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26 / 4 [4] [cripticBIOlab]

biolab fantasmagórico, IXTAb nos acompaña en esta nueva ruta… 26 — tecnocompilamos con las visceras micoampliadas. DEVANAlab, devenirLAB…. A lA CarGA!!!!


Sólo busco con las manos
el bombeo acelerado de mi sangre,
el vértigo silencioso de un descenso largo y lento,
de un ascenso largo y lento que ígneo me paralice.

Ni palabras de amor ni locuras,
sólo busco con las manos
el salto mortal que me arroje plácido hacia mi electrizante vacío
el húmedo cortocircuito que me derrame en sordo delirio
una adorable venganza infernal
que acalle el murmullo constante del ser que me habita

Sólo busco con las manos extraerme,
abandonarme a mi propia disposición,
suspenderme endiosada en un febril delirio
trenzando así el éxtasis que me alimenta,
perderme en mi, conmigo.

Ni locuras ni palabras de amor,
sólo busco con las manos someterme a mi descaro
y verterme en él


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Flashback: 25 April 1992 – the biggest anti-vivisection demo ever

On this day 23 years ago, thousands of people marched through central London to mark World Day for Laboratory Animals (WDLA). The event was organised by the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) who said: “This year we broke our own record for the largest anti-vivisection march ever as in the region of 23,000 people supported a good natured but noisy march to Earls Court.

NAVS’ giant inflatable beagle, Charlie, greeted the marchers and inside Earls Court was a massive 35 screen video wall playing films. Numerous stalls distributed information and sold merchandise and there was even a fashion show.

The rally was addressed by Jan Creamer of NAVS, representatives of overseas anti-vivisection groups, MPs, MEPs and celebrities. An incident occurred when a group of people called out for ALF Press Officer Robin Webb to speak. NAVS said: “No-one was interested in this self-indulgent and destructive minority, who were quickly ejected.”

In context: WDLA was established in 1979 and 24 April was chosen as it was the birthday of former NAVS president, Hugh Dowding. It quickly became the movement’s centrepiece and large marches took place throughout the eighties against Porton Down, Shamrock Farm, Hazelton, Wickham and other animal hellholes.

From 1990, NAVS held protests in London to maximise the turnout. That year 10,000 marched from the Little Brown Dog in Battersea Park. This increased to about 15,000 in 1991. Grassroots anti-vivisection was also on a roll as there were high profile ALF raids against breeders and laboratories such as Interfauna, Royal London Hospital and Boots.

The campaign against Boots the Chemist intensified following an inspection of its Nottingham laboratory by the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit. This led to the formation of London Boots Action Group (LBAG) and other anti-Boots groups. It was reported that 60 of their stores were being attacked by the ALF each month.

What happened next: 1993’s WDLA was slightly smaller at 20,000 and along the route of the march there was a sit down outside Boots, which was condemned by NAVS. Resentment towards grassroots campaigners had been simmering for some time as they had refused to let the ALF Supporters Group, the Animal Rights Coalition and LBAG have stalls at their fair. An “alternative fair” was set up instead.

In their magazine The Campaigner NAVS railed against the activists for asking to speak at the rally (“No-one has the right to speak at World Day”), for being “money grabbers” by having stalls in Hyde Park, and urged “people who do not care about the future of the World Day march to organise their own events.”

In ARC News, Neil Lea defended using World Day to make money as it was used for campaigns to save animals. He also said: “I am not against national groups in principle but against the way our three major national groups are presently run. Talking to other activists…I feel this the general feeling of the movement.”

Another WDLA march and rally was held in 1994 but numbers had declined to about 15,000. An “alternative fair’ took place and also a protest at Shamrock Farm primate breeders in East Sussex. Activists were heeding NAVS’ advice to organise their own protests.

In 1995 NAVS dropped the demonstration as “there were no new elements we could add…and that it could start to become stale.” Since then no WDLA demo has come anywhere near the numbers of the early nineties. Boots caved in to pressure and shut its laboratory down in 1995.

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Where has the Hunting Act gone?

Two weeks to go till the election and a sort of collective insanity seems to be gripping certain sections of social media. There’s a big argument on Facebook between animal rights people who support Labour and those who’ll be voting for the Green Party.

When I published the article on the Green Party and Barry Horne recently, a lot of the Labour folk thought I was on their side. I had to remind them this is an anarchist blog and I’m nothing of the sort. I deeply detest Labour and its double-crossing of the animal rights movement and the animals themselves.

In the run-up to the election I’ll be writing two pieces on Labour. One will look at its betrayal of the working class – the very people it was set up to represent – while the other will examine how Labour has promised so much for animals yet delivered so little.

To return to Facebook, many of those backing Labour have got involved over the badger cull and have little knowledge of the party’s treachery in the past. Their naivety is therefore to some extent excusable.

But there are others who should know better. One of them is Luke Steele who used to be an anti-vivisectionist and fancied himself as the leader of the radical wing of the movement following the decline of SHAC. Until, that is, he fell fowl of draconian laws introduced by the last Labour government.

First he was sent to prison for the heinous crime of trespassing on private land belonging to a breeder of laboratory animals. Then a few years later he was gaoled for standing outside another breeder holding a placard and speaking on a megaphone. One might think that after that he’d be through with Labour but, no, he’s going around towns in northern England asking people to vote for them.

The expression turkeys voting for Christmas springs to mind. One of the reasons he wants us to put Miliband in No.10 is the Tories’ commitment to a free vote on the Hunting Act. I have news for you, Luke, the Act has already gone in some parts of the country. Or to be more exact it was never there in the first place.

According to a BBC investigation there has never been a single prosecution under the Act in the counties of Cornwall and Devon over the last ten years. It’s like a piece of hugely controversial legislation that took up 700 hours of parliamentary time, caused riots outside Parliament and even a hunt scum invasion of the House of Commons had never even existed.

The police claim they would “always consider any evidence”, yet although two arrests have been made for illegal hunting, that’s as far as it’s gone. The only prosecutions brought have been by the League Against Cruel Sports. 

Cornwall and Devon are two of the largest and most heavily hunted counties in England so perhaps the reason for the lack of police interest is that the hunts are operating within the law? However, the people on the ground – the monitors and saboteurs – say most hunts are just carrying on as before. They are acting with impunity because they know the police aren’t interested in stopping them.

This is precisely how it was always meant to be. The Act was poorly drafted, full of loopholes and not designed to protect wild animals properly – it permits the shooting of foxes, for example. Add to that the lack of enforcement and we have a piece of legislation that is next to useless.

Unfortunately most of the population thinks hunting with hounds is now a thing of the past. The likes of Luke Steele do not help matters when they go around saying we should vote Labour to keep the “ban”. This amounts to colluding in a massive confidence trick. Far better to expose the lies and mendacity of politicians who protect the rich and powerful’s country pursuits. There really is one law for them and another for us.

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Gentrification & immigration raids: report of raids on Deptford High Street


Submitted by a witness to the raid

On Monday 19 April the police and officers from Immigration Enforcement conducted raids on shops on Deptford High Street. The raid started with Agege bread, an Afro-Caribbean bakery, and then proceeded to a number of other black or asian owned businesses at the south end of the High Street. As far as I can tell, nobody was arrested or cautioned in connection with any crime. The immigration officers also failed to find anybody without documentation.

The officers gave a number of different reasons for their actions. At one shop they told staff that they wanted to check that the gas on the premises was safe, at another shop they claimed to be checking the lighting, at another they said they wanted to check whether the shop was obeying fire safety regulations. After each of these claims proved unsubstantiated, immigration officers proceeded to check the immigration status of people they found inside the shop.

Officers were reported as being rude and often refused to offer any clear answer when asked about the reasons for their actions. At one shop in particular, they completely closed it down for around 4 hours, and refused to allow the shopkeeper to leave, even though he was neither under arrest nor being held according to any other powers. When he asked to leave, they threatened him with a caution. There were also reports of officers asking at a number of shops whether the shopkeepers could give them access to the flats above. They had no warrants to search any flats on the High Street, and were very unclear about why they would want to enter the premises anyway.

After the raid I handed out information from the Anti Raids Network and spoke to shopkeepers. A common complaint was that raids on the market had been stepped up in recent years. One shop has already been raided five or six times in 2015; another shop three or four times since January. This is spoiling their business: as well as having goods seized, the presence of police and immigration officers on the market completely undermines business, and encourages customers to stay away. One shop had three employees taken away by Immigration Enforcement earlier this year. When I asked employees at a shop whether they thought immigration officers were focusing on any types of people in particular, they told me clearly that the officers only targeted black and asian people, and generally ignore white people.

In February the local Labour Party, apparently in cooperation with Lewisham Council, organised a meeting for market traders to discuss issues facing them. In attendance were the local labour councillors and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewisham Deptford Vicky Foxcroft. First among the issues was the problem of speculative raids, which the councillors claimed were unauthorised. Traders were worried that their business was being destroyed by the actions of the police and Immigration Enforcement. Traders came away from the meeting feeling like something would be done about this by the councillors. However, nothing has changed since then, and many feel like their business will not survive if they and their customers continue to undergo harassment.

Another feeling on the market was that one reason for the increase in immigration raids over the last few months was the coming election. Traders felt that they and their customers were being punished for the racist rhetoric around immigration and refugees that has characterised public debate over the last few months.

Finally, another potential reason behind the raids is the imminent opening of a new £47 million development on the High Street this summer, the Deptford Project. The Project is planned to include “132 new homes, 14 artisan arch space workshops, 7 commercial units, 2 restaurants and a new market square.” This new build, one of a large number over the previous decade, will dramatically reconfigure the racial and class make-up of the area, and is a potential drive for the new businesses opening on the High Street (a skate shop, a bike shop/cafe, a coffee shop, the Job Centre pub, an art shop, &c). It is noticeable that none of these new businesses have been subjected to raids or check-ups on their gas, electric, or flats above their shops. It is also noticeable that their clientele is more likely to be white and middle-class. One interpretation of these raids could be that they are a purposeful attempt to undermine the economic base of minority stallholders on the market, to make it appear an even more attractive investment to real estate speculators.

At this point shopowners, traders, customers, employees and just about everyone else on the market subjected to these raids are feeling helpless. People consistently told me that they aren’t sure what they can do, or who they can talk to, to stop this happening. Many have already tried to raise complaints with official channels, and either been lied to or ignored in response. One person told me that the thing they liked most about working and living in Deptford was that people supported each other, regardless of where they were from or what the colour of their skin was. They also told me that it felt like this sense of community and openness to others was being destroyed by the raids, and that they worried about the future of the market if they are allowed to carry on.


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People’s Kitchen #communitymeal this Sunday #Hulme

Hello everyone.  Hope you’ve been enjoying the fine weather.

We’re excited to announce the menu* for this Sunday’s community meal, the People’s Kitchen.  Just before it turns way too summer-y for such food, or to steel us for the coming change in weather (we do live in Manchester after all!) due on Sunday….

4-6pm at Proctor’s Youth Centre on Hulme Street, for only a pound!  No need to book, just turn up for a friendly welcome.

See the event on our calendar for a map.

* please note: there will be a version with wine, and one without wine.

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SQUASH release “Homes, Not Jails” report – April 2015

The last two and a half years have been extremely hard for people squatting in England and Wales. Due to section 144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (s144 LASPOA), almost 600 young homeless people have been arrested by the police, and at least 200 prosecuted for the offence of sheltering themselves in empty and unused buildings.

In 2013, Squatters Action for Secure Homes (SQUASH) released “The Case Against Section 144”, a six month review of the effects of s144 LASPOA since it came into effect in 2012. The report found s144 LASPOA to be Unjust, Undemocratic, Unnecessary, and Unaffordable, and predicted that it would adversely affect the most vulnerable in society.  SQUASH has just released its latest report “Homes, Not Jails” (April 2015), a 28-month review of the effects of s144 LASPOA using freedom of information data and case studies. The report has found that for the period September 2012 to January 2015:

·         There have been at least 588 arrests, 200 prosecutions and 51 convictions under s144 LASPOA, with 75% of those arrests occurring in London.

·         Case studies and statistics show that the police use s144 LASPOA in an arbitrary manner, to summarily evict people suspected of squatting, without sufficient evidence.

·         Those prosecuted have been men and women, aged between 21 and 41. This is the exact demographic that is taking the brunt of Britain’s current housing crisis in the form of PRS evictions, welfare cuts, and exclusion from affordable housing options.

·         Most evictions and arrests under s144 LASPOA occurred during the Winter months (October – March), endangering the lives and well-being of those thrown out into the freezing cold. The case of 35-year old homeless man, Daniel Gauntlett, who died in February 2013 from hypothermia, shows what can happen.

·         Throughout, there have been calls by politicians on the right and left, as well mainstream media outlets, to extend the criminalisation of squatting to commercial buildings, which threatens to create housing instability for many more young people.

The “Homes, Not Jails” report (6-pages) and the supporting evidence Appendix (55-pages) can be found by visiting the SQUASH website:

SQUASH are concerned that s144 LASPOA is criminalising the homeless, and detrimentally affecting the quality of life for many thousands of people. We are therefore calling for s144 LASPOA to be repealed, and an end to illegal and unlawful evictions. Squatting must return to being a civil matter, because the police and magistrates are not equipped to deal with questions of possession and property law.


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Election posters 2015.


Pdf files: Don’t vote…                  COP-OUT                           FALANGE

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Autonomy film show in Bridport, Sat. 2nd May 2015.

1505 Four Horsemen (1)

Events organised by others.

23rd April.
Frome Friends of Palestine. Peace Building in our Community – Stories from three Palestinians. The Ammerdown Centre, Ammerdown Park, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 5SW Tel: 01761 433709

Between Frome and Radstock.

Bar opens 7.30, starts 8:00. Admission free.

​Sat 25th April.
38 Degrees NHS Day: Meet Bucky-Do Square at 11am to leaflet and get signatures for petition*, drawing attention to what is happening to the NHS and to encourage Election candidates to see the groundswell against privatization.​

*didn’t we do all that 5 years ago? – ed.

28th April
South Somerset Peace Group. Journalism and Solidarity, Passion and Bias. Minster Rooms, Ilminster. 7.30pm ; all welcome – £3 appreciated, including tea/coffee .

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“EXOglands radical dynamics: fluid, tissues & bloody self-aware enhancement bionicLAB

biopunk – radical SelFpower – Analisis of fluids – citology – DIY equipment  
situated tools, microscopic maps, body fluids dinamics.
This week another pechblenda tentacle was born as part of  Softcontrol open call.  So excited!

taking back the TECH!!

I propose to make an hybrid body mapping of these forbidden or colonized places using different resources and crossdisiplinary methods as alternative medicine, DIY biolab techniches, DIT science and sociological research, grassroots communities empowerment, sexual health focus, body listening, audiovisual technologies, microscopic and inverse engineering.
  • Increase self-anatomical knowledge trough pleasure & biomedical research
  • Generate accesible tools and technics to enhance sexual health knowledge and practices
  • Generate spaces of visibilities and debate about disident sexualities &health rights of sexworkers
  • Grassroot empowerment against sexual violence, medical institutions’ discrimination and stigmatization, and bioselfdefense (HIV tests, pregnancy tests, anticonceptive techniques, menstrual extraction, hormones and alternative pregnancy interruption information)
  • Creation of  tools for a basic and functional mobile biolab of diagnosis and check depending of communities needs.

Short description of the project:

Extreme own-body cognition, Anarchagland (female eyaculation) & male prostate, decolonial anatomy of pleasure. Unveil taboos with DIY biolab techniques, DIT science & medical hacks reverse engineering. A transdisplinary collaboration based on health issues of colectives who have been marginalized by the desensitized treatment of anything deemed promiscuous & contentious. Grassroots sexual politics empowerment.

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The Gallipoli disaster 100 years on

Evacuation From Gallipolli - December 1915

Evacuation From Gallipolli – December 1915

25th April is ANZAC Day which marks the start of the disastrous invasion of the Dardanelles, usually known as Gallipolli. In this centenary year it is being used here and in Australia and New Zealand to celebrate the re-writing of history and to promote new wars. As with all aspects of World War 1 it is important to remember what really happened.

You would think from most of the current stories in the media that it was a famous victory and that the participants were overwhelmingly Australian and New Zealand troops. Needless to say the real story is rather different.

This invasion of Turkey was caried out to further Britain’s war aims in the Middle East and to protect British interests in the area and further afield in India.

One of the main instigators of the disastrous plans was Winston Churchill. The whole scheme was based on racist assumptions about the inability and unwillingness of Turks to fight off any invasion.

From the first landings in April 1915 to the withdrawal of the invading armies in December 1915 and January 1916, the territory gained could be measured in hundreds of yards. The invading troops spent most of the months on or near the beaches on which they landed. In the case of the first Australian troops this was even the wrong beach!

At the end of the campaign over 86,000 Turks were dead, over 21,000 British troops, over 10,000 French troops, over 8,000 Australians and over 2000 New Zealanders, including many Maoris. Tens of thousands more were wounded on all sides. Soldiers of the Indian Army also fought there.

The survivors were all sent on the the Western front where many more of them died.

And of course the rulers of the Ottoman Empire were undertaking the massacre of the Armenians at the same time – 1.5 million people were killed.

A battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment was sent to Gallipolli in July 1915. Over 300 of them were killed including many from Bristol. 180 of these men died on one day in August 1915. Bristol men serving in other regiments also fought and died there.

The myth is that Gallipolli forged the Australian nation. This a contested myth. Germaine Greer recently wrote this article in the New Statesman. This article by David Rowlands deals with the same myth, linking it to the genocide against the Armenians.

Some other useful resources to help in learning more about Gallipolli are:

  • A short Australian film explaining some of the facts about Gallipolli – here.
  • An episode of the 1960′s BBC series World At War – here
  • A film made by Australian TV for the 90th anniversary, including interviews with veterans – here.
  • An article about the Armenian genocide – here.
  • More about the Armenian genocide – here.

Eric Bogle, wrote the classic song ‘The Band Played Walzing Matilda’ about the invasion. Hear it here sung by the Pogues, here by June Tabor and here by Eric Bogle himself. Read an interview with Eric Bogle here.


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