Breakfast at Chequers TRUMP Demo

When Donald Trump calls in on Teresa May we will be there to make our presence felt.

The pair are scheduled to meet on Friday 13th July at Chequers, the PM’s grace and favour country residence in Aylesbury.

Breakfast at Chequers is the ONLY anti Trump protest in the UK where you get to shout at Trump and May simultaneously. So it’s worth the effort to get here.

Converge at the crossroads at Butlers Cross, from 10.00am onwards. Butlers Cross is where the road to Chequers crosses the road to Little Kimble. Postcode HP17 0TS

Bring breakfast food to share, weather relevant clothing, sturdy shoes, WATER, a suitably pithy placard and something to make a noise.

This demo is child friendly and inclusive. If there’s anything we can do to help you access this event get in touch.


Nearest railway stations Little Kimble and Wendover, served by regular trains out of London.

Butlers Cross is served by buses from Aylesbury, Oxford and High Wycombe

Parking is limited but available. If coming by car please fill it with fellow protesters. And cake please.

It is perfectly possible to attend this demo and get back to London to join the main march and rally in Trafalgar Square.

Farcebook event:

Call out from Alba: Stop the Glasgow Arms Fair!

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Some upcoming events around the UK…

York – Saturday 16th June




Cambridge – Sunday 17th June



London – Saturday 23rd June




London – Friday 13th July



*Defend the Kurdish People and Human Values*

*Bring Anna Campbell back home*

The Turkish state’s invasion of Afrin and Kurdistan will be protested worldwide on Saturday May 26, for the “Global Action Day against Turkish occupation of Kurdistan”.

In London we will march on Global Action Day for Afrin in memory of Anna Campbell, who fell while defending the Kurdish people and all of humanity in Afrin.

The Global Action Day, highlights how “The Erdogan government has taken the colonial ambitions of the Turkish state to a whole new level. It now aims to destroy all the gains made by the Kurds in Rojava. If this is not achievable, then they would like to lay siege to the Kurdish territories and suffocate them”.

Erdogan is trying to create a ‘safe zone’ in Afrin for ISIS and its jihadi terrorists. His plan is to try and turn Afrin into a capital for terrorism, instead of Raqqa or Mosul. His efforts need to be opposed by all.

We all have to take action against Erdoğan’s dangerous policies in the Middle East, which not only target the Kurdish people, but all humanitarian values.

Without urgent action to stop him now, we fear that he may quickly become the next version of Hitler,and will destroy not only Kurdistan and the Middle East, but the whole world.”

Date: *Saturday 26 May*

Time: *2pm*

Place: *BBC* Portland Place

Nearest Station: *Oxford Circus*

Oppose the ‘Generation Identity’ Conference – London – April 14th & 15th

Call out to all decent human beings! Oppose the Generation Identity conference!

Make no mistake, this conference is a meeting of like minded people from across the continent, seeking to work together to organise and execute the ethnic cleansing of Europe. We cannot – we will not – let this happen. We’ll see you on Saturday the 14th.

Follow @OpposeGI on twitter for updates and locations on the day.

Also see:


There are two mobilisations to oppose them.

Saturday – Be ready to travel anywhere in London and follow @opposeGI on twitter for info on locations on the day.

more info:

Sunday – GI spin-off group 120dB are planning to speak at Speakers Corner. We will hold our own free speech event to oppose them. 10.30am Speakers Corner, Hyde Park.

Facebook event and more info

All via &…

Defend Afrin – Bring Anna Home

Join the National Demonstration against Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Afrin! Demand a ceasefire now so that the body of British citizen Anna Campbell can be retrieved and brought home to her family.

When: 2pm, Saturday 31st March 2018

Where: Meet at Marble Arch station marching to Parliament Square



Homeless Voice

Also on this Saturday, for anyone unable to be in London:

Homelessness has exploded over the past decade. Yet, while most people instinctively detest this injustice, it is difficult to know what we can do to address the top-down political choices that lead to this unnecessary suffering.

Saturday 31st March
4.30pm, Victoria Square, Birmingham

Join us for Homeless Voice and stand in solidarity with our homeless brothers, sisters and siblings:

– Show solidarity and support for those our society has abandoned to homelessness

– Hear, first hand, the lived experiences of people who find themselves homeless in the city

– Hear speakers from across the left propose radical long term solutions to the causes of homelessness
Email –

Solidarity with the Stansted Defendants! – 19th March – Chelmsford

Last year, 15 people grounded a deportation charter flight for ten hours to prevent it taking off. On MONDAY 19TH March 2018, they are standing trial, charged with a terrorism-related offence that could result in life imprisonment!

JOIN US outside Chelmsford Crown Court to support the defendants, to demand the charges are dropped, and to demand an end to deportation charter flights.

There will be a line-up of speakers from 9-9:30am followed by performances.
<<Food not Bombs>> and <<Oxford Action Resource Centre>> will also kindly be providing hot food and refreshments on the day.

8:30am, MONDAY 19TH MARCH. Please arrive promptly.

Chelmsford Crown Court,
New Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1EL

There will be a coach leaving at 7am, from Liverpool Street Station. Please arrive by 6.45am as the coach can’t wait for late comers.
Book your seat in advance here:

**Please let us know in advance if you need wheelchair access, as some seats may need to be removed**

**Please wear a pink item of clothing at the rally to show your support**

There are also trains from Liverpool St station to Chelmsford.


Your solidarity is also welcome all day on Twitter @EDeportations and on FB.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Secret deportation flights take thousands of people from our communities every year. Parents, friends and neighbours are targeted on the basis of their perceived nationality and snatched to fill a flight that the Home Office has chartered. Many critics have argued that like Trump’s ‘muslim ban,’ these deportations are unjust and racist. Violence and abuse from security contractors have been documented on these flights. Most people would be horrified if they were aware of the nature of this process.

The Stansted action was the first time a deportation flight has been grounded in the UK by people taking action against the immigration system. People who would have been forced onto the flight were able to stay in the UK because of the action, as it gave them time to have their applications heard. People across the UK are standing together to stop the Home Office breaking up families and tearing communities apart.

For more information on the campaign see:

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