UWE VC ignores UWE students’ safety concerns and denies request to have a citizens’ inspection (including UWE students) of military business fair; further questions to him

We received an email from UWE’s VC at 12:50 arguing mostly that this is not a university conference. We may publish this later once the UWE students’ activist press crew/process has discussed it with the broader process. For now, we send this reply (which will be emailed shortly).


Dear Steve West,

So we know that you read our messages and that you forwarded our open letter to Keith Hicks, John Rushforth and Paul Gough.

We note that you did not address our concerns even about the safety of UWE students including a confirmed report of a UWE student who suffered a bleeding injury caused by a participant to the military business fair.

We also note that you deny members of the public, including UWE students, access to the ECC that is on University grounds.

If that is, as you claim, not a university conference, on what grounds did you approve this event?

What consideration did you give to the fact that it is a military business event?

How much income is made from this event and how will it be allocated (we want details)?

Yours sincerely,

UWE students

UWE struggles