Peter Marshall on Antibodies

Some positive feedback from one of the writers I quote in AntibodiesPeter Marshall, author of Riding the Wind and Demanding the Impossible – A History of Anarchism, among many others.

He writes: “Many thanks for sending me a copy of your very readable and profoundly thoughtful booklet.

“Your libertarian and metaphysical beliefs find close parallels with my own and I know few writers who share an interest in anarchism, alchemy (I like your illustrations!), Taoism, existentialism and ecology.

“At the same time, I appreciate your many new insights on the destructive relationship between the greater part of humanity and the planet which tries to sustain them.”

Antibodies – now available!

Here are the details of a new booklet I’ve just brought out.

Antibodies: Life, death and resistance in the psyche of the superorganism

Now available at The Cowley Club Bookshop at 12 London Road, Brighton, or by post from The Porkbolter (see below).

From termites to quantum theory, from the spiritual medieval philosophy of Meister Eckhart to the angry voice of 21st century insurrectionists, via the likes of Gustav Landauer, Carl Jung, Peter Kropotkin and Albert Camus, Cudenec’s polemic takes us on an epic journey taking in centuries of ideas, but always with a clear destination in mind. If Gaia exists, then individuals do not, he argues. If we do not really live, we cannot really die. If we are part of a bigger entity then we must have a specific role within it – a role that it is our deepest biological responsibility to understand and act out, casting aside our personal fears and at the same time finding an essential sense of individual purpose through our commitment to the whole.

This new beautifully illustrated 40-page A4 booklet is currently on sale at £3.50 (including p&p) from The Porkbolter at PO Box 4144, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 7NZ (cheques payable to The Porkbolter).

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