Week of Action Kicks off


With the action camp set up and the mass demo taking place in Newport, the week of action has only just begun. Supporters of Stop NATO moved through the crowd to talk over the issues, give out leaflets and raise money for the action camp in Tredegar Park, while others marched with the radical block (for what it means to be radical, and reasons why we are, see the “why act?” page).  Many chose to mask up to avoid police surveillance and harassment.  Some hung back to chat to locals.  Many of those we spoke to already thought that war abroad and crushing austerity at home only serve the interests of a powerful few, so they were happy to see somebody doing something about it.

The BBC claims that there were 600 participants.  Although we didn’t count the heads, one thing we do know is that we gave out over 800 leaflets, and didn’t come anywhere close to putting one in every hand.  So we very much doubt the state media figure (check out this page and this site for more about why we take Aunty Beeb with a pinch of salt).

Meanwhile the camp is set up and welcoming travelling activists as well as locals.  See the events lists and the “what’s Planned page” for some of the events in the works at the camp, or just show up to catch unplanned events and gigs.  See here for some transport info.

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