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Lojong Slogans: a profound practice that would fit in 59 fortune cookies.


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Better to Squat than Let Homes Rot

The Birmingham Social Centre squatters are back! Here’s a short documentary on some of the stuff they’ve done in the past

Better to squat than let homes rot – The Birmingham Social Centre from Smash TV on Vimeo.

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An article in the Press Gazette catches the eye. “First for Torquay police as they publish story straight to Herald Express website,” is the headline.

The story explains: “Police in Torquay celebrated a first yesterday as they published a story directly on to the Herald Express website after being granted “publisher rights”.

The Torquay Herald Express is part of the LOCAL WORLD group – which also now own Bristol’s Nazi Post – and Local World’s chief executive David ‘Rommel’ Montgomery says he wants his journalists to be “HARVESTERS OF CONTENT and that he wants these kinds of self-publishing arrangements for hospitals, schools, businesses, sport, education and culture too.

This is no doubt a dream come true for the likes of Mayor Fergo, the coppers, Merchant Venturers, dodgy health service managers and anyone else looking to peddle convenient lies to the public.

So look out for PR guff, spin and plain lies coming soon to a certain newspaper website near you soon…

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Armenian asylum seeker commits suicide in Netherlands

A week and a half ago, a 30-year-old Armenian asylum seeker committed suicide in the Netherlands, reports NRC.

He killed himself in the woods near AZC Schalkhaar, the asylum-seeker centre where he was staying.

The man arrived in the Netherlands in mid-December 2013. He has serious psychiatric problems, suffering from delusions,  but had not seen a psychiatrist since he arrived in the country, because the IND wanted to deport him to Germany under the Dublin arrangements.

Before he fled to the Netherlands, the man had crushed his nose as he though that the Armenian secret service had placed a listening device inside it. He had also made a number of suicide threats in the Netherlands before he killed himself, says his lawyer.

The IND had planned to deport him to Germany as he had previously claimed asylum there. According to his lawyer, heleft Germany because his delusions became too strong there, and he had felt calmer in the Netherlands.

The man’s lawyer had appealed against the IND’s decision. The appeal hearing at the end of March agreed with the lawyer,  but the  IND had put in an appeal against this decision.

Opposition parties wants the Dutch Minister for Safety and Justice (sic), Fred Teeven, to answer questions about the suicide in parliament.

Last year Russian Aleksandr Dolmatov, whose asylum claim had been rejected, committed suicide in his cell in a migrant prison in the Netherlands.

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Middle riddle – Reading 2 Boro 0

Just as I was saying, we’re a brilliant team and that Atkins is a top manager.

What  a great night. How did Boro beat us at their place? They couldn’t get near us and even my dimwit boy Charlie managed to shut his gob for once so Atkins could take my advice.

Alfie Le Fondre popped up for one and that dopey half wit Gordon Obita let the ball hit him on the head for our second. We’re going up now even with half paced Morrisons.

My mates who stand there with me are a right laugh, jokin’ about while I’m telling them all about football, (coz they’re all thick really). Dave the Dipstick turned up last night and you should hear the fake Geordie.

He hasn’t got  clue but after he’s had a Guinness he keeps shouting stuff when he don’t know what he’s talking about. I help to put him right but he’s such a plonker he never listens. He thinks he knows what Boro fans are like coz he supported Newcastle when he was a proper Geordie. Wish he’d get clear off back up there. Bleedn’ idiot.

Now on we go to beat Donny. I’m looking for top performances from the boys, especially Hopeless Akpan coz he’ll be back in and God help us, and we’ll probably have old Spongebob Drenthe back so we can all have a laugh at the fat git too.

Premiership here we come. This is it. We’re going to Wembley. Get behind us now you lot. Back the Boys, stop moaning and be proper fans for once.

Wish we’d get rid of that idiot Morrisons though.




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Writes The BRISTOLIAN‘s Social Care Correspondent:

So what’s this privatisation of public services thing all about, then?

Well, If you believe the papers, it’s the improvement of services because the workers who deliver them presently are lazy, incompetent, uneconomical and probably have a better pension than you. What a load of arse!

For starters most of the companies that are bidding to run our services also have shares in the media companies that peddle this one-sided MISINFORMATION.

The privatisation of public services means that large companies are providing services for the sick, elderly and vulnerable for financial gain. They have a legal duty towards their shareholders to MAXIMISE PROFIT – a duty that outweighs the rights of the service users or staff, who are often untrained, under resourced and on zero hours contracts with few checks on their background.

We are told that quangos like the Care Quality Commission monitor privatised care Well, they’ve inspected Holmwood House on numerous occasions and the home has FAILED EVERY TIME but they’ve been allowed to carry on regardless and people have died in the meantime.

After you’ve worked all your life and paid your National Insurance, you’d be hoping for some kindness and care with dignity. Tough. In all likelihood you’ll be laying there with your pyjamas round your ankles waiting for some sixteen year old on the Minimum Wage to perform a bowel evacuation on you. Her first time… Just like yours!

After all, they don’t want you being a nuisance and SHITTING YOURSELF because you’re in bed all day with nobody to take you to the toilet.

Meanwhile all that money you raised by selling your house to pay for it will wing its way to the Cayman Islands accounts of a private ‘care provider’. Fucking perky!

Let’s get down the Council House and do a bowel evacuation on those that are flogging off our care and see how they like it.

Anybody fancy some BRISTOLIAN-branded rubber gloves..?

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After The BRISTOLIAN blew the lid on the dangerous understaffing in Day Centres – which have seen service users with dementia and learning difficulties being lumped together despite the clear risks (see issue #4.11) – you would have thought that the BUNGLING BOSSES responsible would do something.

We stated that centres were running at nearly 50% staff absences. Things have now got even worse, with dim-witted managers making more than twenty people redundant!

Many of those ‘restructured’ out of their jobs were glad to be out and away from the CHAOS – yet also very concerned for those left behind and expected to work miracles with nowhere near the resources necessary.

Sources we have spoken to describe “a tangible fear that someone will die soon”.

Meanwhile management has started to realise that it will have to get casual workers in to plug the gaps, as even the lamentable Care Quality Commission won’t let them get away with such CHRONIC UNDER-STAFFING.

But here’s the kicker: the casual workers brought in – costing the council more money than the permanent staff – are likely to be the exact same people they made redundant only last month. That’s right – whilst they DEVASTATE the service, the idiots in charge can’t even save money.

It’s enough to make you wonder who has the learning difficulties.

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Galatians 5:13

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”

It was a hard week at work ending on the 13th.  I try to find scripture that I seem to have been pointed to during the week.  And I should say it has been hard at work for the past several weeks.  I’ve been having some difficulty being a good example at work…and not that I’m a great example outside of work…but lately at work…wow!

I’ve committed to doing 3 things about this.  1) Look for something else and be sure that I’m praying that my work furthers me spiritually to be of service to God and others…if it is at my current employer….then that will be shown if not I feel that through prayer I’ll be led to the right job.  2) Use what I’m going through at work to better myself spiritually by still being the best example I can be and when I’m not at least when I’m mindful of that to pray and meditate on what went wrong.  3) Work on a project there that would make my staying employed better and better the business as a final attempt to see if the owners are serious about making any changes…which past behavior has show they are not.

How does all this relate to Galatians 5:13?  Well I’ve said I’m not being a very good example.  I feel that at I’m not using my liberty in Christ to serve and love others at work and instead revert back to a lot of old behavior and get a bad attitude.  I think the 3 things I’ve mentioned I’m doing above will help me to apply what this piece of scripture is saying to me.  I’ve been applying these 3 thoughts for the last several weeks now….and I at least feel better and my attitude is better although not where I’d like it to be.  In other words move away from sin even in the worst of circumstances.

I must say that as I finish up this post I’ve completed the project with them mentioned in 3 and nothing has been done with it.  After I posted the draft of this on 4/14 I came across another opportunity the very next day.  I’ll be starting there on the 29th.  Prayer does work….PUSH…Pray Until Something Happens.  And I think that applying the things I’ve learned in recovery and as being a Christian helped me grow…even though this is and was a very high bottom problem.


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Capture the Flag round 3!

Following previous victories against the British Golden Dawn in London and the EDL in Exeter, we now have a third result in our ongoing game of anti-fascist capture the flag. At the Swansea ‘White Pride’ demonstration on April 5th, anti-fascists from Bristol ran out from the crowd opposing the fascists and seized one of their Celtic cross neo-Nazi flags.

Here’s what they did with it:

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Community currencies vs. Alternative currencies

Thanks to LJuserGoodall for asking about bitcoin, which I do

not support. Bitcoin is an alternative to national currencies

which is often used for money laundering and other nefarious

purposes. It actually does precisely the opposite of what a

community-based currency is intented to do, which is increase

transparency and decrease anonymity. Community-created

currencies are meant to circulate only within local

communities, as a complement to the national currency, thus

increasing both access to and availability of money to those

who might otherwise not have access to national money.

(Search Ithaca or Anacostia Hours for details.)

Time Banks are another complementary currency created by

people in local communities to supplement the national

money supply. These are not meant to be universal

currencies. Please see Robert Mundell’s work, which I cite in

“Shared Monetary Governance” on Optimal Currency areas.

As he said, The World is NOT an Optimal Currency Area.

Regions differ by product, output, resources, etc, and

therefore need different currencies. The USA for instance,

should actually be four currencies areas, not one, so when the

Fed raises interest rates, that change affects different regions

of the country differently, affecting inflation and

unemployment differently across different parts of the country.

Sir John Maynard Keynes proposed an international currency

in 1944 which would have solved some problems, but it was

rejected by the American delegation to the Bretton Woods


Please, Go learn more!
Meow Date Saturday, April 21, 12014 H.E.

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