Mass action: details

On the first day of the NATO warmongers’ summit we are calling for a mass action to besiege Cardiff Castle where Obama and all the rest of them will be having their banquet.  Arrive at 6pm. See below for details.

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Actions: from drones and securitisation to austerity, benifit cuts and evictions

image Thanks to everyone that took part in the action against drones, securitisation and policing today. Continue reading

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Workshops and Events at the Camp

All these workshops on the days of action will be held at the peace camp in  Tredegar Park.  Take a look at this list, check the transport info and see what’s going on for yourself.

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Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!


“Over 1000 welsh school children will be taught from the NATO lesson plan” designed by the very same government office that plots the UK’s bloody foreign policies.  Don’t buy the propaganda. Continue reading

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Week of Action Kicks off


With the action camp set up and the mass demo taking place in Newport, the week of action has only just begun. Continue reading

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Travel Info for the Week

There will be a minibus making journeys to and from the camp during the week. For more info call: 07774408401 If you are trying to get to the camp from Newport City center, take the 30, 34, 35 or 36 bus to Tredegar Park, the Camp is beyond the playground.

Despite what it might say on the camp website (which may not have been updated more recently than this page!) we are not near running out of space for accommodation, so come down and join the party.

See this post for some more details on the public transport.

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As well as the Celtic Manor here are some other parts of NATO’s militarised network of power in the Newport and Cardiff area that might interest you…

They are available to be downloaded from here: Map of Cardiff: Map of Newport:

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Stop NATO Cymru Week of Action in Cardiff & Newport

All week: action camp at Tredegar Park near Newport, with gigs, workshops, skillshares.

Graffiti Spotted in Cardiff City Centre ahead of the Summit

Graffiti Spotted in Cardiff City Centre ahead of the Summit

Sat 30th Aug, 1pm meet at Civic Centre Car Park, Newport – Radical bloc will join demo against NATO in Newport.

Sun 31st Aug, 3pm at the Security Gates nearest to the Nye Bevan statue (west end of Queen Street, opposite the Castle), Cardiff- Action against securitisation and policing.

Mon 1st Sep, 1pm at The Cenotaph, Newport – Sabcat day of action against austerity, benefit cuts and evictions. B.Y.O. Catmasks.

Tue 2nd Sep, 12pm At Home office and Border Force in Cardiff (31-33 Newport Road) – No Borders S. Wales and Stop NATO Cymru Day of Action Against Racism, Prisons and Borders.

Wed 3rd Sep – Day of skillshares and action training at the camp.

Thu 4th Sep – Stop NATO mass action to disrupt the summit. Further details near the time (via contacts below). Affinity group actions to help disrupt the summit also welcome!

Fri 5th Sep – Affinity group actions against capitalism, the state and

NATO; get together with your mates and organise your own action.

More details of all events will be available at the camp, and from:
@anarchistaction 07440 192330

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The Action Camp and how to get involved: more details!

It’s all coming together…

Preparations for the Action Camp are now well underway.  Friday the 29th will be the day to help up with setting up the camp, so please come along and help out!  More details about transport and events can be found below.

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Mob Rule vs. Democracy


[The following article is reposted (and slightly edited) from Znet with permission from the author.]

Recently one Labour MP broke ranks and took part in a direct action against Israeli aggression in Gaza, helping to block access to a supermarket that stocked Israeli goods. This was immediately denounced by Tory MP Mike Freer as a “shameful” example of “mob rule,” a phrase the right-wing press quickly picked up on.

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