27th January 2011


Dirty Revolution Interview


George Melly and the Feetwarmers: Goodtime George (Son of Nuts LP)
J D McPherson: North Side Gal (Signs and Signifiers LP)
The Autonomads: Motordread (No Man’s Land LP)
Dirty Revolution: It’s Gonna Get Dirty (It’s Gonna Get Dirty EP)
Dirty Revolution: I Love Reggae (It’s Gonna Get Dirty EP)
Dirty Revolution: Failure to Communicate (It’s Gonna Get Dirty EP)
Dirty Revolution: Firing Line (Under Fire LP)
Weekend: Coma Summer (Sport LP)
Dizraeli: Bomb Tesco (Scifax Drum and Bass Mix) (Free Download)
B. Dolan: Economy of Words (Bail It Out) (Fallen House Sunken City LP)
Acoustic Ladyland: Iggy (Last Chance Disco LP)
Low Threat Profile: Product #2 (Product #2 LP)
The Queers: Don’t Touch My Hat (Back To The Basement LP)
The Pretenders: Tattooed Love Boys (The Pretenders LP)
Vialka: Gothenburg (Trop Tard LP)
The Fractions: Streets of Ancoats (Release LP)

20th January 2011

Dirty Revolution: Failure To Communicate (It’s Gonna Get Dirty EP)
Autonomads: Dubbin Up The Downfall
Crass: Shaved Women (Reality Asylum 7″)
Die Toten Hosen: Step Four (Learning English Lesson One LP)
Die Toten Hosen: Right To Work (Learning English Lesson One LP)
Crucifix: Indochina (Dehumanisation LP)
Rudimentary Peni: B Ward (First EP)
ATV: Life (The Image Has Cracked LP)
Kylesa: Scapegoat (Static Tensions LP)
Hammers: Three Fates (Orogeny LP)
Shitty Limits: Your Limits Are My Limits (Beware The Limits LP)
Statues: Lipstick (Up Time EP)
Gil Scott Heron: Your Soul and Mine (I’m New Here LP)
Flux of Pink Indians: Taking A Liberty (Taking A Liberty EP)
X: Your Phone’s Off The Hook But You’re Not (Los Angeles LP)
Shelley’s Children: Fair Enough (Everything LP)
Joyce McKinney Experience: Armchair Critic (Joyce Offspring LP)
Hagar The Womb: Once Proud Now Dead (Funnery In A Nunnery EP)
Anita O’Day: What’s Your Story Morning Glory? (Anita O’Day 1956-62 LP)
Autonomads: Cloud Song (No Man’s Land LP)
Ivor Cutler: The Thatcher Generation (A Wet Handle LP)
Oi Polloi: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This (Total Resistance To The
Fucking System LP)
Conflict: Custom Rock (Ungovernable Force LP)
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man: Mainstream Music Is… (Make Pigs Smoke

13th January 2011


Melt Banana Interview


Negativland: How Long Have You Been Waiting? “Fair Use: The Story of the Letter U and the Numeral 2”
The Ex with Tom Cora: Hidegen Fujnak A Szelek (Scrabbling At The Lock LP) Ex Records
Melt Banana: Dog Song (Bambi’s Dillema LP)
Melt Banana: Cub Not Cube (Teeny Shiny LP)
Melt Banana: Iguana In Trouble (Scratch or Stitch LP)
Melt Banana: Monkey Man (Split EP with Big D and the Kids Table)
Melt Banana: Love Song
Melt Banana: Cracked Plaster Cast (Bambi’s Dillema LP)
Crass: Powerless With A Guitar (Devastate To Liberate ALF Benefit
Compilation LP)
Dead Kennedys: I Am The Owl (Plastic Surgery Disasters LP)
Pleasant Valley Children: Freaks Got The Power (Welcome To Bedlam Valley LP)
Poison Idea: Plastic Bomb (Feel The Darkness LP)
Mark Stewart/ The Pop Group: She’s Beyond Good and Evil (Kiss The Future
Compilation LP)
The Weirdos: We’ve Got The Neutron Bomb (We’ve Got The Neutron Bomb LP)
Middle Class: Out Of Vogue (Out Of Vogue)
Legion Of Parasites: Dying World
The Plugz: Hombre Secreto
Legendary Pink Dots: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Devastate To Liberate ALF
Benefit Compilation LP)
Broken Nose: TV
Active Minds: It’s Perfectly Obvious That THis System Does Not Work

6th January 2011

1. The Ex – 24 problems from Catch My Shoe
2. Chomsky Allstars – Disease of Desire from Rhyme, Treason and Rhythm
3. China Shop Bull – Brain in a Jar from Rave to the Grave
4. Dirty Revolution – Sometimes You’re too Rude from Ska Trek 2010 promo cd
5. Crass – End Result 20/02/78
6. Ste McCabe – Harrowing Breakdown from Harrowing Breakdown
7. Subhumans – Point of View from Internal Riot
8. Paranoid Visions – I will Wallow 96 version from Black Operations in
the Red Mist
9. Chris Butler – Lucky Escapes from Live in Session on Under the Pavement
10. Roughneck Riot – Travellin Man
11. Joey Only – Punk Rock Country Band from Transgression Trail
12. Jo Bywater – Smokescreen from Cycle Grace Pulse Break
13. Autonomads – Back to the Bark from And You Call Thuis Civilization?
14. Al Baker and the Dole Queue – Jesus on the Touchline from Causes and
15. The Queers – Houston We Have a Problem

23rd December 2010


Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip interview


Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name of
Ste McCabe – Ste McCabe 1 Lloyds TSB Nil
Seven – Trendy
Chomsky Allstars – So Long
Sonic Boom 6 – Welcome to the City of Thieves
Moral Dilemma – Under Surveillance
Severe – Wish it could be Christmas Every Day
Jeffrey Lewis – Big A Little A
The Autonomads – Back to the Bark
Dan Le Sac v’s Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill
Attila the Stockbroker – The Bible According to Rupert Murdoch
Severe – Rock and Roll Christmas
Paranoid Visions – New Dark Ages
Dan le Sac and Scroobius Pip Interview
Dan Le Sac v’s Scroobius Pip – Get Better
Al Baker and the Dole Queue – Grandad was an Anarchist
Robb Johnson – Stay Free
Clair Lewis – Nothing to Loose
Chris Butler – Lucky Escapes
Milky Wimpshake – Boxing Day Blues
Chumba Wamba – Voices that’s All
The Santa Belles – Christmas Hoedown
Ste McCabe – Make Your Own Kind of Music (with Maria and the Gay)

16th December 2010


The Smiths: Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (Strangeways Here We Come LP) Rough Trade
Toxic Reasons: Destroyer (God Bless America EP)
Robb Johnson: The Man Who Poked Camilla (Free Download)
Can: Outside My Door (Monster Movie LP) Spoon/ Mute/ The Grey Area
The Santa Belles: Christmas Hoedown (Download from iTunes and AmazonWatch the Video Here
Mike Watt: Big TRain (Bull Hog Or Tug Boat LP)
Danbert Nobacon & The Bad Things: Long Black Train (Woebegone LP) Verbal Burlesque Records
Blyth Power: McArthur (Alnwick and Tyne LP)
Subhumans: Clash Of The Intransigents (New Dark Age Parade LP)
Severe: God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen (Punk Rock Advent Calendar)
Faintest Idea: Too Bad (Ignorance Is This LP) TNS Records
NOTA: Moscow (Moscow EP)
China Shop Bull: Sandblaster (Rave To The Grave LP)
Evan Johns and The H Bombs: Madhouse (Terminal City Ricochet Compilation LP) Alternative Tentacles
Statues: Uptime (Single)

2nd December 2010


Rod from Red Ladder Theatre Company
Paul from OKasional Squatted Cafe


No Means No: Give Me The Push (Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie LP) Alternative Tentacles
Cross Stitched Eyes: Become Earth (Two LP)
The (International) Noise Conspiracy: Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Death Mold: In God We Rust (And You Call This Civilization? Compilation LP) Pumpkin Records
Section 13: Site Zero
Milky Wimpshake: Alice Nebulae (My Funny Social Crime LP) Fortuna Pop
Pagan Holiday: Femme Whore, Butch Pimp
Severe: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (Punk Rock Advent Calendar)
Bulletproof: Frontline (Function Records)
Burnt Cross: Freedom of Speech (Carcass of Humanity LP) Pumpkin Records
Subhumans: Apathy (Worlds Apart LP) Bluurg
The Santa Belles: Christmas Hoedown (Download from iTunes and Amazon)
The Vandals: My First Christmas As A Woman
Ste McCabe: Ste McCabe 1 Lloyds TSB Nil (Harrowing Breakdown EP) Cherryade Music