able to deliver on Tommy’s challenge’.

After all of this, and after he has been vindicated, he will once again lead another assault on Muslims generally.

This is all crystal ball stuff, but I will put money on being right.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is a middle class charlatan!