Timesheet Fraud Dismissal

Note: The Nebula employee previously named in this article has asked that his name to be removed. We have used his initials instead.

DS was fired from OneNebula (Pty) Ltd in May 2012, primarily because he had allocated incorrect billable time on his timesheet.

S had apparently included travel time for meetings when he should have allocated travel time as a separate item on the timesheet software, but none of the staff had been told this.

Continuing with the success of Errol Hendricks dismissal, Nebula turned its attention to the next employee who had deemed  himself worthy of making the list of redundant employees in terms of the Alignment Program, a program designed to “get rid of unwanted employees” without expenses or restriction imposed by South African labour law. Firing employees for arbitary reason was deemed the most cost effective manner of carrying out the objectives of the Alignment Program.

DS was employed at Nebula as a senior consultant and he been with the company for approximately 12 or 13 years. D is married with 2 young children, one of which is a very young baby. D is the bread winner for his family, his income the only income the family received. Despite this, Nebula management decided that since the consulting division of the company was suffering losses as a result of poor management, DS had to go. D was the last of the senior consultants working at Nebula.