A global drumbeat of revolt

A fine example of how revolutionary Wahn resonates internationally came in a report in The Guardian on Friday February 25.

A young protester in Winsconsin, USA, opposing insidious anti-union legislation, was asked where his inspiration had come from.

He replied that it was “from student demonstrations in Britain in Britain and protests in Tunisia and Egypt”.

And in turn, the sight of major demonstrations in favour of workers’ rights in the USA will no doubt inspire others in who knows what corner of the world, amplifying still further the thrilling drumbeat of global revolt.

Des juristes dans le combat contre le gaz de schiste

Vous avez vu que Cap21 attaque le code minier devant le Conseil d’Etat, qu’Europe-Écologie aussi a l’intention d’attaquer en justice (Collectifs, St-Marcel-lès-Valence, 26 février 2011). Hier à la Réunion et collectifs, 24 fév. 2011, Le Vigan, Hélène Bras, avocate au barreau de Montpellier nous a expliqué les actions juridiques qu’elle va mener. Continue reading “Des juristes dans le combat contre le gaz de schiste”

24th February 2011

Horace Andy – Government Land
Clash – Rock The Casbah
Death – Rock N Roll Victim
Johnny Crescendo – the Ballad of Josie Evans
Asian Dub Foundation – Rebel Warrrior
Television Personalities – Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground – The Black Angels Death Song
Black Angels – Sunday Afternoon
Destino Final – Ahogate
Vialka – Singes Merdiques
Berurier Noir – Vivre Libre ou Mourir
Crass – Health Service
Billy Holliday – Strange Fruit
Discharge – Why

King Blues tour/ Manchester date…

The King Blues, who we interviewed last year, have been in the studio recording their new album “Punk and Poetry” and now are preparing to hit the road to play the new songs.

Coming along for the ride are SONIC BOOM SIX and RANDOM HAND.

Tickets for the canceled November tour, remember they are still valid for these shows!

The Manchester date is:
April 2nd: Academy 2

Meanwhile you can download the radio unfriendly track “We Are Fucking Angry” for free

Video Making Workshop

Sat 26th 12pm Video Making workshop – Leaf St Garden

This hands-on session will give you an introduction to using video cameras a to capture what’s happening around you. You’ll learn about getting good results with the equipment and what you need to capture to tell a story with your video.
The session will be run by Leonie Nimmo. Who has worked with a number of different campaigns to create short video pieces to tell stories and document events that have been overlooked by mainstream media. To book a place please contact us on greenzone@redbricks.org or 07875 010589