The convergence came to an end at 7pm yesterday.

We would like to send out a massive thank you to everyone who came down (over 100 people came from far away lands, such as France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway, Manchester, London, Bristol and Lewes) THANK YOU!

It was a great weekend where over 20 work shops and skill shares took place including, ‘Community responses to sexual violence’, ‘Squatters Legal Network’ (, ‘Women’s DIY health’, ‘Alternative communication’. On top of these we had speakers from Calais Migrant Solidarity, SQUASH, SMASH EDO, Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC), Traveler Solidarity… and many more.

We would like to thank everyone that took time to put on workshops and organise discussion groups – they made the weekend an amazing thing to be a part of.

Big shout out to Zibabu /The Bucket Boyz who played on Friday night ( Saturday night = beach party. And thank you to the Cowley club and Gee for cooking a full vegan BBQ on Sunday for everyone. The weekend ended with a game of Zombies vs. Humans in the basement (thank you Foucault).

We spent all day yesterday cleaning and then all left the building at 7pm. The convergence is now officially over and the building has become empty again.

S.N.O.B is waited with baited breath to see which city takes up the challenge next year (it’s actually not that hard) (GO ON!). It would also be really good to have a national event before September in preparation for the law change…if any group fancies taking that on we’ll be there!

Keep in touch, our email is, please send info about events and if you’re planning to come back to brighton drop us a call on 07583010898.


The Squatters Convergence is almost here!

The 2012 Squatters Convergence is almost here!! It’s going to be awesome so hope you’re as excited as we are! We have had a few queries so here’s some information to clear up any confusion.

The location of the convergence will be released here on the blog tomorrow. If you don’t have a chance to check the location before you leave, head for central Brighton and call the phone number (07583010898) for directions.

There is space in the building for everyone to sleep – please bring sleeping bags and blankets, it might be a bit chilly, and something to sleep on, like a roll mat. There will be a quiet spaces as well for sleeping.

There will be one vegan meal cooked each day, plus another small kitchen area for you to cook with

Workshops are arranged for Friday and Saturday, with groups like ASS, SQUASH, Squattastic, Calais Migrant Solidarity, ZAD, and much more putting on workshops and discussions.

Bring information/posters/flyers/films/photos/anything about your squats and other projects to share!

See you in Brighton


Need help getting to the convergence?

a note from SQUASH:

squatters networks in the UK are gonna be under increasing pressure
and in need of increased organisation and cross-country communication – as we’re pushed into an ever tighter corner

squash would like to support the 2012 Squatters Convergence happening in Brighton (17-20 May) by offering squatters from other cities some dough towards coach//train tickets to the convergence – if the cost of travel or the time for hitching would prevent you from getting there

we have limited funds but could cover early booked travel for a couple of people from different cities//squatter networks across the country – unfortunatley we can’t pay for continental squatters trips – soz

if you would like squash to book tickets for reps from your ends please email – – and we’ll see what we can do – can’t promise – but we know how important it is for this convergence to be well attended if we’re gonna get through the next chapter altegether whatever the weather

by having squatters from all corners converging to plot and scheme hopefully we can protect ourselves and resist extinction

when emailing – please detail what squat stuff you’re up to wherever you’re at and how you might spread the word on whatever comes out of the conference.

see you thurrr . . .

(_pass it on_)

Spread the word: 10 days to go

We are 10 days away from the 2012 International Squatting Convergence.
Squatters from across Europe will gather in Brighton to share experiences, skills and have a little dance.

There are plenty of workshops lined up, along with skill shares, film screenings and discussion groups. For all squatters: this is not a weekend to be missed.

Please bring stuff to add to the exhibition about squatting.

There will be food provided throughout the weekend, along with a recommended donation. (All food will be vegan)

The sea is the shower!

Keep watching this blog for more updates as we get closer to what is no doubt going to be a great weekend.

Spread the word, ready yourselves and we’ll see you in 10 days!

Love and rage,

PS This should be obvious, but journalists are not welcome at this event.

Time travelling fascists and other older news

S.N.O.B A.H.A has confronted two forms of fascism this month.

On Tuesday 3rd April having just woken up, squatters were peacefully drinking their morning tea in their living room, when they were rudely interrupted by the Sussex police FIT team bursting into the room. Having smashed in the front door police began shoving cameras in their faces and running around taking photos of their belongings. It was a well co-ordinated attack, Sussex police working along side crooked bailiffs to make 10 people homeless. No valid papers were shown, only an old court order from January was provided when supporters chanted ‘we want papers’. S.N.O.B A.H.A, in conjunction with A.S.S, are currently taking legal action against the bailiffs, along with the police for their complicity, as this was clearly an illegal eviction. 25 police officers (ranging from bronze command fash to lowly constable scum) lined George street, Kemp Town, to assist the bailiffs in their illegal activities.

The wondrous FIT team gladly filmed the whole affair, no doubt in preparation for the International Squatters Convergence, which is taking place in Brighton in two weeks (17th – 19th May). A crowd of thirty or so supporters gathered on George St and St James St, and shouted, watched, and filmed in horror as the police facilitated a violent eviction where no notice had been given. They threw our duvets into a pile on the street and then imposed a section 14 on the area where the duvets, guitars, and art work lay, meaning we had to drag our belongings to the other side of the road where the pigs deemed our evicted belongings to be less obstructive to the gracious public. ACAB.

Three days ago S.N.O.B had the privilege of receiving a phone call from the EDL. With the national anthem blasting away in the background (original) they threatened to ‘find us, when there are no women or children around’. They are clearly intimidated by the women and children of Brighton after being run out of town by them 10 days ago. In other recent EDL news, the fash have discovered time travel! And are threatening to target an anti-fascist benefit gig which happened in 2011 ( Please make your past selves aware of this – safety first! Rest assured S.N.O.B are also in the process of developing such skills – if you have a spare flux capacitor please let us know.

S.N.O.B wants to make your future selves aware that the EDL are coming back to Brighton on 2nd June ( They come to Brighton in the hope of beating up ‘gay ultra-Marxists’ and we will run them out of town like we did last time. AFAB.”

Any anti-fascist/squatter solidarity would be much appreciated

Love and riots,

Some snobbers

Updated Convergence Info

International Squatter’s Convergence, Brighton UK May 17-20 2012

Following on from successful gatherings in Dijon ’07, Leeds ’08, Berlin ’08, Bristol ’09, Barcelona ’10 and Grenoble ’10, a convergence will be held in Brighton this May. Come enjoy the sand, sea and sun (maybe) and network with squatters from all over the world.

There will be practical workshops on skills and politics relevant to contemporary squatting. There will also be film showings and exhibitions to showcase the struggle of housing and squatting movements worldwide .

There are already workshops confirmed by attendees, however, we always need more. Please get in contact if you can offer something. There will also be open spaces throughout the convergence to run spontaneous workshops, exhibitions or discussions, both formally and informally.

This convergence will be more necessary than ever, given the impending criminalisation of squatting in the UK, following the example of many other European countries, e.g. Holland. Come to network and strategise about how we can survive the impending law change and ever-present state repression.

This is a chance to catch up with your fellow squatters, to learn new skills and to enjoy yourself!

For more information or if you want to bring stuff for the exhibition, get involved in organising, host workshops or other events at the convergence please contact or phone 07583010898.