Fash-friendly pub busted in Weymouth.


Fascists in the Weymouth area will be looking for a new hole after the George Inn (!) hitherto used for EDL meetings, had its licence suspended by the council following a police raid and 7 arrests for the supply of class A and B drugs. People arrested included the landlord one Mr Samways, the landlady and other staff members.

The George Inn, Weymouth – suspension of premiss licence.

Locals report that the the Park Hotel is also crawling with fascists – where do they all come from? Time for a cull.

NGWF emergency relief distribution – Bangladesh.

National Garment Workers Federation.

There has been one fire after another in the horrible slums where mainly garment workers and other poor people live – the workers themselves feel as if it is part of a plot to clear the cities of slums and poor people.

Now the NGWF have started distribution of emergency support to those affected by the fires. In the meantime there have been local collections from workers, members and well-wishers, some friendly International organizations also responded.

3 proposals were considered to distribute relief packages to the value of 2000 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) to each worker – equivalent to about £15.34 – either in cash, a mixture of goods and cash or rice and cash.

Over 3 days the NGWF provided support to 1200 affected workers out of a list of 3,500, on 20th October each person received one 10kg bag of rice, and BDT 1600 in cash; on 23rd and 25th October they provided BDT 2000 to each person. However this list is still growing for two reasons: many affected workers expected help from the government, factory owners or NGOs of which only one called BRAC responded; secondly many were isolated and did not feel free to come forward until they saw others receiving help.

Our own class struggle is futile unless we stand together with our Fellow Workers around the globe. Only by establishing ties with those who produce most of the goods we consume and spend our own wages on can we truly recognize our common interest. We must re-establish the social relationship between producer and consumer which capitalism reduces to the exchange of tokens. Only together can we take on our common enemy in global capital, their fight is our fight.

We extend our solidarity to our comrades in NGWF, we hope shortly to have an address to make contributions to their efforts.

Pictures from distribution:


War on Want: Sweatshops in Bangladesh

International Labour Rights Forum: partner spotlight NGWF Bangladesh

The Guardian: Why we must own up to the human cost of our obsession with cheap clothes Article from 2010 after 100 workers died in a fire.

Salvare immagine disco di OS X Mountain Lion dopo il download

Forse qualcuno se n’è reso conto, ma una volta che avete comperato e scaricato OS X Mountain Lion dall’ AppStore, vi siete trovati con un file installazione direttamente dentro la cartella Applicazioni del vostro Mac; il problema è che dopo aver installato Mountain Lion, il file di installazione sparisce, rendendo impossibile copiare l’ immagine disco del sistema operativo per eventuali future installazioni, praticamente dovrete riscaricare tutto di nuovo dall’ AppStore. Non una cosa proprio geniale eh… forte Apple. Per ovviare a questo problema, basta farsi furbi…. Continue reading “Salvare immagine disco di OS X Mountain Lion dopo il download”

25th October 2012




The Bitches -Kill Birds Eat Shit
Jello Biafra and The Guantamano -Barackstar O’Bummer
The Dead Class -Dirty Dick
Jezabellezza -Danger! In the playground (Live In The Studio)
Jezabellezza -Walking’s cheap cheep cheep
Jezabellezza -Do Me
Jezabellezza -3 For Free
Jezabellezza -Nana Nana (Live In The Studio)
Shaid -Man Versus Weed
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man -Fuck The Sea
Making Of A Maniac – Reified Concepts Conferring Meaning Upon The Meaningless
Jezabellezza -Christmas Means Business (Live In The Studio)
Jezabellezza -Ladies Night (Live In The Studio)

Update: Saleh family deportation.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, phone calls, petitions, e-mails etc, to the fascist state’s UKBA, Theresa May, hypocritical Barnardo’s and cynical Egypt Air – and spirited direct action – we regret to report the family were forced on to the charter flight PVT070 to Egypt at 8am today – the flight cost you £60,000.

18th October, 6 am. UK Border Agency raids an address in Cardiff – the home of Fariman Saleh and two of her children Ibrahim and Lyali. It’s early in the morning, but the officers don’t pass unnoticed by the neighbourhood, and the friends of the family are all out in the street to protest that the family not be taken away, 20 days before a hearing date for a judicial review of Fariman’s case.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1NXwTOnzp8?rel=0]


Fariman Saleh, a TV presenter  from Egypt, arrived in the UK in 2007 to claim asylum after fleeing from 15 years of domestic abuse; rape in marriage is not illegal in Egypt; Fariman’s husband was never prosecuted for his crimes because of his privileged position within the Egyptian establishment. The Saleh family have been residents of Cardiff ever since and have many friends in this country. Both children are excellent students held in high regard by their teachers; Ibrahim is studying electronic engineering at college; it is unlikely that the corrupt administration in Egypt will make any attempt to save them from violent death.

While the family were staying in the UK, her husband’s impregnation of a servant led the family to threaten her children with death. In order to protect her younger daughter back in Egypt, Mrs Saleh told the UKBA that she was from Iraq; an entirely reasonable and necessary precaution under the desperate circumstances in which the family found itself. In fact the UKBA confirmed that the child’s life was in danger in Egypt by reuniting her with her mother and siblings in the UK; this has however prejudiced her claim for asylum. A court order obtained by Mrs Saleh’s husband provides that if she is found in Egypt the police are to return her to him and allow him to take her children by force; she has been threatened with honour-based violence for leaving the family home. This and other pieces of documentary evidence submitted to the UKBA by Mrs Saleh’s former solicitors are the subject of a pending data protection request by their present representatives.

Borders activists occupy Barnardo’s HQ over child detention: – London No Borders

UPDATE FROM SHROUK: “I just received a phone call from the detention centre, my mother has slit her writs and the bathroom was flooded in blood. She wrote with the blood on the walls that she only wants to save her children.”

Shroukie’s family LATEST: coach blocked for 5 hours, fingers crossed …  “A judge granted an injunction then withdrew it after being contacted by UKBA (which is unlawful as they are supposed to go through a formal appeal process). They were due to leave the prison at 1.30AM. They were held up by supporters for 5 hours until 6.30AM, including one person who jumped the fence and locked themselves under the bus. Literally dozens of police vehicles, and dog teams were set on the protestors. One supporter (the locked-on person) arrested, one hospitalised.”

Fariman Saleh’s Unlawful deportation – LGBT Excellence centre

From the Save Saleh Family facebook page: – “The solicitors are taking the matter of last night and this morning’s conduct very seriously and we are fully behind them in all their decisions. The completely unreasonable behaviour of the UKBA towards Mrs Saleh and her children should be challenged. The fight is not over yet! An enormous thank you to everyone involved, we were in touch with the family a few hours ago as they stopped in Italy to change flights. Ibrahim told us that the guards had used force against him last night. :-(

Amazing response from everybody, we’re really thankful for all your efforts. If you have a minute, please share the following:

Here’s all 3 “sign and shares”





Denied, detained, deported: the story of Mrs Saleh  – by Lucie Jade of Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group Wales

The fight continues – No borders, no gods, no masters!

Kurban Kim?

Bir Kurban Bayramı daha, klasikleşen vahşet görüntüleri ve beyin yıkamaya varan dini söylemleriyle geldi çattı. Yoksullarla dayanışmak, birlik ve beraberliği güçlendirmek maskesi ardına saklanan bu bayramda, bizler gözümüzün önündeki kurban(lık)lardan fazlasına dikkat çekmek istiyoruz.

Öncelikle bu bayramda her birimiz şiddetin kurbanlarıyız. Çocuklar (özellikle de çocuklar)  ve biz yetişkinler, bu kutsallık şemsiyesi altında şölensel bir hayvan katliamının, şiddetin, ölümün ve öldürmenin normalleştirilmesine tanık oluyoruz.  Yakalanmaya çalışılırken yerlerde sürüklenen, beceriksizce kesilirken can çekişen hayvanlar, sokaklarda oluk oluk akan kan sadece günlük hayatlarımızdaki şiddetin bir yansıması değil, adeta onu pekiştiren bir unsur olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. Üstelik din kaynaklı şiddete uygulanan toplumsal çifte standartı da gözler önüne seriyor. Tüm bunların kutsal bir varlık, ibadet ve inanç gibi “iyi” amaçlar uğruna yapılabileceği mesajını ise daha da elem verici buluyoruz.

Dikkat çekmek istediğimiz bir diğer nokta ise, hayvanların var olma amaçları bize hizmet etmek olan önemsiz nesneler, insanınsa doğanın efendisi gibi görüldüğü anlayışın Kurban Bayramı pratikleriyle içselleştirilmesi. Bu mantığa göre; onbinlerce hayvan kırdan şehre göç ettiriliyor, vardıkları noktada üst üste alt alta bekletiliyor, “dini usüllere uygun” pazarlıklar sonucunda satılıyor (ayrıca, hayvanın fiyatı arttıkça sevabı da artıyor), inşaata taşınan işçilerden biraz daha iyi koşullarda (gerçi, ekmek parası baskısının şiddetiyle “zorunlu gönüllü” olarak değil doğrudan fiziksel şiddet yoluyla) sahiplerine götürülüyor, burada ay takviminin belirli bir gününe kadar görevini bekliyor, ve nihayetinde İbrahim’in oğlu için dublörlük ederek “yaratılış amacı”na ulaşıyor. Oysa bizler hayvanların insanlar için yaratıldığı sanısını değil, dünyadaki her şeyin bir bütün olarak birlikte var olduğu bilgisini benimsiyoruz.

Bu öyle bir süreç ki et, gıda, insani yardım, dayanışma vb. olgular konu dışı hale geliyor, geriye sadece hayvanlara yönelik fiziksel ve insanlara yönelik ideolojik şiddet kalıyor; hayvan canıyla beraber insan aklı da kurban ediliyor. Sadece Kurban Bayramı’na özel olmasa da, bir otoriteye bağlılık, bu bağlılık doğrultusunda koşulsuz itaat ve adanmışlığın gösterilmesi uğruna daimi olarak bir şeylerin (bir hayvan, bir evlat, bir hayat, bir ömür dolusu emek) sunulması gerekliliğinin Kurban Bayramı vesilesiyle güçlü bir şekilde vurgulandığını görmek bizleri “kurban kim?” sorusunu sormaya itiyor.

Bizler Özgür Düşünce Hareketi olarak bu bayramın görünen, görünmeyen kurbanlarının farkındayız. Sizleri de bu kurban(lık) düzenini reddetmeye çağırıyoruz.

Özgür Düşünce Hareketi – Ekim 2012

Eddles implode, Beer Leader locked up.

EDL NEWS: EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Remanded until Jan 2013



Full police statement:

Stephen Lennon, (29 – 27/11/82), unemployed, of Bedford appeared in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 22 October charged with possession of a false identity document with improper intention (contrary to Section Identity Documents Act 2010).
He was remanded in custody to appear at Southwark Crown Court on a date in January 2013
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