Press Release: Bournemouth Uncut brands Poole Council leader Elaine Atkinson’s comments as “shameless”.

Bournemouth Uncut For immediate release: 29/04/2013

Elaine Atkinson of Poole Council was questioned about the recent Bournemouth Uncut ‘Who wants to evict a millionaire’ action during her interview on the Sunday Politics South [1] show her response was:
“I mean, it was awful, it was an awful attack on local democracy, because these councillors are ordinary people who are giving up their time to do a job and help to their local communities, and frankly Bournemouth Uncut I have to say they are intelligent, they are articulate, they are organised, go and get a job.”

All Bournemouth Uncut actions are held on a Saturday or bank holidays. This is because the overwhelming majority of people that organise or come to our actions are employed full time. For Atkinson to use her platform to promote the myth that all protesters are unemployed, without any evidence of the group she is subjecting to these claims is utterly shameless. This shows how little she is in touch with the local electorate. Bournemouth Uncut is open to anyone who wants to join us, our turn out has been made up of a very wide range of professions, higher education students and those in-between jobs.

Kim Elkin of Bournemouth Uncut is currently volunteering at the Soup Kitchen at St Johns Church in Parkstone, she said “We care very much about our community and the people in it. That is why we do what we do. We don’t just protest against the cuts, we go out and help the people directly affected by them as well. Bournemouth Uncut is a fun, creative and family friendly way to engage with the public, and it shows people that there are alternatives to austerity. It doesn’t have to be this way. The bankers that got us into this mess are receiving tax breaks, and avoiding tax, while the poor are suffering for the mistakes of the rich.”

Atkinson claimed “councillors are ordinary people who are giving up their time to do a job and help to their communities“ In reality Elaine picked up £32,095 in the period 1st April 2011 – 31st March 2012[4] for giving up her time to Poole Council. She is in fact the highest paid councillor in Poole. Bournemouth Uncut will continue to do their day jobs and help their communities for free in addition to taking creative direct action in their spare time.

589 households in Bournemouth affected by bedroom tax[2] and 635 households affected in Poole.[3] That’s 1224 vulnerable social housing households affected. How many of these households will be able to move to a house with the correct amount of bedrooms? How many will find that the houses just aren’t available and have to pay the tax? How many will be pushed into more expensive rented homes, wasting more tax payer money? Do you know Elaine? We would love to know the figures. So far we have seen no guarantee given by Bournemouth or Poole borough councils to its social tenants that they will not be evicted if they fall behind on rent arrears because of the ‘bedroom tax’. Other councils in the country have given such assurances, but neither Bournemouth nor Poole borough councils have.

When the traditional routes of engagement with MP’s and councilors has been exhausted, and people’s concerns and issues have not been adequately dealt with, then yes, people turn to protest and direct action to get their voices heard, it is a healthy part of living in a democracy. To say that it was an attack on local democracy is ironic to say the very least.

Bournemouth Uncut is part of UK Uncut a grassroots movement using creative direct action to fight the cuts and highlight alternatives to austerity.


For more information and interviews:

Call 07596 388 848



Lib Dem Scotland

Desperate Eastville Lib Dem candidate, Steve Comer, the WEIRDO WITH THE PUDDING BASIN HAIRCUT who’s surely already assured a place in the dustbin of history, has resorted to pointing out his Labour opponent is SCOTTISH in a last ditch effort to get some votes and retain his seat.

Two years ago the Lib Dems were phoning Eastville residents to tell them the Labour candidate was a Muslim. Now this. How long before the Lib Dems start calling their opponents ‘coconuts’?

Oh, hang on a minute

OS X: Speedtest-CLI – Controllare la velocità di connessione da terminale

Molte persone conoscono il sito, un sito che offre un servizio molto semplice per valutare la qualità della vostra connessione internet, inviando un ping al server a voi più vicino, calcolando velocità di download e di upload; per utilizzare il servizio basta avere Flash attivato, oppure aver scaricato l’ applicazione per iOS/Android. Da poco c’è la possibilità di usare un semplice script fatto con Python, molto comodo se usate spesso il servizio. Continue reading “OS X: Speedtest-CLI – Controllare la velocità di connessione da terminale”

25th April 2013


Natalie from Victoria Baths Fanzine Fair
Find out more:


Queer’d Science -Denbigh Menstrual
Mike Watt -Beak-Holding-Letter-Man
REM -Nightswimming
Kate and Anna McGarrigle -Swimming Song
Pulp -Duck Diving
10cc -Channel Swimmer
Global Parasite -Occupy Tavistock
Dead Subverts -Economic Genocide
Landveraad -Burn, Baby, Burn
The Evens -Vowel Movements (Pancake Mountain)
Daniel Johnson -The Story Of An Artist
Crass -G’s Song

Why we celebrate May Day.

The ‘Haymarket Affair’, Chicago Martyrs, ‘bomb throwing anarchists’ and the fight for the eight-hour working day.

In 1887 four Chicago anarchists were executed. A fifth cheated the hangman by killing himself in prison. Three more were to spend 6 years in prison until pardoned by Governor Altgeld who said the trial that convicted them was characterised by “hysteria, packed juries and a biased judge”. The state had, in the words of the prosecution put “Anarchy.. on trial” and hoped their deaths would also be the death of the anarchist idea… Read the full story on Libcom.

Haymarket martyrs
Oscar Neebe not shown received 15 years.

There was never any pretence of proving their guilt, then as now, working class self-organisation was treated as a menace, to be eliminated by fair means or foul.

“We are all creatures of circumstance; we are what we have been made to be. This truth is becoming clearer day by day …

… My children — well, their father had better die in the endeavor to secure their liberty and happiness than live contented in a society which condemns nine-tenths of its children to a life of wage-slavery and poverty.” – Albert to Lucy Parsons, in his final letter.

So what’s changed?

Adolph Fischer, Albert Parsons, August Spies, George Engel, Louis Lingg, Michael Schwab, Oscar Neebe, and Samuel Fielden are brought back to life every May Day by the actions of militant workers across the world. (And not a fucking tank in sight!)

“If you think that by hanging us you can stamp out the labour movement… the movement from which the downtrodden millions, the millions who toil in misery and want, expect salvation – if this is your opinion, then hang us! Here you will tread on a spark, but there and there, behind you – and in front of you, and everywhere, flames blaze up. It is a subterranean fire. You cannot put it out”. – August Spies.

Take to the streets this May Day! What are you waiting for?

The Anarchist origins of May Day  – a leaflet by the Workers Solidarity Movement (pdf)


25th April 2013 What’s On

Sunday 28th April

Red Flag history walk exploring Salford’s rich radical history beginning at 10.45am from the Black lion public house, Chapel Street

This walk will include the famous Flat Iron Market, the General Strike of 1842, vegetarian Christians, Salford’s first birth control clinic, Salford’s Socialists, Votes for Women and the disturbances in Bexley Square in 1931.

“Salford is often overshadowed by Manchester yet it has a rich and diverse radical history of its own, which includes Chartism, trade unionism, Socialism, the suffrage movement and much else.”

In 1906 the painter Jack B Yeats brother of the poet W B Yeats described the Flat Iron Market in an article for the Manchester Guardian. “I think I should like to do all my marketing in the Flat Iron, for it is a real market, a place where you can swagger aloof if it suits your mind, or you can rub shoulders with the best of company, stopping occasionally to pass old-fashioned chaff”.

The walk will last 90 minutes. Advance booking is strongly recommended as here are a limited number of places available. To book in advance, please email:


Sunday 5th May

Victoria Baths Fanzine Fair

Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road

Saturday 11th May


Monday 20th May

Friday 24th May, Saturday 25th May and Sunday 26th May (Bank Holiday Weekend)

Monday 3rd June

Saturday 23rd November

Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair


Great list of punk gigs in Manchester at this new website: Add your gigs there.
Also check out for a list of national punk gigs

Any what’s ons?


Roundup from Stop MFE Brighton 2013.

On the other side of the road are several hundred of us who don’t care for cages.

As you all know by now, a neo-nazi front group called March For England comes to Brighton every year to incur the wrath of the inhabitants by shouting fascist slogans in a police kettle; in addition to the pathetic spectacle above, a handful of portly fashion victims called casuals united, NWI, CFX, ETC, etc went off-piste (off pissed?) to incur some proper wrath. After all their secret discussions we earwigged on, the best strategy they could come up with was dressing up as anarchists(?) Given that we all know them, and each other, this was clearly going nowhere… Oh, I’m bored with this.

Here’s a collection of accounts from participants and observers:

March for England 2013 – UK Indymedia

Brighton 24th April 2013 – Something For Everyone!!! – ANTI-FASCIST NETWORK

boneheads battered in brighton – East Midlands Anti-fascists

MOBS AND COPPERS anti-fascist day out by the seaside. by Schnews

MfE battered and humiliated on the streets of Brighton – EDL news

Snapshots from Brighton – amilabosnae.


Fascists mistake Brighton Pavilion for a mosque and bleat about it on twitter.

Police satisfied with March for England operation – Sussex police defend the most expensive fuckup in their entire history.


The Bristol Culture Blog’s recent Bristol arts and culture power list 2013 brought back memories of the last time a meejah luvvies list was compiled in this city as the prospective membership list for the ill-fated Il Bordello club. Just goes to show the names might change but the sheer self-regard and absurdity of some people in Bristol never will. Here’s what The BRISTOLIAN had to say in 2002:


The appalling snob and social climber LIZ LEWITT has finally managed to turn her festering rustbucket into IL BORDELLO – “ARTS BAR AND VIDEO LOUNGE”. The risible project – intended to be Bristol’s GROUCHO CLUB – has membership only open to – wait for it – “MULTIMEDIA CREATIVES”. Ha! Fuckin Ha! Ha! What a wanker!

When you look at the “prospective membership list”, however – intended to coax others to join under the impression they’ll be hanging out with Massive Attack and Portishead – it’s full of interior designers, PR consultants and “LAVINIA from the Chamber of Commerce”. Just the kind of people you’d happily walk the plank to avoid!

We can pick out a few such luminaries. There’s that riveting couple Sue and John Midwinter. Lewitt boasts that “John is an entrepreneur and does interiors”, while “Sue is a PRIVATE CATERER”. What does that mean – she cooks her own fucking tea?! Emphasis on “private” to make her fascinating and not just any old caterer, you understand.

Compared to this lot any visiting Sue Pollards will be A-Listers! And there’s Roger Davis, described as a “GAME DEALER” from Cotham. What’s media-creative about that? He’s just one up from a fucking rat catcher! Your caring Bristolian exclusively publishes Lewitt’s list of “prospective members” for you, dear punters, to scan and see what you’re missing out on, and why IL BORDELLO will soon be heading for Davy Jones’ Locker!

To join Lewitt’s SNOB BOAT will cost you a mere £500 just to get in, or £1,000 corporate rate. These already represent a big drop in price from that Lewitt was originally proposing to charge – because there were predictably few takers. Lewitt wails “the membership fees were originally set in conjunction with a consultant from London but now we have decided to lower membership fees”.

The truth is that Lewitt was proposing a 3-Tier membership scheme: Silver for the interior designers, Gold for anyone vaguely to do with the media, and Platinum for Nick Park/Massive Attack/Beth Gibbons etc. When none of these showed any interest in coughing up £2,000 a year to hang out with a work experience girl from the Bristol Observer and the woman wot cooks for Aardman Animation, she realised her consultant was talking the proverbial metropolitan bollocks.

The opening of Massive Attack’s Nocturne Club was a further kick up the gunnels. She is reassured though by an endorsement from an anonymous “media solicitor”: “It would be useful to have a venue where we can present prospective legislation to our clients in an artistic ambience with no risk of marauding townies”.

To join you have to show “proof of professional integrity”, though apparently “a sample of corporate stationery will do”. How very individualistic! Expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth by about June this year when this Ship of Fools finally founders and there’s a long line of gullible Lavinias trying to get their money back!

Driver AMD in Ubuntu 13.04, ecco come installarli

Ci sono molti metodi ufficiali e non per installare i driver video su ubuntu, non sempre la procedura porta ad ottimi risultati. Io stesso ho trovato alcune difficoltà con alcuni metodi poi ho trovato quello che mi ha permesso di avere tutto installato e abilitato senza problemi.

Innanzi tutto eliminate i vecchi driver:

  •  sudo sh /usr/share/ati/
  • sudo apt-get remove –purge fglrx fglrx_* fglrx-amdcccle* fglrx-dev* xorg-driver-fglrx

cominciamo con l’installare il ppa di xorg-edgers:

  • ctrl+alt+T per aprire il terminale
  • digitate sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zorg-edgers/ppa
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install fglrx fglrx-amdcccle

in questo modo scaricate i driver e il Catalyst Control Center ora manca solo una piccola cosa, il reset delle impostazioni:

  • sudo aticonfig –initial -f
  • sudo reboot

al momento i più recenti driver presenti sono i 13.2 beta7 ma a giorni dovrebbero arrivare i 13.3 beta3

Come noterete dopo il riavvio è presente una fastidiosa immagine nel lato basso a destra la quale ricorda che state utilizzando una versione beta dei driver ma ora vediamo come toglierla :P la procedura è stata testa su ubuntu 13.04 beta2 con driver 13.2 beta 7 ma dovrebbe funzionare in ogni caso da ubuntu 12.04 e con i driver beta anche più recenti.

create un nuovo file sulla scrivania (tasto destro- nuovo documento – documento vuoto) e in collateci dentro queste righe di codice:

echo “Come on AMD!”
for token in $DRIVER; do
echo “Removing AMD logo from “$token
for x in $(objdump -d $DRIVER|awk ‘/call/&&/EnableLogo/{print “x”$2″x”$3″x”$4″x”$5″x”$6}’); do
sed -i “s/$x/x90x90x90x90x90/g” $DRIVER
echo “Reboot computer to finish”


Salvate il file chiamandolo come vi fare, in questo caso lo chiamerò “nome file”, riprendete il terminale e scrivete:

  • sudo bash nome file

riavviate e sarà sparita la fastidiosa scrittina di warning.
Ricordo che dai 13.2 in poi è stata introdotta la modalità big picture di steam, quindi per giocare sullo schermo del vostro televisore :)