22 Nov press review – Would this also becoming about UK media? Please help us get journalists interested in our stories

We are currently struggling to get any kind of serious interest in the swarm of issues that emerged from DPRTE itself and from events surrounding the protests. The WesternEye reported that we opposed an ‘arms fair’ and an event in both their articles ([1], [2]). However, UWE students not only oppose this obscene military business and arms fair as an event; we also denounce deeply entrenched and growing militaristic and profit-making interests within our university as well as other reasons, summarised in our first press release.

Student banner at the entrance of UWE’s ECC on 20 Nov: ‘WAR is BUSINESS and RESEARCH’,  from CAAT Blog

As far the protests are concerned, the only journalist crew that was actually on site, the WesternEye, “UWE’s independent student newspaper” said that we staged an ‘impeccable protest’. Despite that, SouthWestBusiness and the Bristol Post basically suggest that we are idiots who caused traffic jams for no reason. We did not cause traffic jams: one person had to put his body in front of a car to stabilise a highly dangerous situation that was triggered by underpolicing, by the actions of one policeman and then aggravated by UWE security who prioritised the traffic of aggressive drivers towards the event over the physical safety and right to protest of members of the public, including many UWE students (more info and evidence on this soon, we don’t have capacity to report more at the moment).

Not even an inquiry about protesters’ injuries in relation to policing and UWE security whilst everyone does agree that it was peaceful. No interest about police presence and intimidation far away from any protest, while activists were having lunch, FIT recording of activists and many non-activists in the university cafe ‘Core24’. Nothing about FIT obstructing and harassing a group of UWE student activists as they were trying to leave the university. No mention of UWE and UWESU ignoring our concerns about our very physical integrity and freedom of expression, etc.This is what UK democracy looks like! This is what our university looks like!

Please read our blog and share it broadly. If you have contact with journalists, please have them interested in the issues that surrounded this protest, as well as the reasons we staged this protest in the first place.