New MMU Birley Fields Consultation

The MMU are promoting the new Birley Fields plans via a consultation.

We assume that there will be detailed plans at the venues, currently there is not much new information on their website:

So far, there is the distribution of a ‘Birley Fields Campus Plan’ newsletter of which pdf’s for page  1 – 2 and 3 – 4 are found here. The MMU questionnaire can be found on their website.

The BFCG feels there are Issues with the Development and with the conduct of the Hulme consultation so far.

The dates and venues are:

Friday November 26th – Hulme Asda – 12 to 8pm
Saturday 27th November  to Friday 3rd December – Hulme Library
Monday 29th November –  Hulme Community Garden Centre – 12 to 4pm
Wednesday 1st December – Aquarius Community Centre – 1 to 5pm
Friday December 3rd – Zion Arts Centre-  2 to 6pm

The First National Day of Action

November 24th 2010, somewhere between 2000-4000 students, teachers and lecturers gathered in central Bristol to protest against the proposed cuts in education, probably the best attended Bristolian demonstration since the anti-war protests of 2002. Having congregated outside Bristol University’s Senate House to hear union reps give short speeches at 12:30, the protest moved down to Clifton triangle, past the Wills Memorial building and down Park St, which was filled by protesters, the majority of whom were aged between 14 and 25. At the bottom of Park St the march was blocked from entering the centre by a police cordon, and so most of the march went back up Park St where protesters were hemmed in on all sides by police cordons.

In spite of this, large groups managed to break out, including those who went to the Bristol University Student Union building and have occupied the building. Near the intersection of Park St and Park Row about three small fireworks were set off, injuring no-one and doing no damage to anything. However already this is what mainstream media reports have decided to focus on. Small groups of protesters continued to give police the run around for several hours this afternoon.

In sum the demo was well attended by young people, many of whom have never been on a protest before. There was a general sense of anger and hostility towards the ConDem coalition and in particular the cuts to the EMA and the proposals to triple university fees while completely withdrawing state funding from the arts, humanities and social sciences.

One of the biggest issues at the protest was police officers covering their numbers. Despite having being repeatedly told that it is illegal for police officers to cover up their officer numbers when dealing with public demonstrations, notably after Climate Camp at Kingsnorth and then the G20 demo in London last year, it seems that some coppers still don’t want to comply and make themselves identifiable. The technique used to enable officers act in a violent and unlawful manner without being identifiable by their victims. The police have repeatedly reassured the public that this practice no longer happens. It would appear that this is not true.

Welcome to the Birley Fields Website

Welcome to the website dedicated to saving green space in the middle of Hulme.

It was created to help develop Birley Fields in a way that will maximise the environmental, social and economic benefits to the residents of Hulme and Moss Side.

Currently, Manchester Metropolitan University is aiming to build a new campus on that plan. We don’t believe that this development, as presented, is in the best interests of the communities of Hulme and Moss Side.

We will update the site as information come to us. It will be fully up and running by the end of November.

If you have information or would like information get in touch


Thanks for reading.

18th November 2010

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Geoff Berner: All The Years Of Trying (All Sewn Up A Tribute to Patrik Fitzgerald Compilation LP) Crispin Glover Records
Moral Dilemma: Right To Remain Silent (Right To Remain Silent LP) Madman Records
Unknown Track Praxis Records
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Danbert Nobacon and the Bad Things: Evolution 9 (Woebegone LP)
The Filaments: Western Double Standards (What’s Next LP)
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Milky Wimpshake: Eyeball to Eyeball (My Funny Social Crime LP) Fortuna Pop

Steve and Jake from Electric Circus/ Circus 2 Gaza
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Search for Samouni Family Gaza and International Solidarity

11th November 2010

The Evens: All These Governors (The Evens LP) Dischord
The Ex: 24 Problems (Catch My Shoe LP)
Television Personalities: Are We Nearly There Yet?
Danbert Nobacon & The Bad Things: Other Country Blues (Woebegone LP)
Zounds: Demystification (Discography/ The Curse of Zounds LP) Active
The Cravats: There Is No International Rescue
Young Blood Brass Band: Nuclear Summer (Is That A Riot? LP) Layered Records
Bad Religion: You Are (The Government)
Dead Subverts: You Call This Civilisation?
Broken Nose: TV

4th November 2010: World Vegan Day Special

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28th October 2010

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Chomsky Allstars – Disease of Desire
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Ste McCabe and Stella Pace (AKA Stella Zine)

21st October 2010

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Martyn Lewis: In This Together (Up The Hill And Down Again The Oranges Are Coming LP)
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Richard from One Way Ticket to Cubesville zine.
Craig from South Manchester Law Centre
Plague Mass LIve From Leeds