For TROUBLED CHARITY HorseWorld (see The BRISTOLIAN #4.3) the race to the bottom is not yet over if whispers emanating from within the equine charity’s Whitchurch Führerbunker are anything to go by…

Shortlisted for an almost-coveted Bristol Post Business Award, the Horseworld management team forgot about their financial troubles and cut loose at the Awards dinner earlier this Summer. Hey, who wouldn’t jump at the CHANCE TO HOBNOB with red-blooded red trouser fetishist Mayor Fergo and other high-falutin’, self-regarding members of the Bristol business community?

"I heard an envelope was being opened..." Mayor Fergo pops up at the Post Business Awards
“I heard an envelope was being opened…” Mayor Fergo pops up at the Post Business Awards

So off trotted HorseWorld managing director Mark ‘Not That One’ Owen – plus the whole senior management team and even the chair of trustees – to bask in the recognition of their particular brand of business genius.

Like others attending they made copious use of the microblogging service Twitter to report on events – and as the vino flowed, the messages got raunchier. At a SURPRISINGLY EARLY 9:45pm came a particularly eye-catching tweet from the official HorseWorld Trust account: “Nikki has promised to streak if we get 10 RTs [retweets] or a donation on table 18”…

The ‘Nikki’ in question is none other than Nikki Bridges, the charity’s high-earning Finance Director – the woman in charge of accounts in an organisation HAEMORRHAGING MONEY ever since Owen took up the reins. Possibly not the most becoming behaviour for a charity bean-counter.

Her boss Owen didn’t even have the common sense to delete the OFFENDING TWEET afterwards. Much, it appears, to the annoyance of several trustees and donors who now suspect their money is being used less to support needy steeds and all too often in funding boozy gala dinner nosh-ups for HorseWorld’s MD and his underperforming pals.

It is also notable that while the Finance Director seems WILLING TO STRIP for cash, the day job has been suffering. The Charity Commission reveals that three-quarters of the way through 2013, HorseWorld has yet to submit its annual accounts for the previous year. In 2012 they filed by May – and reported a staggering £647,000 loss. Could the current reporting delay be in any way connected to an even deeper FINANCIAL BLACK HOLE?

Oh, and by the way, HorseWorld won in its award category – for (yes, you’ve guessed it) ‘Communicator of the Year’.

Booze-fuelled HorseWorld management team - including MD Mark Owen (centre) & FD Nikki Bridges (back right) celebrate with jobbing ex-Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton (right) at Post Business Awards 2013
Booze-fuelled HorseWorld management team – including MD Mark Owen (centre) & FD Nikki Bridges (back right) – celebrate with jobbing ex-Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton (right) at Post Business Awards 2013

Microsoft: Rapporto di trasparenza Gennaio 2013 – Giugno 2013

Abbiamo già parlato qualche tempo fa dei rapporti di trasparenza (se ricordate, Twitter, rapporto di trasparenza), oggi vorrei riportare qualche dato veloce riguardo al rapporto di trasparenza Gennaio 2013 – Giugno 2013, rilasciato da Microsoft un paio di giorni fa; secondo tale rapporto, Microsoft ha ricevuto richieste di informazioni da parte delle autorità, per circa 37.000 account, e sinceramente a me sembrano dati del tutto assurdi.

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lady Gaga portrait

The BRISTOLIAN can EXCLUSIVELY unveil Bristol City Council’s new official portrait of City Director Nicola “Lady Gaga” Yates, created by local artist and Twitter enthusiast @guriben.

The portrait of the city’s wealthy first lady of local government will accompany all official Bristol City Council announcements and publications by Lady Gaga from Monday and it will also appear on a range of Conservative general election material from next year.

MAYOR FERGO told The BRISTOLIAN, “The portrait is magnificent. It perfectly encapsulates Nicola, her character, intellect and not insubstantial beauty. Well done to Guriben and I look forward to an interpretation of me.”

“Nicola Yates will be responsible for the delivery of the Mayor and council's vision”
“Nicola Yates will be responsible for the delivery of the Mayor and council’s vision,” says £160k Nicola Yates with tongue firmly in cheek

Lady Gaga has been described as “satisfied” with her official portrait and is said to be keen to see the painting displayed in the City Museum and Art Gallery where she may fit in nicely alongside some of  Bristol’s  other famous Conservative political figures like the slave trader EDWARD COLSTON and that old reactionary EDMUND BURKE.

The BRISTOLIAN will be commissioning further portraits from Guriben soon for some of our favourite local government officers such as country boy solicitor LIAM ‘MALFOY’ NEVIN, the less than magical new chief legal officer; ANGIE ‘PAIDWELL’ RIDGWELL, the generously remunerated chief bean counter and a farewell portrait of PR man for himself, PETER ‘CLAUDIA-JEAN’ HOLT.

Have you painted a portrait of your favourite local government officer or councillor? Why not send it in?

The best artistic rendering of GARY HOPKINS will win a prize…

John Zerzan on The Anarchist Revelation

It’s only just come to my attention that the brilliant anti-civilization writer John Zerzan has mentioned my book The Anarchist Revelationin an article posted on Anarchist News a month ago.

I probably missed it because of a slight typo that renamed me Cedenec – a slip of the keyboard that’s been put right in this French translation.

Zerzan has been a very strong influence on the development of my ideas and I’m delighted to learn that he’s read the book.

Unsurprisingly, I agree wholeheartedly with the thrust of his article, entitled Why Hope? He notes “It’s pretty fashionable, among anarchists as well, to sneer at the notion of hope, to explicitly rule out any chance of overall victory over domination and oppression”.

But he points out “Our overcoming the disease of civilization is in no way guaranteed, obviously, but clearly it is possible”.

Zerzan refers to The Anarchist Revelation as “the least pessimistic book I can recall reading” and judges that “it brings anarchist resistance and the spirit together in a very wide-ranging and powerful contribution”.

And he concludes his insistence on the necessity for hope in these “dire times” with an inspiring quote from a one-time resident of my home town of Worthing, Oscar Wilde: “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”.


Outgoing Communication Director Peter Holt and ‘friend’ (identity obscured)
Outgoing Communication Director Peter Holt and ‘friend’ (identity obscured)

And so The BRISTOLIAN, with a tear in its eye, draws your attention to the impending departure of Bristol City Council’s Communication & Marketing Director PETER ‘CLAUDIA JEAN’ HOLT – as EXCLUSIVELY revealed in The BRISTOLIAN!

Yes, the SELF-PROCLAIMED PR GURU – who showed off his muscular messaging abilities by cringing in the corner at an Easton Community Centre neighbourhood meeting back in April as his boss Mayor George Ferguson announced that rioting was okay as long as you did it “in the right way” – is off to “a new and exciting role in London”.

Notorious ALLEGED DOLPHIN-FUCKER Holt – snapped up as a hip-sounding young gun by Bristol City Council back in 2009 – will be trading in his BS8 Clifton Hill pad (average price: £350,000) for an NW8 Clifton Hill mansion (currently averaging £1m for flats up to £4m for houses). It’s almost enough to make you wonder how he could have managed to save up so much whilst working for BCC – has he been rifling around in the back of millionaire Mayor Fergo’s sofa for loose fifties?

Holt: Thinks he's sophisticated spin doctor CJ...
Thinks he’s sophisticated like spin doctor CJ…

Anyway, who could begrudge Claudia Jean – who saw himself as the firm-but-fair White House press secretary CJ from The West Wing, when he was more PJ, the Byker Grove kid blinded in a freak paintball accident – the odd ‘PERK OF THE JOB’? Toiling away on thankless tasks like dealing with constant grunty pocket calls from Gary Hopkins every time he sits on his council-issue smartphone whilst settling down on the office chaise longue to enjoy his ‘special interest’ DVDs; or having to explain to a sobbing Sir Hoyty-Toyty that no, the reason your email doesn’t work isn’t because “the pixies who carry the messages through the internet tubes have died” but because you haven’t turned your PC monitor on.

...But is actually more like squeaky blind Geordie PJ
…But is actually more like squeaky blind Geordie PJ

But don’t panic! You fine people of Bristol have not been forgotten! His Royal Holtness is having a taxpayer-funded leaving do at Council House, and you’re all invited!

He’s asked for RSVPs, but he surely won’t mind those who paid his NOT-INCONSIDERABLE WAGES turning up at Committee Room 15 of the Council House on College Green, from 4:30-6pm. Be sure not to be late – there will be a grand “ambient multi-media presentation” at four five o’ clock, “showing you…unexpected sides of Peter you will never have seen before.” If you can’t make it down to Shitty Hall, you can join the fun on Twitter. He even has his own hashtag: #byebyebristol.

Who could resist?

Talk at London Anarchist Bookfair

Many thanks to everyone who came to the talk at the Cowley Club in Brighton the other evening.

The size of the turn-out and the level and tone of the discussion were all very encouraging. It was also good to have had a chat with a few people afterwards, so all in all very worthwhile and I’m grateful to CowleyBooks for having hosted it.

My next public appearance will be at the Anarchist Bookfairin London on Saturday October 19. This excellent event has been an annual fixture in my diary for more years than I dare to count.

The only trouble with doing a stall or a talk is that you’re no longer free to wander around and enjoy the rest of the occasion properly. However, one or two of the meetings particularly caught my eye when I looked through the timetable.

For instance, there’s the talk on Anarchism and the Middle East by Uri Gordon, editor of Anarchists Against the Wall and author of Anarchy Alive! and the presentation by the French Anarchist Federation on spreading organised anarchism internationally, with a focus on North Africa.

JoNina Abron-Ervin and Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin’s account of The Radical Wing of the Black Power Movement in the United States from 1965 to1973 should be a big crowd-puller, as should the analysis of the German autonomist scene by the author of Fire and Flames, Geronimo (who’s also speaking, with George Katsiafica, at the Cowley Club on October 16).

It’s also good to see that the Bookfair Collective itself is hosting an Introduction to Anarchism session. With all the variety of subject matter on display, basics like this are sometimes at risk of being lost. We shouldn’t assume that everyone who wanders into the bookfair already has a good grasp of what anarchism is all about.

Incidentally, none of the above highlights clash with my meeting on The Anarchist Revelation, which is at 5pm in room 3.20, on the third floor. Hope to see you there!

The London Anarchist Bookfair is at Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road (Mile End tube) from 10am to 7pm on Saturday October 19.

26th September 2013

Riot Squad -Fuck The Tories
Ruts -Babylon’s Burning
Blitz -Nation on Fire
Louis Lingg and the Bombs -Alphabet of A Revolution Lesson 1
Landverraad -Polderillusic
Quiet Loner -Discontented WinterThe Ex -Hidegen Fujinak A Szelek
Leon Rosselson -Monsters
Ghost Mice -Crawl From our Wretched Graves
The Red Skins -Reds Strike The Blues
Ill -The Kremlin
Louis Lingg and the Bombs -Alphabet of A Revolution Lesson 2
Ivor Cutler -Go On Jump
Omega Tribe -Freedom, Peace and Unity
Arrison Kirby -Living On My Own
Faintest Idea -These Words Are Our Weapons
Manifest -The Yes Man
Jello Biafra with Mojo Dixon -Love Me I’m A Liberal
Louis Lingg and the Bombs -Alphabet of A Revolution Lesson 3
Obsessive Compulsive -No Logo
Blaggers ITA -Ten Men Dead

26th September 2013 What’s On

Echo is a non-profit political events and news site. Echo hopes to provide opportunities for struggle against oppression to grow by increasing participation in demonstrations, events, organised groups, and fundraisers.

Visit the site here:

Saturday 28th September

featuring previous Under The Pavement Guests Class Actions

Sunday 29th September




Anti Capitalist Roadshow features Leon Rosselson, Roy Bailey, Peggy Seeger, Jim Woodland, Sandra Kerr and Janet Russell.

7.00pm Bridge 5 Mill Tickets £10 (£8 concessions).

Monday 30th September

Manchester Film Co-operative would like to invite you to a screening of the Spanish historical drama Libertarias.

Set in 1936, Maria, a young nun is recruited by Pilar, a militant feminist, into an anarchist militia following the onset of the Spanish Civil War. Guided by the older woman, Maria is exposed to the realities of war and revolution, and comes to question her former, sheltered life. While fully immersed in the overall enthusiasm of revolutionary Spain, Pilar and friends find themselves fighting against deep gender inequality which complicates their efforts in the war against Francisco Franco’s Nationalist/Fascist/Catholic forces.

Time Out said that the film “deserves praise for its feminist perspective on the course of the 1936-7 revolution, when women’s liberation was a logical, if hardly well-recognised, constituent of the libertarian ideals that the Spanish working class rose up to assert.”

Doors at 7pm, the film to begin at 7:30pm. Admission: £3 waged, £2 unwaged/student. Venue: The Kings Arms, Bloom Street, Salford.

More information:

Monday 7th October

Wednesday 9th October

CULTURE SHOCK | AOS3 | Black Star Dub Collective | Sporadics | Autonomads
The Big Western, Moss Side Tickets £9 from here

Saturday 12th October

Sunday 20th October

Thursday 21st November

Morning Glory plus 2 Sick Monkeys, Dead Subverts and Revenge of the Psychotronic Man
7.00pm Star and Garter, Fairfield Street (near Piccadilly Railway Station) £10 adv/ £12 on the door

Saturday 23rd November

Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair

Facebook event here:


Great list of punk gigs in Manchester at this new website: Add your gigs there.
Also check out for a list of national punk gigs

Any what’s ons?