Open letter to UWESU about urgent concerns for the safety of UWE students

Dear UWESU President and Vice-Presidents,

We tweeted you and spoke to Hannah as a group about the threats to and attacks on the health and safety of UWE students and members of the public peacefully protesting today against the undemocratic military business fair at Frenchay. In particular, one UWE student suffered a bleeding injury from a conference participant. We informed you that we emailed Steve West about this and that he has been ignoring us.

After Hannah said around 12:30 that you had other plans for this afternoon, implying that you have more important things to do that to attend evidenced concerns about the safety of UWE students, we requested an urgent meeting with all UWESU’s president and vice-president within an hour and in any case this afternoon.

Yours sincerely,

UWE students