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Squash Campaign:

SNoB (Squatters Network of Brighton) :

On Saturday 5th of November there will be a demonstration starting from Victoria gardens at 12 noon, against the criminalisation of Squatting.

Between 2pm and 6pm on Saturday 5th and 12pm and 6pm on Sunday a squatted social centre will be open on 33 North Rd, in order to spread public awareness of the issue. There will be a “safer spaces” policy in place, meaning that drink, drugs and abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated, in order to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Tea, coffee, vegan food, a free shop, and entertainments will be available as well as information on squatting and the law.

The main messages that the organisers, the Squatters Network of Brighton, are trying to spread are:

1. Due to the current housing crisis, the criminalisation of squatting will only victimise the vulnerable in society, and force thousands of people into homelessness, marginalisation and institutionalisation.

2. The politicians pushing for the criminalisation of squatting, such as Hove MP Mike Weatherly have grossly misrepresented the existing law in the public eye. It is already illegal to displace people currently residing somewhere, or about to move in, by squatting their house.

3. The main people who will benefit from this law are not ordinary members of the public, but rich property speculators, registered in offshore tax havens. These people are artificially keeping property prices up for the entire population by deliberately keeping buildings empty. Squatters mainly occupy such buildings, which in itself is a way of creating a fairer housing situation.

4. There is still time for people in the general public to lobby the House of Lords in order to stop this bill, the Legal Aid and Sentencing Bill, as it has only been voted on in the Commons so far.