Sinistre gaz de schiste: en guise d’introduction

Image d'un derrick aux US (Marcellus Shale), par Ruhrfisch Vous savez sans doute tous qu’une partie de la France a été livrée par le Président de la République, par l’entremise de son ministre de l’Écologie, à Total et à GDF-Suez, alliés à des compagnies d’hydrocarbures américaines et autres, pour extraire du gaz depuis le sous-sol schisteux.

En attendant que vous lisiez le reste de ce site, voici un résumé au format A4, que vous pouvez découper en 4 et distribuer autour de vous : Gaz de Schiste? Surtout pas! (version revue en mai 2011).

Après tout, c’est notre tour après de nombreuses régions des États-Unis et la vallée du Saint-Laurent au Québec. Après tout, les Chinois subissent déjà d’effroyables pollutions du même genre depuis des dizaines d’années. En voici un exemple: La Chine asphyxiée par la pollution de l’industrie textile (sur Et les gens qui vivent près du Golfe du Niger (Nigéria)? Les marées noires oubliées du delta du Niger (Courrier International). Pourquoi pas nous ? Lire la suite

Call centre walkout over sweat shop conditions

Workers in seven Jobcentre Plus call centres are to strike for 48 hours this week over their ‘morale-sapping battery-farm style working conditions.’ The walkout will take place in centres where PCS members were compulsorily transferred from processing jobs. If the dispute is not resolved the union will ballot staff for industrial action in the Jobcentre network’s other 32 call centres.

This Thursday and Friday (January 20 and 21) there will be a two-day strike and picket lines at offices in Bristol, the Chorlton district of Manchester, Glasgow, Makerfield, Newport in south Wales, Norwich, and Sheffield. The 3,500 strikers are angry about management by targets which means they are not allowed to process information anymore but must clear calls as quickly as possible. They also complain about a lack of flexibility, deskilling, massive stress and a lack of respect in the workplace.

Jane Aitchison – president of PCS in the Department of Work and Pensions, which includes Jobcentre Plus – said: “Our members find these jobs frustrating. They want to go home feeling they have helped the customers. These are the same staff who were so highly praised for the fantastic work they did during the recession – they deserve to be treated like adults in the workplace to be allowed to organise their work and to help customers properly. We want Jobcentre Plus call centres to be the best, not the worst. Currently they have a high turnover of staff and high levels of sickness and mental health problems. This must end”

Police seeks intelligence on UK protests.

Scotland Yard appears to be planning a major crackdown on students during an upcoming wave of protests as its counter-terrorism command has asked universities for related intelligence.

The force’s counter-terrorism unit has contacted universities in London, demanding their cooperation before student leaders go ahead with their pledge to organize occupations and demonstrations targeting town halls and civic buildings.

An officer for the command’s Prevent Programme charged with coping with extremism sent an email to universities saying the Met expects a “renewed vigour” in protests against government’s spending cuts which could target finance departments.

“I would be grateful if in your capacity at your various colleges that should you pick up any relevant information that would be helpful to all of us to anticipate possible demonstrations or occupations, please forward it onto me,” the email read.

According to a statement by the Met, the email sent to more than 20 higher education centres in London, including King’s and Imperial College, “advises contacts to consider contingency planning to minimize disruption to colleges, and for information that could help anticipate and address possible occupations.”

The statement claimed the officer has not acted in his capacity as a member of the Counter Terrorism Command when sending the advice to the universities.

Student leaders have promised major action plans for the end of January, which could equal in their scale to the massive anti tuition fee rallies in London and elsewhere last year which saw more than 50 universities’ buildings occupied by students.

Co-founder of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts Michael Chessum, who was involved in calling last year’s protests, said they are “determined to keep the pressure on the government.”

Chessum also said a number of major trade unions, including Unite and the GMB, have thrown their weight behind the planned rallies in Manchester and London at the end of this month adding, “we are again expecting tens of thousands of people.”

Activists are also planning an “education strike” in London three days before the coordinated action in Manchester and London on January 29.


25th November 2010


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