12th May 2011

Andy T

Subhumans -Apathy -Bluurg
The (International) Noise Conspiracy -Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Andy T -The Lord Of Wooden Curtains
Andy T -What About The Old?
Andy T -Dirty Squatters
Andy T-Morbid Fascination
Reputations In Jeopardy -Girls Love Popstars
Weather Report -Birdland
Andy T -Are The Children Revolting
Ultravox -Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead
Andy T -Forgotten Childhood
Against Me! -I Was A Teenage Anarchist
War Coma -The Hunger
Ergon Carousel – Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing When You Don’t Mean It
Crass -Buy Now, Pay As You Go -Crassical Collection
TV Smith -Worn Once
Husker Du -Everything Falls Apart
Eastfield -Train To The Top Of The World
Stand Out Riot -Get Mutual
Mutiny -Brisbane Bandits
Beat The Red Light -Track 1

Le mouvement contre le gaz de schiste contourné par une loi et récupéré par les partis

Le mouvement contre le gaz de schiste qui a rassemblé des gens ordinaires est maintenant contourné par une loi qui va être votée ce mercredi 11 mai 2011 à l’Assemblée nationale. La presse nationale, après des mois de silence intégral, présente ce mouvement hors des partis et des collectivités territoriales comme la protestation des écologistes, à laquelle se joignent d’autres partis. Ainsi le mouvement de révolte est vidé de sa réalité. «Retournez dans vos pantoufles», voilà le message que la presse et le gouvernement nous envoient. Lire la suite

Brève analyse de la loi interdisant la fracturation hydraulique

Après avoir bien lu et médité le texte de la proposition de loi modifié en commission, «visant à interdire l’exploration et l’exploitation des mines d’hydrocarbures liquides ou gazeux par fracturation hydraulique et à abroger les permis exclusifs de recherches comportant des projets ayant recours à cette technique», il est temps de faire une brève analyse. Cet article complète Une loi pour se foutre de nous (mai-juin 2011) – révoltez-vous! Lire la suite

Texte de proposition de loi gaz de schiste – mai-juin 2011

Voici le texte de la proposition de loi « visant à interdire l’exploration et l’exploitation des mines d’hydrocarbures liquides ou gazeux par fracturation hydraulique et à abroger les permis exclusifs de recherches comportant des projets ayant recours à cette technique» est actuellement en débat à l’Assemblée nationale et passera ensuite au vote au Sénat. Ce sera une loi d’une brièveté étonnante. À lire attentivement et à méditer en complément de Une loi pour se foutre de nous (mai-juin 2011) – révoltez-vous! Lire la suite

Constantine Supports Fortnum 138

A multi-millionaire entrepreneur has donated thousands of pounds to assist UK Uncut in their fight against upcoming legal battles.

Lush cosmetics co-founder and managing director, Mark Constantine, has given his company’s largest charitable grant of £10,000 to Green & Black Cross, a volunteer-run group of activists, who are providing legal support to the 138 members of UK Uncut facing criminal charges next month.

Members of the anti-tax avoidance group, whose methods of direct action against high street stores culminated in mass-arrests at London department store Fortnum & Mason on 26 March, are facing charges of aggravated trespass and a maximum of three months in jail and or a £2,500 fine.

Mr Constantine, 58, said he felt the group had been unfairly targeted by police and deserved support in their fight against the courts. He said Green & Black Cross were providing an admirable service in helping assist the group with their legal process.

“I really like what they do and I like to look after those people who try to look after others,” he said. “I am not interested in funding genuine criminal acts, like smashing windows and the rest of it, but I am very, very interested in looking after those who care so deeply about things that they have to go out and do something about it.”

Green & Black Cross, the anarchist movement that developed out of last year’s student protests, are providing free legal advice to UK Uncut, recommending lawyers and facilitating their defendant meetings. In a grant proposal to Lush’s charity scheme, Charity Pot, the movement said the funds would cover their set up and running costs for six to ten months.

Sophie Pritchard, Charitable Giving Manager at Lush, said: “We received an application from Green and Black Cross in February this year for funding to allow them to expand their support of activists through three main functions; first aid, legal support and kitchens.

“Their initial focus was to support student activists since there were many out on the streets for the first time unaware of their rights, but they are now expanding to people involved with cuts demonstrations, another new wave of activists.”

Charity Pot, a cocoa butter and almond oil body lotion that retails for £12.75, generates most of Lush’s charitable funds. Last year, Lush gave away more than £1m to organisations last year, with the average grant coming in at between £3,000 – £4,000.

According to Ms Pritchard, Lush is also in discussion with members of UK Uncut and is “quite keen” to support them directly if and when they need help. Mr Constantine said he would consider paying additional grants to the direct action group, if they required funding to cover legal fees or fines.

“I think the message UK Uncut are putting across is good and clear and really important to society,” he said. “It seems to me extraordinary that those citizens who go into companies and ask them to pay tax should get arrested. I doubt very much the court will issue fines, but if I am asked for help from those that were peacefully protesting, then I will certainly look into it.”

Mr Constantine paid the legal costs incurred by Plane Stupid after its members camped on the runway at Stansted in December 2008, effectively shutting down the airport. He has also funded Sea Shepherd, the direct action maritime conservation group that has attacked Japanese whaling ships.

The cosmetics company was censored by the Advertising Standards Authority last year for misleading the public in a series of claims about fox hunting in an in-store leaflet titled “Hunting ban, what hunting ban?”.

Suzy Blackwell (not her real name), 25, a member of UK Uncut, facing aggravated trespass charges, said: “This is really good news. The fact that so many have been willing to help out protesters is not only a sign that we’ve been treated unfairly – it’s a sign that protesting the government’s cuts is a position many support.”

5th May 2011


Active Minds


The Fall -Bury, Pts. 1+3
Oxymoron -Self Rule
Active Minds -Extracts from It’s Perfectly Clear That This System Doesn’t Work
Oi Polloi -Americans Out
Mark Stewart -Loner -Crippled Dick Hot Wax
Revolution X -Estado A Sociado Libre
Serious Drinking -The Revolution Starts At Closing Time
Negativland -Christianity Is Stupid
Al Baker and The Dole Queue -Thank God I’m An Atheist -Irregular Records
Dan Sartain -Atheist Funeral -One Little Indian
Runnin’ Riot -Double The Pain
Subhumans -Heads Of State
TV Smith -Coming In To Land -Boss Tuneage
Milky Wimpshake -Alice Nebulae -Fortuna POP!
UK Subs -Public Servant
Poison Girls -Statement

5th May What’s On

Monday 9th May

7.30pm: Gentleman’s Dub Club and The Agitator
Academy 3, Oxford Road, Manchester £9.50

Saturday 14th May

10.00am until 4.00pm: Manchester Fanzine Festival
Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road (Free entry/ £10 to book stall)

7.30pm: TV Smith

The Verge at The Cheshire Ring, Hyde £7

7.30pm: Zounds, Eastfield, Andy T and Touch of Hysteria
Trades Club, Holme Street, Hebden Bridge

Saturday 21st May

10.00am-6.00pm: Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair
Bank Street Arts, 32-40 Bank Street, Sheffield

Tuesday 24th May

7.45pm: Manchester Film Co-op show “Erasing David”

Upstairs at Kings Arms, Bloom Street, Salford £3/ £2

Filmmaker David Bond lives in the UK, one of the most intrusive surveillance states in the world. In this documentary, he decides to find out how much private companies and the government know about him by putting himself under surveillance and attempting to disappear a decision that changes his life forever.

He is tracked across the database state on a chilling journey, raising issues about the meaning of privacy in the UK – and the loss of it.

As always, the films starts at 7.45 and will be followed by discussion.

Entry to film £3 or £2 for unwaged, low waged, students or OAPs.

Printed programmes for the full series on surveillance will be available at the screening.


Sunday 3rd July

7.45pm: Oi Polloi
Gullivers, Oldham Street

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