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NRMP Match 2015 Unfilled Programs Part 1

After a few days of service interruption, I’m glad that Network23 is back and up.  Already, I notice some marked improvements in the performance of the dashboard – no lags, no frustrating delays in connections! My intention was to post information on the programs that had unfilled positions.  Since I actually participated in the secondary application process, I had access to the lists of unfilled positions.  I will be posting this information as is, with no commentary or remarks.  I may have unintentionally introduced typos, since I had to manually type them out – the system did not allow me to copy and paste.  Please use this information at your own discretion.

Anesthesiology (C Programs)

Jackson Memorial Hosp-FL

Advocate IL Masonic Med Ctr

Loyola Univ Med Ctr-IL

U Kansas SOM – Wichita

U Massachusetts Med School

Stony Brook Teach Hosps-NY

Case Western/Univ Hosps Case Med Ctr-OH

Geisinger Health System-PA

Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps


Anesthesiology (R Programs)

U Arizona Affil Hospitals

UC San Francisco – CA

Yale-New Haven Hosp-CT

U Florida COM-Shands Hosp

Advocate IL Masonic Med Ctr

Rush University Med Ctr-IL

Tufts Medical Center-MA

U Massachusetts Med School

Wayne State University SOM-MI

St Barnabas Med Ctr-NJ

Icahn SOM St Lukes-Roosevelt-NY

Baylor Coll Med Houston-TX

U Texas Med Branch-Galveston


Anesthesiology (A Programs)

Medical College of Georgia

Loyola Univ Med Ctr-IL

Rush University Med Ctr-IL

Baystate Med Ctr-MA

Tufts Medical Center-MA

U Massachusetts Med School

Wayne State University SOM-MI

Rutgers-R W Johnson Medical School-NJ

St Barnabas Med Ctr-NJ

Maimonides Med Ctr-NY

SUNY HSC Brooklyn-NY

Case Western/MetroHealth Med Ctr-OH

Ohio State University Med Ctr

Vanderbilt Univ Med Ctr-TN


Child Neurology (A programs)

UC San Francisco-CA

Tufts Medical Center-MA

Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School

U New Mexico SOM

NYU School of Medicine

Stony Brook Teach Hosps-NY

Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps


Child Neurology (C programs)

U Alabama Med Ctr-Birmingham

UC San Diego Med Ctr-CA

Medical College of Georgia

Univ of Chicago Med Ctr-IL

North Shore-LIJ Health Sys-NY

Wake Forest Baptist Med Ctr-NC

Univ of Puerto Rico

Medical University of SC

Baylor Coll Med Houston-TX


Child Neurology (R Programs)

UC San Diego Med Ctr-CA

UCLA Medical Center-CA

University Hosps-Jackson-MS

Stony Brook Teach Hosps-NY

U North Carolina Hospitals

Cincinnati Childrens Hosp MC-OH

Nationwide Childrens Hosp-OH

St Christophers Hosp-PA

U Tennessee COM-Memphis

U Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

University of Virginia

U Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics


Dermatology (A programs)

Loma Linda University-CA

Tufts Medical Center-MA

Duke Univ Med Ctr-NC

Hershey Med Ctr/Penn State-PA


Dermatology (R programs)

U Kansas SOM-Kansas City

Univ of Vermont Medical Center


Diagnostic Radiology/Nuclear Medicine/Nuclear Radiology (A programs)

Stanford Univ Progs-CA


Emergency Medicine (M programs)

St Louis Univ SOM-MO


Emergency Medicine (C programs)

Sparrow Hospital-MI

University of Toledo-OH


Otolaryngology (C programs)

U Louisville SOM-KY


Family Medicine (C programs)

U South Alabama Hospitals

Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn-AZ

North Colorado Med Ctr

Family Medicine Res of Idaho

Advocate Christ Med Ctr-IL

Jackson Park Hosp-IL

Loyola Univ Med Ctr-IL

Rush-Copley Mem Hosp-IL

St Joseph Hosp-IL

Community Hospitals-IN

Deaconess Hospital-IN

St Josephs Reg Med Ctr-IN

St Vincent Hosp Ctr-IN

Cedar Rapids Med Ed Fdn-IA

Central Iowa Health System

Siouxland Med Ed Fdn-IA

Baptist Health Madisonville-KY

LSU SOM-New Orleans-LA

University Hospital and Clinics-LA

Eastern Maine Med Ctr

U Maryland Med Ctr

Cambridge Health Alliance-MA

Steward Carney Hospital-MA

Grand Rapids Med Ed Partners-MI

Mercy Memorial Hospital System-MI

Munson Medical Center-MI

St Joseph Mercy-Livingston-MI

St Mary Mercy Hospital-MI

Wayne State University SOM-MI

Forrest General Hospital-MS

University Hosps-Jackson-MS

St Louis Univ Som-MO

University of Montana

University of Nebraska Med Ctr

Inspira Med Ctr Woodbury-NJ

Albany Medical Center-NY

New Hanover Reg Med Ctr-NC

Aultman Hospital/NEOMED-OH

Case Western/Univ Hosps Case Med Ctr-OH

Grant Medical Center-OH

St Elizabeth/NEOMED-OH

Summa Health/NEOMED-OH

In His Image Family Med-O

U Oklahoma COM-Tulsa

Prov Milwaukie Hospital-OR

Bryn Mawr Hospital-PA

Excela Health Latrobe Hosp-PA

Geisinger Health System-PA

Guthrie/Robert Packer Hosp-PA

Hershey Med Ctr/Penn State-PA

Medical Ctr Beaver-PA

St Lukes Bethlehem-PA

Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA

Brown Med Sch/Memorial Hosp-RI

Greenville Health Sys/Univ of So Carolina

McLeod Reg Med Ctr-SC

Spartanburg Reg Healthcare-SC

Sioux Falls Family Med-SD

East Tennessee St Univ

U Tennessee COM-Memphis

Christus Spohn Mem Hosp-TX

Texas A&M-Scott & White

Carilion Clinic-Virginia Tech Carilion SOM

Eastern VA Med School-VA

VCU-Shenadoah Valley-VA

Community Health Care-WA

Swedish Medical Center-WA

Marshall University SOM-WV

Aurora St Lukes Medical Ctr-WI

Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps


Internal Medicine (M programs)

U Tennessee COM-Memphis Medicine-Primary


Internal Medicine (C programs)

U Alabama Med Ctr-Birmingham Internal Medicine

U Alabama Med Ctr-Montgomery Internal Medicine

CA Pacific Med Center Internal Medicine

St Marys Medical Ctr-SF-CA Internal Medicine

Stamford Hospital/Columbia-CT Internal Medicine

FAU-Schmidt COM-FL Internal Medicine

Florida State University COM Internal Medicine

MacNeal Hospital-IL Internal Medicine

Univ of Chicago Med Ctr-IL Internal Medicine

St Vincent Hosp Ctr-IN Internal Medicine

Grand Rapids Med Ed Partners-MI Internal Medicine

Mercy Hospital St Louis-MO Internal Medicine

Seton Hall Univ Sch of Health & Med Sci-NJ Internal Medicine

Icahn SOM Queens Hosp-NY Internal Medicine

NY Methodist Hospital-NY Internal Medicine

Stony Brook Teach Hosps-NY Internal Med/Mather Hospital

Geisinger Health System-PA Internal Medicine

Pinnacle Health Hosps-PA Internal Medicine

Temple Univ Hosp-PA Int Med/ABIM Research Pathway

UPMC Mercy Hospital-PA Internal Medicine

East Tennessee St Univ Internal Medicine

William Beaumont Army Med Ctr-TX Internal Medicine/El Paso VA


Internal Medicine/Neurology (C programs)

Tulane Univ SOM-LA Medicine-Neurology


Internal Medicine/Pediatrics (C programs)

U Oklahoma COM-Tulsa Medicine-Pediatrics


Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine (C programs)

Allegheny Gen Hosp-PA Medicine-Emergency Med


Neurology (A programs)

U South Alabama Hospitals Neurology

U Iowa Hosps and Clinics Neurology

U Maryland Med Ctr Neurology

Tufts Medical Center-MA Neurology/FAP

WSU/Detroit Med Ctr-MI Neurology/Sponsored 2015

Duke Univ Med Ctr-NC Neurology


Neurology (C programs)

UC San Diego Med Ctr-CA

Tulane Univ SOM-LA

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med Ctr-NH

U North Carolina Hospitals

Case Western/Univ Hosps Case Med Ctr-OH Neurology/Foreign Govt Funded

Hershey Med Ctr/Penn State-PA

U Washington Affil Hosps


Neurological Surgery (C programs)

U Florida COM-Shands Hosp Neurological Surgery

U Texas HSC-San Antonio Neurological Surgery


Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (A programs)

Johns Hopkins Hosp-MD

Baylor Coll Med-Houston-TX


Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (R programs)

UPMC Medical Education-PA


Nuclear Medicine (A programs)

UC Davis Med Ctr-CA

Loyola Univ Med Ctr-IL


Obstetrics and Gynecology (P programs)

UCLA Medical Center-CA

University of Hawaii

Einstein/Montefiore Med Ctr-NY

North Shore-LIJ Health Sys-NY


Pathology-Anatomic and Clinical (C programs)

Yale-New Haven Hosp-CT Pathology/Comb-Anat & Clinical

Medical College of Georgia Pathology

U Kentucky Med Ctr Pathology

U Louisville SOM-KY Pathology

LSU SOM-New Orleans-LA Pathology

LSUHSC-Shreveport-LA Pathology

Natl Insts of Health-MD Pathology

Brigham & Womens Hosp-MA Path (AP only & comb AP/CP)

Tufts Medical Center-MA Pathology

U Minnesota Med School Pathology

U New Mexico SOM Pathology

U Rochester/Strong Mem-NY Pathology

Ohio State University Med Ctr Pathology

U Cincinnati Med Ctr-OH

Univ of Puerto Rico Pathology

U Tennessee Grad SOM-Knoxville Pathology

Vanderbilt Univ Med Ctr-TN Pathology

Texas A&M-Scott & White Pathology

U Utah Affil Hospitals Pathology-CP only

U Utah Affil Hospitals Pathology-AP only

Univ of Vermont Medical Center Pathology

Virginia Commonwealth U Hlth Sys Pathology

Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps

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Kuprum ritual


over the last years we were playing around electromagnetic fields and interactions with bodies and enviorements…

between others : experimental pick ups, motors, pumps, water, energy, electricity, potential action, photosynhtesis, current

we are living on one of the previous century hydroelectric that I suppose has a lot of copper to generate electricity; we are using among of copper every day, every second…

At Pechblenda lab for example a lot of copper cable is always around, motors, pumps and other electronic components create the space, inside right now me and Beka, is time to work together.

we are conceptualising our ritualistic performance for the next Saturday, we are also working on automatization and internet of things, so we are so happy with the transfer of energy between us.

this idea to focus on a element like copper comes from our curiosity to research and investigate the matter around us, like a infinite process of experimenting and learning how the things are, how the things work.

rain of ideas for the Cuprum ritualistic performance ;:;::;

context and inspiration :


Metaphysical Properties of Copper

Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Energy: Receptive
Powers: Energy Direction, Energy Balance, Healing, Love, Luck, Protection,
Astrology Relations: Libra, Taurus
Numerology Relations: 1, 6
Chakra relation: Heart Chakra

Copper is known as a good conductor of energy, as well as a balancing metal that works with the flow of projective and receptive energies. Copper is known to Shamans and Healers to be a metal that balances the body’s polarities, thereby removing blockages which are responsible for illness or imbalance. Copper is healing for the mind, body and spirit. It provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and also can align the subtle bodies. It has been used to amplify and transmit thought and healing energy. Copper has been used with stones and crystals it helps to align the stone’s individual energy field (since every stone has it’s own properties). It has also been used to create a unique balance of energy, by combining stone and copper, which remains solely unique to the individual using it. It can assist in combating fatigue and lethargy, restlessness and non-acceptance of ones self.

Copper in Alchemy

It is said that the regimen of Alchemy is greater than is perceived by reason, except through divine inspiration. Alchemy is a deep study, so it will not be explained here in great depth, solely the concepts of Copper within Alchemy will be mentioned (go to The Alchemy Website for more information on Alchemy) Copper is one of the seven metals of alchemy, representing Venus. The Alchemical vessel is a symbol of the soul. Copper can be seen as having a soul as well as a body; and the Art of Alchemy can be defined as “the liquefaction of the body and the separation of the soul from the body, seeing that copper, like a man, has a soul and a body.” There is also relevance and importance in the Ankh and its representation of copper. The Ankh is a powerful symbol of immortality and it also contains all the sephiroth of the TreeOfLife from the Kabballah. The watery and venusian aspects of copper and its interaction with other metals is seen within Alchemy. As Mars and Venus in mythology were closely related, so are they found bonded together in the depths of the earth: the principle copper ore is in copper-iron pyrites, in which copper occurs together with iron. The darker threads of iron run through this sea-green ore of copper. In various sea creatures the breathing process is by means of copper, not iron. They do not need the fiery Mars-energy, but have a more tranquil mode of being. A simpler, copper-containing molecule is used instead of the iron-molecule haemoglobin. The octopus and the scorpion both respire using a copper-molecule in place of the iron-based haemoglobin. That same polarity functions in an inorganic realm in the principle of the dynamo (Michael Faraday realized the dynamo principle,17 October, 1831), where the relative motion of iron and copper generates electricity. Iron creates the magnetic field and copper wires carry away the current generated. The energy powering our civilisation derives from a pulsating Mars-Venus interaction, making alternating current.

so lets see tomorrow …

To trace the connection of copper with Venus we have to go back to a distant mythological era: back, in fact, to a Mediterranean isle, once ruled by a love-goddess – the island of Cyprus. This island was regarded as the domain of Venus-Aphrodite. Aphrodite was referred to as the ‘Cyprian goddess’. In Botticelli’s picture, The Birth of Venus, she is depicted as being born from the sea on to the shores of Cyprus. It is from the name of this island, Cyprus, that the word copper derives. The word copper comes from the Latin word cuprum and this derives from the Greek work Kyprus. Cyprus was in antiquity the principal source of copper, and so the metal was named after it. Venus was felt by antiquity to dwell just where such large amounts of copper had condensed. Venus was credited with a sea origin, and copper reminds us of this connection with the water element. All copper salts are sea-coloured, blue or green. All the ores and all the salts of copper are hydrated, water containing. Nearly all copper salts are highly soluble in water. The iridescent hues of a peacock’s tail derive from green-blue copper complexes.cuprumbruxas

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UKIP and Vegfest

The past week or so has seen a load of controversy over UKIP and Vegfest. What has a right wing anti-immigration party got to do with a vegan festival, you might ask? Well the organiser Tim Barford has had the crazy of idea of trying to the link the event to the impending election by holding hustings there. Labour, the Lib Dems, the Tories, the Green Party and UKIP were all invited.

On the event’s website, under the headline UKIP joins 4 other main UK Political parties at VegfestUK Brighton, Barford gleefully announced that: “Nigel Carter of Brighton and Hove UKIP is joining the conference to debate his party’s stance on Health and the Environment, VegfestUK now have a complete pack of cards with political heavyweights including Kerry McCarthy, Caroline Lucas, Henry Smith and others making their appearances at the conference.”

He had no inkling of the storm that would ensue and it soon all over social media. Truth be told, Barford is no stranger to this. His festival brand (Vegfest first popped up in Brighton years ago but they’ve spread throughout the UK) has been attacked for years by some who think he’s watering down the ethics of veganism. For instance he allows stallholders such as the RSPB who cull birds and there have even been rumours that all his events are not 100% vegan.

UKIP are especially despised because one of its policies is the repeal of the Hunting Act and Nigel Farage has gone on record as saying he’s like to bring back hunting with hounds (not that it’s really gone away but that’s another story). Despite this, however, they are not strangers to the world of animal welfare. A few months ago they were invited to speak at a live exports rally in Kent, where they naturally felt at home being xenophobic about cruelty to animals abroad. A number of protesters launched a tirade against their representative, however, who scuttled away feeling most unwelcome.

Back to Vegfest and two of three days after the announcement came a grovelling apology:

“It has become clear to us as organisers that we would be unable to create a safe space for our visitors, especially families, but also those who have suffered at the hands of racism and other minority discrimination. There has been an unprecedented level of complaints about UKIP being represented at Vegfest, and out of respect for the views of the vast majority of our visitors, and with security in mind, we have withdrawn the invitation to the UKIP member to attend.”

At least Barford recognised his mistake and rectified it but what a dreadful mistake to make in the first place. And why stop there? The difference between Farage’s lot and the three main parties is one of of degree, not kind, and they’re all heading rightwards anyway in UKIP’s slipstream. Ban the lot of them I say.

Unfortunately that won’t be happening but hopefully those who attend Vegfest’s “party political conference” will see through the lies of the politicians there and decide none of the parties deserve their vote.

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Bacardi’s hot water electoral cocktail may leave MP shaken and stirred

Here’s some news you won’t hear on the local BBC – because her boyfriend works there – or in the Evening Post – because the editor is a congenital Tory idiot.

BristolNorth West MP, Charlotte “Bacardi” Leslie is in hot water with Parliament again. And this time round she’s leaked the confidential discussions of Parliament’s Health Select Committee to the media to boost her faltering reelection campaign.

Her actions have managed to piss off not only the highly regarded chair of the committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston, but also the majority of the committee itself who agree that Bacardi’s conduct  “represented a serious interference with the work of the Committee”.

Ms Bacardi, suffering in the battle for her marginal seat with Labour, was apparently desperate to get the contents of the committee’s draft  ‘Public expenditure on health and social care’ report into the public domain before the election.

This is thought to be because she managed to get an electorally convenient u-turn inserted  into the report stating there were no plans for any patient charges in NHS.

Although we all know Ms Bacardi has robustly expressed the view to Channel 4′s Dispatches, BBC Sunday Politics and the Guardian newspaper that patient charges should be introduced to the NHS!

Dr Wollaston and her committee have now voted to refer Ms Bacardi and her shameless electioneering at their expense to the Speaker for disciplinary action.

And the chatter in the tea room says that Bacardi will be forced to apologise to the House of Commons (again).

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Callout: Oppose the MFE!

Manchester No Borders supports the following call out via Oppose MFE.

Quoteleft The March for England (MfE) has been a yearly gathering point for members of the far right since 2008. After several successful counter-protests in which the MfE was massively outnumbered they’ve now decided to head up north to Blackpool. They’ve fled Brighton, and they won’t get a friendlier reception up here.

Europe is seeing the return of right wing nationalist movements and parties. Off the back of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in Paris, coupled with the state’s failure to identify and protect vulnerable people in Rotherham, the far right are attempting to mobilise people’s fears and channel them into chauvinist nationalist politics. Parliamentary politics is lurching rightwards as mainstream parties copy UKIP’s rhetoric. If events like MfE get more successful, they will feed into this broader resurgence of the far right by giving it a presence on the streets. We need to oppose the MfE and promote anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-nationalist politics. The resurgence of the far-right in Europe is a reactionary response to ongoing economic stagnation, the crisis of political representation and the lack of any visions for a different future. The solution to the current economic and political dead-end isn’t to retreat into xenophobic nationalism and persecute migrants and Muslims, or to go back to the “good old days” of factory work, straightforward imperialism and casual racism. We need to make this point loudly and on the streets.

If the far right are allowed to march unopposed in Blackpool, then we run the risk of this becoming a fixed date in their calendar. The March for England was chased out of Brighton and can’t be allowed to find a new home in the north-west.Quoteright

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Down the pan

Oh dear what can the matter be
 King-ston has gone down the lavatory
 Staff survey, what a calamity!
 Ratty is tearing his hair.

The long wait for the results of the staff survey is finally over. As widely predicted, they are bad. Ratty is unable to put much of a gloss on them, despite leaving out much of the critical detail. None the less, Kingston’s overwhelming problem is clear: senior management is failing badly. Overall only 24% of staff are “engaged”, i.e. those who averaged above 4.5 on the 1 to 6 scale (‘strongly disagree’ to ‘strongly agree’) in answer to the questions about the performance of the corporate side of the University — what Ratty gets up to in effect. This is 5 points worse than the survey from the previous year. These figures improve slightly at the department level but not by that much. According to Aon, the company that conducted the survey, the 24% engagement figure compares to 61% for higher education institutions globally. Yes, Kingston is bottom quartile. If Ratty can take heart at all, engagement in other industries is falling even faster, though from a much higher level. This of course says much about the neoliberal and managerialist times we live in.

Looking in more detail across Kingston, the faculties are all in decline, except for Business & Law which at 28% improved by one point over the past year. (This was before the Dean’s draconian publications points system was proposed.) The most pissed off faculty is SEC at 14%, a drop of 7 points from last year. More surprising, Executive and Senior, although topping the staff table, has only 32% engaged, falling 9 points. Looks like Ratty is getting to Deans and Heads too. Least surprising is the high rating for the VC’s Office, home of the SMT and other well paid managers (60% and climbing, the only bunch above the national average.) This figure bombs in the majority of other departments, all the way down to a lowly 5% in Enterprise. HR at 17% is interesting; doing the dirty work for Ratty can’t be much fun.

So what are the reasons for this poor result? That has been largely supressed. The few critical staff comments published are mostly very bland — nothing about the bullying culture, the fear for livelihoods, the pressure, the stress. The only upbeat message from the survey is about the students; one comments notes the diverse backgrounds, a feature of Kingston that our VC’s policies are likely to reverse.

What does the University intend to do? Well, not a lot. The flannel under “You said … we’ve done [you over]” is nothing but empty management-speak and meaningless activities for the SMT. The new University Secretary, Martin Hitman , offers a few blandishments of his own: “I am a keen advocate of staff engagement and will be taking responsibility within the senior team for ensuring we find ways to resolve the concerns raised by staff”. Spoken like a senior manager. No change from that quarter then.

This blog wants to see Kingston improve rather than continue on its decline that began with the appointment of this VC. So here are some suggestions to start this process:

Stop bullying the staff
Withdraw the demotion threat hanging over grade 10 academics
Cut the management cotton wool like Led by Learning
Remove the block on progress from lecturer to senior lecturer
Withdraw the insidious creep to aggressive performance management, e.g. Ronnie Ranker’s scheme for B&L
Support a long term improvement in research and teaching with encouragement in place of a climate of fear
(Please add your suggestions as a comment below.)

One other thing. Ratty has been forthright in his warnings to schools that finish in the bottom quartile of the National Student Survey. Time he applied that to himself and his hapless “senior management” team’s unacceptable level of performance. Board of Governors take note.

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for making no posts in over a week. Most of this was due to the server being down. For a long time there was no announcement, then a message was put up a couple of days ago which said they were working on it. Finally it’s back on line today.

As is an activist operation, not some big corporation, I was beginning to fear the worst and bracing myself for the inevitably of switching to WordPress or the like. Perhaps that would be more reliable but I’d rather support like-minded people.

They said they would be using a new server that’s less likely to crash, so there should be fewer problems from now on. Here’s hoping…

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the cvfh cracking under pressure


You have to feel a bit sorry for The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt who had to pay for security from Yorkshire to deal with 11 foot sabs today.

From the off sabs were rating hounds and a fox was spotted escaping in front of our vehicles getting away to safety.

The idiots tried blocking us in a lane and attacking us (all filmed) but were soon made to disperse by 4 cop cars arriving.

Foot sabs stayed with the hunt in the field accompanied by the bumbling idiots and kept the hunt close in sight. The huntsman couldn’t handle having sab company and took off with the hounds every time we were spotted.. Despite the torrent of abuse we received, there wasn’t much hunting occurring on our watch. Great stuff.

With no local support lining the country lanes, the CVFH were a complete shambles from start to finish.

We had a lovely end of season pint with our friends from Ireland (oi, oi!) and Southampton then headed home.

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#6 Kusursuzluk pratikten geçer.

Erkekler için: Bu deneyimi tam olarak kazandığınızı hisseden kadar her 3-4 mastürbasyondan birini prezervatifle yapın.
Erkeklerle seks yapan herkes için: Büyük paket prezervatif alın – en ucuzu işinizi görecektir – ve onları muza, salatalığa, yapay penise (dildo) olabilecek en seksi şekilde takma pratiği yapın… önce elinizle, sonra ağzınızla. Tüm paketi kullanın.
Herkes için: Sıvı takası riski olmayan ya da en az olan şekilde boşalabildiğiniz tüm yolların listesini yapın.

Şunu söyleyerek başlamak isterim ki, kendi takıntılarım yüzünden ara sıra yaptığım bir şeyi burada alıştırma olarak vermelerine çok sevindim. (bkz. Mastürbasyon meşakkatli bir şeydir.)640_condom

Şimdiye kadar çok seyrek olarak prezervatif kullanmadan penetrasyon yaşadım. Prezervatifsiz seksin de çoğu, o an çok gergin olduğum ve plastiğin işi daha da zorlaştıracağını düşündüğüm için oldu. Saysam bir elin parmağını da geçmez herhalde. Onlarda da, bir süre sonra prezervatif takıp öyle devam etmiştim.

Kitapta güvenli seks, cinsel sağlık açısından vurgulanıyor. Benimse yakın zamana kadar birincil kaygım hamilelik riskiydi. Öncelikle, kürtajın ne kadar belalı bir şey olduğunu anlıyorum; böyle bir acıdan kaçınmak için ne gerekiyorsa yapmalı. İkincisi, hâlâ hoşlaşmıyorum doğum kontrol haplarından; kadının hormonal düzeninin böyle kurcalanmasının olumsuz etkileri olur gibime geliyor. Son olarak, kadının hamilelik öncesiyle sonrası bir değil; hamile kaldıktan sonra birçok sebeple çocuğu aldırmamaya karar verebilir kadın: Kürtajdan korkabilir (haklı olarak) mesela, ya da hormonları onu anneliğe hazırladıkça görüşleri değişebilir.

Uzun lafın kısası, böyle bir riski şimdiye kadar -sanırım- hiç almadım. Plastik hiç hoşuma gitmiyor, hele ki penisimde. Ama şimdiye kadar aramız iyi kendisiyle.

Öte yandan, seksi güvensiz hale getirecek daha bir dünya şey var. Hiç penetrasyon yaşamadım diyorum, ama oral seks, sürtünme vb. etkinlikler de sağlık açısından riskli bölgeler.

Ve utanarak söylüyorum ki cinsel yoldan bulaşan hastalıklar için hayatımdaki ilk ve tek kan testini sadece birkaç ay önce yaptırdım. İki sene cinsellik konusunda blog tutup sonra böyle önemli konuları hiç ciddiye almamak bildiğin aptallık.

Bu da bana ödev olsun.


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Gary “FUCKBUCKET” Hopkins, local Lib Dem boss and the undisputed king of ridicule, has reported a Bristolian to the police claiming ‘harassment’ after a four line comment appeared in the Evening Post on Friday:

Forsey comment

After trying to contain themselves the officers at Broadbury Road police station happily dismissed the idiot time wasting liberal’s demented claim.

For, alas, it seems the cops at Broadbury Road have become a lot less accommodating of Fuckbucket’s personal foibles and requests since Southmead Police have started investigating their conduct with Hopkins.

Issues such as Broadbury Road cops handing Fuckbucket and his Lib Dem colleague, Mark Bailey, police intelligence regarding the Gothic Mansion at ASBO case conferences are now firmly in the spotlight.

Police are also becoming interested in hearing if the tiresome Fuckbucket is yet being investigated by the council for his behaviour. This was confirmed by the mayor and legal services a few weeks ago.

He doesn’t like it up him does he?

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