legal workshops for squatters

We’ve been doing some legal workshops in different squats around London this month. Thank you to the crews who have already hosted these; hopefully you found them useful.

These cover the basics of both criminal and civil law as they affect squatters. Do you want to find out more about writs of restitution, Interim Possession Orders, police powers of arrest/ stop & search, bailiffs’ powers, avoiding arrest, suing for compensation etc etc?

We usually use a question & answer format, so if you/ your crew have legal questions, and would like us to come and do a workshop with you, let us know.

We’re happy to travel to you, we’ll just need to arrange a date and time that suits your crew as well as us. Email us at or phone/ text us on 0792 576 9858.




HOLMWOODHOUSETHE BRISTOLIAN has been passed sensational information from a Freedom of Information request that reveals that there was a major, unpublicised investigation regarding the safeguarding of residents  at the ‘The House of Horrors’, HOLMWOOD HOUSE last year.

According to information contained in the response to the request, an investigation Web Exclusivetook place at the home in May 2013 and it involved Bristol City Council, the police, the NHS and the home itself.  The reason for the investigation is listed as “physical abuse and neglect through  medication error (x4)”, which suggests that, yet again, serious issues in the dispensing of medicines have arisen at the home and that other residents at the home have been abused.

The outcome of the investigation, as usual, was a fudge with the council concluding, even after their intervention, that “some areas show improvement seen (sic) but inconsistencies are now being addressed through a specialist support team.”

The report also tell us that Holmwood instituted a voluntary ban on all admissions between 3 June 2013 and 23 August 2013 while Bristol City Council were supposedly monitoring the home. This is the period in which AN ELDERLY WOMAN DIED twelve days after leaving their care, having inexplicably lost her swallowing reflex and one third of her body weight.

So it looks like a safeguarding  investigation took place at the home just prior to this death and seemingly no lessons were really learned and opportunities were missed. It makes you wonder what it would take for the owners and managers of the home to be prosecuted and for the dump to be shut down.

Will the authorities tolerate absolutely anything in their godforsaken private care homes?


Kendi işlerimi kolaylaştırmak için bir script (betik) yazdım. Bunu da sizlerle paylaşmadan olmazdı. Genelde saçma isimler bulmakta üzerime yoktur. Bu betik için de aynısı oldu diyebilirim.

Ne işe yarıyor?
Youtogg, hemen hemen birçok video sitesinden (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion vd.) video indirip bunları ses formatına (*.ogg) dönüştürmenize olanak sağlayan basit bir betiktir. Bunun dışında, Tor ağı üzerinden indirme seçeneği hariç hiçbir özelliği yoktur.

Nasıl çalışıyor?
İlk olarak, kullanıcı dizini altında “youtogg” dizini oluşturuyor. İndirdiği videolar ve dönüştürdüğü ses dosyalarına buradan erişebileceksiniz. Ardından, indirmek istediğiniz video linkini girerek istediğiniz formatı (mp4, flv, webwm vd.) ve çözünürlüğü seçeceğiniz bir ekran çıkmaktadır. Burada 18, 22, 143 vd. gibi seçimler yapıyorsunuz. Bu noktada bağlantı hızınıza göre hareket edebilirsiniz. Bununla birlikte, video indikten sonra sizlere dönüştürülecek çıktının adını sormaktadır. Örneğin, burada şarkının ve sanatçının adını veya ikisini birden (ya da ne yazarsanız) yazabilirsiniz.

Kurmanız gereken birkaç uygulama/kütüphane var. Bunlar, youtube-dl, ffmpeg ve libvorbis. Dağıtımınızın paket yöneticisinden aratarak kurabilirsiniz. Tor ağı seçeneği opsiyoneldir. Eğer, Tor ağı üzerinden indirmek isterseniz tor ve polipo paketlerini de kurmanız, polipo’yu tor için ayarlamanız gerekmektedir. Kısaca bir polipo ayarı (/etc/polipo/config) göstermem gerekirse:

socksParentProxy = localhost:9050
socksProxyType = socks5

Öncelikle, bu betik benim için gerekli. Flash  ve HTML5 kullanmıyorum. Genelde bir video izleyeceksem bunu youtube-dl ve mplayer ile birlikte yapmaktayım. Fakat, dinlediğim şarkıları telefonda veya mp3 çalarda da bulunmaları ve tekrar tekrar indirmemek için böyle bir şey yaptım. Benim işimi fazlasıyla görüyor. Diğer yandan, belki ilgisini çeken birileri betiği geliştirmek isteyebilirler. Ek olarak, bir yazılımcı değilim. Kod yazmayı bilmiyorum.


# Youtogg is a basic video to ogg conversion script.
# Dependencies: youtube-dl, ffmpeg, libvorbis
# Optional: tor, polipo
# Contact:
# Welcome screen
_welcome () {
	echo $@ | sed -e 's/^/../' -e 's/$/../' -e 's/./*/g'
	echo $@ | sed -e 's/^/* /' -e 's/$/ */'
	echo $@ | sed -e 's/^/../' -e 's/$/../' -e 's/./*/g'
# Folder check
_folder_check () {
	if [ -d ~/youtogg ]
		read -p "Video Link: " video
	        echo "Creating youtogg folder"
		mkdir ~/youtogg
		read -p "Video Link: " video
_folder_check "$@"
# Video download
_video_download () {
	while true
		read -p "Do you want to torify? (Y/N) " answer1
		case $answer1 in
			[yY]* ) cd ~/youtogg && filename=source && 
				youtube-dl -F --proxy "" $video &&
				echo && read -p "Choose your video format: " format &&
				echo && youtube-dl -f $format -o $filename --proxy ""  $video

			[nN]* ) cd ~/youtogg && filename=source &&
				youtube-dl -F $video && echo && read -p "Choose your video format: " format &&
				echo && youtube-dl -f $format -o $filename $video

   		* )     echo "Y or N, please!";;
_video_download "$@"
# Name for the output file
_filename () {
	read -p "Output filename: " name
_filename "$@"
# Converting video to ogg
_convert () {
		while true
			ffmpeg -i $filename -vn -acodec libvorbis "$name.ogg"
			read -p "Do you want to keep video file? (Y/N) " answer2
			case $answer2 in
				[yY]* ) mv $filename $filename.$(date +%m%d%Y_%H%M%S)

				[nN]* ) rm $filename

   		* )     echo "Y or N, please!";;
_convert "$@"
# Log
_log () {
	echo "$video = $name.ogg" > youtogg.log.$(date +%m%d%Y_%H%M%S)
_log "$@"
# Loop
_loop () {
	while true
		read -p "Do you want to convert again? (Y/N) " answer3
		case $answer3 in
			[yY]* ) _folder_check "$@" && _video_download "$@" && _filename "$@" && _convert "$@" && _log "$@"

			[nN]* ) echo "Goodbye!" 

   		* )     echo "Y or N, please!";;
_loop "$@"

Son olarak…
Bu kodu aynen bir metin düzenleyicisine kopyalayıp kaydedin. chmod +x dosyadı ile çalıştırılabilir hale getirin. Son olarak, terminalden çalıştırın. Hepsi bu kadar. Kullanır ve yorum yaparsanız memnun olurum. Önerilerinizi ve geliştirmelerinizi de eklerseniz mükemmel olur.

Ekleme (01.02.2014): Log eklendi.

30th January 2014

Anna from I Love Free Software Festival

Anarchy Archives -Anti-Copyright
Bug -Take The Money and Run
Richard Stallman -The Free Software Song (Bulgarian Version)
Jono Bacon -The Free Software Song
Sebkha-Chott -The Free Software Song
Oi Polloi -LINUX
Zweitgolf -The Free Software Song
The Ex -Maybe I Was The Pilot
The Afternoon Gentlemen -TFO
Simon Stabler -Cameron, Nil
Hurriers -Truth and Justice
Epic Problem -Sink

Tangerine Dream – Reading 5 Blackpool 1

Sorry boys and girls. Bit late with this one.

The missus was on the computer all day yesterday. I dunno what she was doing but she says I never talk to her so she was having the computer. I had a few bleed’n words for her last night, alright.

Then that idiot son of mine Charlie says he wanted to get on here for his homework. Clear off, halfwit. Reading fans need to hear from me.

Well I have always said Atkins was a top manager and he proved me right on Tuesday.

Brilliant Alfie Le Fondre did his stuff and even that hopeless berk Blackman scored which shows you how useless Blackpool were.

Jodi McAnuff was on form again and even Pearce wasn’t useless for once. The fat Russian  still managed to be rubbish but Atkins doesn’t agree with me on that one. Oh well I’ll put up with that while we’re bangin’ ’em in.

That’s what I want to see. Good football, lots of goals and decent, fair play.

Off to take on them thugs at Millwall next. Give them some stick and shove it up ’em boys.



Readings for 2/5

We’re reading the zine “The Philly Dudes Collective – Year One (And A Half)

Also, we’re supposed to go to come to the meeting with some type of personal goal we’re working on related to how patriarchy influences our actions. An example might be “i’m going to work on holding the door open less for women” (or something like that — obviously that’s super simple). The idea is that verbalizing it might offer a way to check in on progress in the future and/or to help support each other.

30th January 2014 What’s On

Echo is a non-profit political events and news site. Echo hopes to provide opportunities for struggle against oppression to grow by increasing participation in demonstrations, events, organised groups, and fundraisers.

Visit the site here:

Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair Saturday 29th November 2014 at People’s History Museum.

Ongoing actions/ campaigns:

From Manchester Animal Action:

Anti-Fur demo this Saturday at Harvey Nichols from 12 noon.
We’re keeping up the pressure, after their head of fashion was forced to resign because of the controversy caused by the reintroduction of fur. See:
Join us if you can from 12 Noon, at Harvey Nichols, 21 New Cathedral Street, Manchester, M1 1AD

From Northern Gas Gala:

Over the past weeks protest camp has been set up on the side of the road in Barton Moss, Salford leading to a site where a company ‘IGas’ were recently granted a permit to do ‘exploratory drilling’ for the next 3 months. This is the first stage to see if the geology is suitable for coal bed methane extraction and / or fracking – both dodgy and dangerous fossil fuel processes.

Check out these facebook pages:
Frack Free Salford + Greater Manchester

Barton Moss Community Protection Camp facebook page here;

For further info see website:

Meat Free Mondays
5pm til last orders at 7pm all vegan rice & 3 for £5 – Mod’s Veggie/Vegan Cafe, Manchester at Thirsty Scholar – all welcome!

Until Sunday 23rd February

FC United of Manchester: union is strength Pop Up Exhibition
Find out more about this community football club
Punk football? What’s that? Come and find out as FC United fans bring their choice of photographs and football memorabilia to share their club’s story with you.
People’s History Museum, Left Bank, Spinningfields
Open from 10.00am-5.00pm
Cost: In order to keep our exhibitions programme affordable to everyone, please make a donation
Find out more:

Friday 31st January


Saturday 1st February

Peter Tatchell joins the Working Class Movement Library to mark LGBT History Month

Campaigner Peter Tatchell comes to Salford on Saturday 1 February 2014 to talk on the topic ‘Queer Britain – the struggle for LGBT rights 1958-2014’. Peter has been campaigning for human rights, democracy, LGBT freedom and global justice since 1967. He will discuss how the battle for law reform was won – one of the most successful law reform campaigns in British history – and the current challenges facing the LGBT community.

The talk is the Working Class Movement Library’s contribution to this year’s LGBT History Month, and takes place just down the road from the Library at the Old Fire Station, Crescent, Salford M5 4WT – courtesy of the University of Salford. The event begins at 2pm, admission free. All welcome.

Manchester Zapatistas presents: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Zapatista Uprising
Party at On the Eighth Day Café, Oxford Road, Manchester

Anarcho Ragdoll Promotions Launch
John Player Specials, Stopouts, Wadeye, Elmo and Styx
7.00pm Next To Nowhere, 96 Bold Street, Liverpool
£4 Suggested Donation

Sunday 2nd February

Monday 3rd February – Sunday 9th February
I love Free Software Festival
Various venues/ times
More details soon

Monday 10th February

Dead Prez “hip-hop revolutionaries”
Gorilla, Whitworth Street
7.30pm £16 Advance

Saturday 15th February

Mary Quaile Club: What Ever Happened to the Welfare State?
New historical and political discussion group.
2pm Cornerstones Community Centre, 451 Liverpool Street, Langworthy, Salford M6 5QQ.
More info:

Wednesday 19th February

Demonstration Against ATOS
All Day from 8.00am Manchester Assessment Centre, Albert Bridge House, Bridge Street, Manchester, M60 9AT

Saturday 22nd February

Friday 28th February

Friday 21st March

Autonomads, The Hostiles and Colt 45
Yorkshire House, Lancaster
Doors from 8.30pm Five quid on the door (non profit)

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th March

Equalfest 4 featuring loads of bands with at least one female member
I in 12 Club, Bradford and Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Check for updates:

Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th March

Saturday 15th March

Atilla The Stockbroker plus guests
Benefit for Barton Moss Protection Camp & Frackfree Gtr Manchester
Dulcimer, Chorlton
7.00pm £8 in advance:

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March

Saturday 5th April

Friday 11th and Saturday 12th April

Monday 21st April

2nd, 3rd and 4th May 2014: 0161 Festival


Great list of punk gigs in Manchester at this new website: Add your gigs there.
Also check out for a list of national punk gigs

Any what’s ons?


TARA AGM 2014 – 13th February 7 – 9pm

Tenants And Residents Association


Thursday 13th February 2014, 7 to 9pm

Proctor’s Youth Centre, Hulme St

Provisional Agenda:

  • Chair’s report on the TARA year

  • Elections and resignations of committee members

  • Report backs from any tenants groups; RIC, Leaf St, Shout, Bentley Bugle etc.

  • Discussion and focus for the year ahead

Please come and have your say; it is important that the AGM represents the whole estate.

Consider getting involved: we are always looking for new people to get involved with the estate and keep our community the lively and active place it is. More people involved = more effective lobbying of CSM/ more events/ more support for each other.

Refreshments: if you would like to bring something to share this would be great. There will be some provided but more is always welcome!