what’s inside the boat?

I did a bit of investigation around the windows today to see where they are leaking from.

The water seems to seep in somewhere around the window and then follow the wall wood down and drip off the bottom, so the wood needs to come of to investigate, but to take the wood off the cupboard also needs to come out, which it was going to anyway cause it blocks the front windows.


Amongst the spiders and weird dust babies and itchy, itchy insulation you can see that there are wooden struts along the inside of the window. It looks like the screws on the outside of the frame go through the frame and into these wooden struts to hold the window on. Weirdly they have no sealant, silicone or even washers around them so the water can come straight through and when the wood is soaked it starts to drip. I just can’t get my head round why someone would put screws through the walls of a boat that is in england without trying to make sure that it didn’t leak! Maybe there used to be sealant there, but it has completely disappeared with age?


Anyway, after working out that it was probably coming through the frame and not around it I’m going to put off taking the windows out to fix it for a less lazy day. In the meantime I’m going to silicon up the screw heads and the gap around the window and hope that works as a temporary solution. Looks like the weather might be gearing up to check my work: