Accommodation in London for StopG8 week


There will be a Stop G8 convergence centre in Central London, close to the main actions and the workshop programmes. There will be  sleeping spaces for everyone coming to the mobilisation. We plan to make the space fully wheelchair accessible and a safe space for everyone using it. Food will be available for donations, provided by a team of people’s kitchens, so no one will need to go hungry. There will be a women only space within the convergence centre if people wish to use it. The convergence centre will also be a place to find out about legal support and to get information about the actions. If you have any special accommodation needs or questions about the space please email stopg8 [at]

The convergence centre will open on 8th June and will clear up on 15th June. The location, as well as details of how to get there, will be announced one week before the space opens.

We need everybody’s help to make the centre a safe and secure space. Cops and journalists will not be welcome in the space at any time.

Stop G8 will also have several other spaces during the week of action including a media centre (for non-corporate media, radio, film-making, etc.) and a safe space away from the actions.

Safe Space policy:

We aim to make this space as we want the world to be. We oppose all forms of oppression or domination, including the domination of anyone on the basis of class, race, sex, gender, sexual preference, colour, belief, age, ability, or any other differences. We ask everyone to be aware of their personal privileges and to modify their behaviour accordingly.

Everyone has a right to be respected within the space. Sexist, racist, ableist, homo/transphobia and other oppressive statements/behaviours will not be tolerated and may result in a person being asked to leave.

Everyone has the right not to have their lives affected by substance use. It is our collective responsibility to make sure that nobody is visibly affected by drugs (e.g. alcohol) and impacts negatively on other people. Additionally, meeting and sleeping spaces are alcohol- (and other drug-) free zones. There is a designated smoking area, so please don’t smoke anywhere else in the space.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe around another person in the building, please talk to someone from the maintenance crew and ask for support. Be aware of what is going on around you and take responsibility if needed. If you are witness to a violation of the safer space agreement and don’t act, you make yourself complicit in the oppression.

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