*** Where next for the AAN?? *** 

In March this year the AAN twitter account reached 3000 followers.

The following was tweeted out to mark it:

“Thanks to our 3000 followers! While we haven’t called a meeting since 17th March 2019, we supported the G7 resistance in Cornwall last year, and multiple other events and mobilisations. We started as StopG8 in 2012 and merged with Stop NATO Cymru in 2014 to become the AAN.”

“While the present status of the AAN is unclear until we meet again, we encourage anyone interested in being involved to see if there is already a group near to them: https://network23.org/stopg8/about-us/local-groups/ (some have become dormant, but it’s very possible that it’s still worth offering support.)”

It was hoped that we could rebuild the network after the G7 in 2021, and some progress was made with this, but so far it hasn’t led to a meeting being called (other than some post-G7 discussions online).

Now that twitter is looking like imploding as a platform, or in the very least, getting worse and even more corporate, it feels like a good a time as any to reflect on what the future might hold for this, actually, fairly dormant, network.

The following 3 scenarios have been proposed:

1. We keep the email list active but stop using the twitter and effectively call it a day.

2. We hold a meeting early next year to discuss what the future of the network could look like and how it could grow again. This could be in London, or in Sheffield (on the weekend of the Radical Bookfair).

3. We look into changing the name of the network, and relaunching it.

Many of us still think the need for a network such as this one still exists, helping to build anarchist ideas whenever possible, supporting bookfairs and other initiatives, helping build a movement, especially in an area where a major international summit lands.

We are considering setting something up on either Mastodon, or instagram, or both. Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this. Please email us if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Many thanks,

love & rage,


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