Sniffer Dogs

With the festival season in full swing. The police are using sniffer dogs at many of the major festivals to clamp down on the use of illegal drugs. Heres some advice from Release on how to deal with these situations should you encounter one.

Solidarity call out for ROZBRAT

Squatted since 1994, Rozbrat in Poznan Poland is under threat of eviction. The squat is underlined by the principle of free housing for free people, an open community outside of the establishment host to alternative culture and independent thought. It currently operates as a home for 20 people and a permanent homeless shelter.

Whilst having ambiguous legal status, a debt company in ownership of the land is preparing for the selling off of the site in auction. This will implicate Rozbrat in an eviction attempt in the near future, entailing a convoluted and expensive legal battle in order to defend the site.

Any able to afford solidarity donations please do so or share:

BIGBPLPW 03 1160 2202 0000 0002 3589 7475 with reference “Donation to save Rozbrat”. 

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Tidemill Gardens destroyed

Last wednesday, a greatly loved community wildlife garden in Deptford was finally ravaged in the face of a years long campaign for its safeguarding. In spiteful irony, the day before Lewisham council declared climate emergency, 74 trees were bulldozed on the site and the land left bereft of life. Heavy weight machinery was coopted by the council for the job operated by SDL Solutions; with the laughable gall to claim their green badge by producing ‘renewable’ wood chip fuel.

Absolute shame to Lewisham council, who have shown malignant disregard for the concerns of the community, Peabody and the hired thugs who are so set on making this city toxic. The battle continues.

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Solidarity with Grow Heathrow

The squatted site, in protest of the expansion of the airport, has been under threat of eviction since 2017. They’re now facing new potential siege from the National Eviction Team as the front part of the site has had possession order reinstated this month. Call out for support defending the site.

With any luck their 9th birthday party can go ahead regardless.

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