eBook: Networked Disruption di Tatiana Bazzichelli

Come sapete ogni tanto mi piace condividere con voi dei link interessanti, soprattutto quando si tratta di eBook e soprattutto se sono gratuiti. Al momento ho appena cominciato a leggere Networked Drisruption di Tatiana Bazzichelli, un libro in Inglese gratutitamente scaricabile da qui. Se siete in grado di leggere un libro in Inglese sotto potete leggere di cosa tratta.


What is the book about?

After the emergence of Web 2.0, the critical framework of art and hacktivism has shifted from developing strategies of opposition to embarking on the art of disruption. By identifying the emerging contradictions within the current economical and political framework of Web 2.0, the aim is to reflect on the status of activist and hacker practices as well as those of artists in the new generation of social media (or so called Web 2.0 technologies), analysing the interferences between networking participation and disruptive business innovation. Connecting together disruptive practices of networked art and hacking in California and Europe, Tatiana Bazzichelli proposes a constellation of social networking projects that challenge the notion of power and hegemony, such as mail art, Neoism, The Church of the SubGenius, Luther Blissett, Anonymous, Anna Adamolo, Les Liens Invisibles, the Telekommunisten collective, The San Francisco Suicide Club, The Cacophony Society, the early Burning Man Festival, the NoiseBridge hackerspace, and many others.

Spendeteci un pò di tempo, è veramente interessante e vi permette di fare un pò di pratica in Inglese. Cheers.