Smash EDO Open Letter to The Argus on the queen, the Tories and Iran warmongering

We at Smash EDO would like to take this opportunity to clear a few things up and correct some of the rumours that are floating about surrounding our upcoming march on 4th June

Firstly, we have absolutely no intention of disrupting or ruining anybody’s day off and our aim is not to bring chaos and violence on to the streets of Brighton but to highlight the complicity of certain members of our community in international war-mongering

We regret that the date of our demonstration clashes with people’s celebrations but believe it would be wrong for us to silence our protests because the Queen is celebrating 60 years of inherited power. We hope that everybody is able to have a fantastic long-weekend and enjoy their well deserved break but also want to remember those around the world that won’t be able to take part in festivities during this weekend because they are feeling the brunt of the British war machine

It is our opinion that the Conservative and Labour councillors are cynically using our demonstration to score a political point against the Greens. It is typical of the collusion of the political sphere with the arms industry that the motion was proposed by a councillor in the pay of an arms company with direct contractual relations with EDO MBM. (see

If anybody wishes to discuss these issues with us further then please feel free to attend any of the open meetings we are holding in Brighton in the coming weeks and raise your concerns.

We do not wish to bring violence to Brighton but wish simply that companies such as EDO would stop fuelling imperialist wars around the world. If we fail to march and protest against these companies we would be letting down the victims of war the world over. We believe that it is our moral duty to resist.