2004. Frank coming to London

He didn’t really want to go to London. He preferred Barcelona, and applied there but it didn’t work. He then did interviews for two jobs: one in London and one in Uppsala, in Sweden.

Frank and another person were interviewed for these two positions, and the bosses/interviewers were friends and they decided between themselves which ones would go where.

The guy in Sweden “preferred” a German because he thinks they are square, well organised and serious, and the boss in London preferred Daniel.

In France, Frank was already involved with CNT. The main reason was that a lover and her friend were involved. The lover was/is Anarcha feminist and got Daniel interested in all that. She had a friend who was part of the CNT. Frank admired this friend and joined cnt.

In Frank’s town, there was a section in cnt, education and research, and 10, 15 of them, mostly high and secondary school.

While Frank was doing his phd, there was a big movement of researchers. (We) created a collective of young researchers, not just people of cnt, and this group was completely focused on issues of precariousness. Frank also was involved in a feminist collective and other local struggles, like around free public transport etc.
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