Bristol City cultural supremo KELLY THE ELEPHANT gets two pages in the Observer today to blow his trumpet about his Festival of Ideas. Close scrutiny should be given to his selection of venues – Arnolfini, Watershed, Spike Island…. Devoid of any proletarian footfall and clustered round ‘Harbourside’……… Not a sausage for the south, north or east of the city where it is seemingly impossible for the elephant to find either venues or people interested in ‘ideas’. Oh god I’m sure he’s looked.

Far right humiliated in Nottingham. From East Midlands Anti-fascists.

In spite of national call outs and attendances by the North West Infidels, Paul Pitt of the South East Alliance, Casuals United, the English National Resistance, Nottingham EDL and the EVF, barely a dozen people bothered turning up for Tony Curtis’ demo at Nottingham Uni yesterday. After plotting up at a nearby Toby carvery the pitiful crowd weren’t even allowed onto the campus and had to stand around in the road outside listening to Tone the Moan. Casuals United reckon they go where they want but as usual they meekly went exactly where the police wanted them. They didn’t get close to the event they were supposed to be protesting or speak to the general public so the whole thing was a waste of time.


This is further proof that without the EDL these hangers on are nothing. It looks impressive to have alliances of about 10 different groups until you realise that each group has about 3 people in it and most of them are keyboard warriors. These big mouths spend more time designing elaborate logos and posting on Facebook than actually doing anything in the real world.

This is the second humiliation this week for Curtis who foolishly thought he could hold his own against “the left” on Indymedia. When his badly thought through arguments were torn to shreds he quickly surrendered, pretending he’d been banned, even though as one commenter pointed out, you can’t be banned from Indymedia. As one poster noted “typical fascist, making loads of noise but unable to back it up when effectively challenged”.

Part of Curtis’ whingeing was about being called a racist. Well here’s a tip – if you don’t want people to think you’re a racist it’s probably best not to give Nazis a hug. Curtis was recently pictured with his arm around Shane Calvert, leader of the NWI who are notorious for calling for the killing of “Pakis”, the gassing of Jews and murdering of immigrants. Calvert was recently in attendance at the neo-Nazi White Pride Worldwide event and regularly does demos alongside the National Front. Other NWI activists include Liam Pinkham, who likes to pose in jackboots giving a stiff-armed salute.

Paul Pitt, Shane Calvert and Tony Curtis yesterday

Paul Pitt, Shane Calvert and Tony Curtis yesterday

Shane Calvert

Shane Calvert

NWI member Liam Pinkham

NWI activist Liam Pinkham

East Midlands Anti-Fascists

Shameful – Pure Drop Inn hosts Nazi gathering in Poole.

As reported by the Anti Fascist Network, the recent fascist manifestation in Poole was traced to the Pure Drop Inn at 7 East Street, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1RY [map], described  by locals as ‘a crapper’.

On the 23rd of March the pub played host to the lunatic fringe of Britain’s far-right; Dave Smeeton, organiser of March For England, teamed up with various other Neo-Nazi splinter groups, ‘English volunteer force’,  ‘Infidels’ and ‘Friends of golden Dawn’ to plan for this year’s forthcoming humiliation in Brighton, Barnet’s ginger gurner was there too. The Pure Drop sits in an overwhelmingly working class area, there is no place here for our class enemies and class traitors. Time for Poole residents to stand up and say: Not on our Manor!

28th March 2013

Skunk Anansie -This is not a Game

A Page of Punk -split EP

Inner Terrestrials -Run Tings

2 Sick Monkeys -Sayonara

Sounds of Swami -Stitched up at the Sewing Circle

The Prodigy -Their Law

Queer’d Science -Vaginal Wrath

No Decorum -Such a Waste

The Sanity Clause -Damaged Goods

The Red Dons -My Lift in Exile

Caxton Press -The Press

Blacklight Mutants -Provincial Towns

Year of Birds -Average Evenings

Pylon -Cool

Installare e configurare AnonTwi su Backtrack 5R3

anontwiOggi ho l’ opportunità di tradurre un altro post molto interessante di Lilith Lela, in cui andremo ad installare e configurare AnonTwi, su Backtrack 5R3, che già abbiamo configurato per l’ uso di Tor e Privoxy. Se non avete completato l’ installazione di Tor e Privoxy come spiegato nell’ articolo precedente, questa guida è per voi inutile, in quanto le impostazioni che daremo ad AnonTwi sono legate al proxy e a Tor. Cos’è AnonTwi? Semplicemente è un modo per usare Twitter in modo anonimo. Se volete potete leggere la descrizione completa delle feature sul sito di AnonTwi. Continue reading “Installare e configurare AnonTwi su Backtrack 5R3”

eBook: Networked Disruption di Tatiana Bazzichelli

Come sapete ogni tanto mi piace condividere con voi dei link interessanti, soprattutto quando si tratta di eBook e soprattutto se sono gratuiti. Al momento ho appena cominciato a leggere Networked Drisruption di Tatiana Bazzichelli, un libro in Inglese gratutitamente scaricabile da qui. Se siete in grado di leggere un libro in Inglese sotto potete leggere di cosa tratta.


Continue reading “eBook: Networked Disruption di Tatiana Bazzichelli”

Li and the organic freedom of anarchy

It may only consist of two letters in our alphabet, but the Chinese term li strikes me as being particularly important for anarchism.

Alan Watts says as much, in fact, in his book Tao: The Watercourse Way, when he describes the concept around li as “analagous to Kropotkin’s anarchy”.

Li is all about natural order, an innate and organic pattern to life that emerges without external control or direction.

Watts explains: “Though the Tao is wu-tse (nonlaw), it has an order or pattern which can be recognized clearly… This kind of order is the principle of li, a word which has the original sense of such patterns as the markings in jade or the grain in wood.

Li may therefore be understood as organic order, as distinct from mechanical or legal order, both of which go by the book. Li is the asymmetrical, nonrepetitive and unregimented order which we find in the patterns of moving water, the forms of trees and clouds, of frost crystals on the window, or the scattering of pebbles on beach sand.”

He adds: “If each thing follows its own li it will harmonize with all other things following theirs, not by reason of rule imposed from above but by their mutual resonance (ying) and interdependence.”

This concept of organic order is an essential part of the anarchist vision. This is why anarchists don’t accept that we need a state or other form of top-down control to regulate human society – we believe our society can regulate itself, from within and from below, in the same way as other parts of the natural world.

It is also the reason why anarchists don’t generally provide a detailed blueprint for the society we would like to see replace the current industrial-capitalist nightmare. It is no more for us to say what this would be like, than it is for anyone else.

If we really believe in anarchy, in organic democracy, then we can do little more than talk about the kind of way we would imagine people living without the yoke of authority. There certainly can be no question of planning, let alone compulsion.

In order to be comfortable with this position, we need to have complete faith in humanity, we need to believe that, while there will always be problems and conflicts within communities, a critical mass of people are sociable, well-meaning, caring, inventive, courageous or diligent individuals who will naturally come together to form a coherent and healthy society. Our ying, our mutual resonance and interdependence, will ensure that this happens.

The task before us, therefore, is to clear the blockage created by modern civilization and its mindset and thus allow us to rediscover our natural freedom in the invisible and indescribable li.