a grand tidy up

Over the last few days a major break through has occurred. There has been some tidying and sorting out and the world is a little less complicated.

Fantastic advance One:


This used to be a berth referred to as the coffin, so-called as there was so much space underneath the back deck that you would mostly be contained in a little box if you wanted to sleep there. I took the cushions and wood off of the outside half of this, leaving the gap there and left the wood in the back bit to make a shelf. Now there are two lots of storage that go way back, getting a lot of stuff out the way.


I’ve even put the stuff that needs it in boxes that seal and written a list of what’s down there to minimise rummaging.  Oh yeah.

Fantastic Advance Two:

After installing the new leisure battery (the black one) and doing other electrical bits and pieces, the electrics were functional but a mess.


The SO did a fine job at making it understandable to someone who isn’t him:


Now the batteries just need insulating and boxing up. But that’s for another day for sure.