the beginning

the list

So in order to get on with things I made a mammoth list for the mammoth move [I should probably stop calling everything mammoth before it all starts to feel mammoth too]. So far I’m about 1 and 2 half tasks in.

closing tool box

I’ve moved all of the tool like things into closing boxes so that I can add some dehumidifying stuff and stop them getting a bit rusty. I also divided them up into tools and consumables. I was also going to tag them all too, so I know what’s mine, but I’m going to wait and check what is definitely mine with the SO first. So that counts as half a task right?

I brought the insulation in to start drying out. That’s a whole task.

And the SO bought me a battery hydrometer, so I can start along with the testing and checking of the batteries. Maybe that actually counts as a quarter. Does it count at all? Yeah, for sure. Must a little right. What if I’d put ‘buy battery hydrometer’ on the list as a whole other point? Then it would count as a whole task, and I’m not even claiming that…