Nebula CFO Tzanos commits perjury – Evidence here!



This audio was recorded during CCMA proceedings for the unfair dismissal case brought by Paul Hansen against OneNebula. In response to the CCMA case, Nebula brought a high court application for an interdict against Hansen, presumably in the hope that Hansen would withdraw his case at the CCMA, a tactic that has been used against other employees in the past.

Hansen refused to back down.

In his founding affidavit, Tzanos commits perjury when he states that the basis of the application sought in the high court was due to an act that Hansen had committed in formatting his company owned / provided laptop and also in restoring the laptop to its original settings. Hansen had backed up all data and provided this data to the company.  Hansen claimed he was instructed by a senior executive of OneNebula to clear up the laptop before he leaves the employ of the company.

On court papers, i.e the founding affidavit, Tzanos lied about a policy which he says existed, a policy which apparently made the act of formatting the laptop a serious breach of company security policy, but under oath at the CCMA, Hansen challenged Tzanos to show him the clause in this policy. Tzanos was not able to do so. Eventually Tzanos relented in admitting that there is no such clause, and thereby admitted to lying on court papers at the Cape High Court. This implies that the legal representatives for OneNebula also mislead Justice Patrick Gamble into believing there was such a policy.

A full transcription of the audio is being prepared and documentary evidence of the statements made on numerous affidavits will be uploaded shortly.

Perjury is a serious offense in South Africa and we expect criminal charges to be brought against Tzanos in light of this evidence.