Resist the drone wars – Public meeting and discussion – Wednesday Jan 29th, 7pm, Cowley Club, Brighton

Yosra Al Showa - Killed in an Israeli drone strike on her home onNovember 20 2012
Yosra Al Showa – Killed in an Israeli drone strike on her home on November 20 2012

“If they just knew for a second what a weapon can do, what it costs us I think they would stop. I think they have no souls, when they look at the TV and see the news did they see the people killed by these drones, how did they feel? If they just came here for one night and heard the bombing and the planes and the drones – I don’t know what they would feel – I think they should come here and live our experience in war and they would understand”

Ridda Abu Znaid, who watched as her sister and cousin were killed by an Israeli drone strike in the Gaza strip in 2009 speaking about the companies who manufacture drones

Resist the drone wars – Public meeting and discussion, 7pm Wednesday 29th January 2014, The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, ALL WELCOME

Corporate Watch have recently visited Gaza to research Israeli drone attacks. Drones were the weapon that caused the most deaths during the Israeli attack on Gaza in 2012. But the Israeli drone industry is profitable as well as deadly. Israeli arms companies, profiting from their experience gained by committing war crimes against the people of Gaza, have sold drone technology to 49 countries around the world. Israeli company Elbit are working with the UK government to develop a British drone. Come and hear the stories of those at the receiving end of drone technology and find out how you can join the campaign to make sure Elbit don’t profit any further from the bloodshed they have caused in Gaza.

To read more about Israel’s drones click here.

Smash EDO will speak about the campaign to close down EDO MBM, the Brighton arms factory. EDO is owned by ITT Exelis which markets equipment used on UK and US drones.

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