October 13th Update

The mass squatting action on October 13th is fast approaching, so it’s time for an update…

Police Liaison Officers

Sussex Police Liaison Officers (@SusPolPLO) have made numerous attempts to contact squatters in the run-up to the demonstration. These coppers (easily identified by their baby-blue bibs) are simply a re-incarnation of the notorious FIT (forward intelligence teams), who regularly filmed and harassed activists on demonstrations. Whilst PLOs do not carry cameras, they are still intelligence gatherers. They may approach you on the action and try to engage you in conversation. Remember kids: THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A FRIENDLY CHAT WITH A PIG! If they’re trying to talk to you it’s because they’re trying to find out things about you. Don’t talk to them, don’t engage with them, and if possible physically challenge their presence on the action. Block them with banners (or umbrellas), FITwatch style.

Look out for these two coppers in particular, they’re the leaders of the liaison team:

PC Stephanie Franks (DF386) and Police Sergeant Mark Redbourn (CR278)

More info on PLOs here.


Seeing the sights in Sunny Brighton

While you’re in Brighton you may want to take advantage of our beautiful sea-side town and take in some of the sights. Here’s just three you may want to visit, there’s plenty more!

Mike Weatherley’s Office:

109 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2AF

Mike Weatherley MP was the architect of the squatban. An all round scumbag who has carried out a vicious campaign of hate against Squatters and multiple Brighton based activist groups. Why not pay him a visit?


Zero Tolerance Gym:

Unit 7, Hove Business Center, Fonthill Road, Hove BN3 6HA

Sol “Zero Tolerance” Gilbert (the owner of the above gym) was responsible for a particularly nasty illegal eviction earlier this year. Him and some of his Cagefighter buddies turned up at a squatted building, kicked the back door in and threw the squatters out on their arses. His cohorts also stole a rather nice crowbar. Following the eviction he boasted about it on his twitter account. Why not go round and tell him what you think of this?


John Street Police Station:

John Street, Brighton, BN2 0LA

Squatters are Sussex Police’s favorite people. They’re never mean to us or evict us or anything… Seriously though, police in Brighton have a long history of vindictively targeting squatters. There have been evictions and arrests too numerous to count, most recently their particularly judicious application of the squatban (here). Go and visit their imposing copshop on John Street in central Brighton for a nice day out!