they will be fixed!

A while ago a friend of mine drove two batteries down from Up North so that I could connect them to my solar panels and have a decent battery bank.

Then there was a storm and my panels came off the boat. I put them back on the roof but didn’t notice that a connection had come loose. Then I went away for a week. This mean that the regulator had been pulling from the batteries for a week without them getting charged at all. Boo hiss!

So the batteries were sad. One was reading 11.2 and the other 10.7. Not good at all. After being placed on the ‘recondition’ round of a charger overnight each, they both seem a lot better but still are having problems holding a decent charge (they were holding about 12.3 and now after a few days of brighter sunshine its gone up to 12.5). I’m investigating ways that they can maybe be helped more.

So far I’ve been thinking about checking them with a hydrometer and topping them up if necessary, insulating them so they’re a bit toastier when they’re charging and discharging, and I’ve heard tell of some battery aid tablets but am very dubious about them. A friend of mine says that they did wonders for his starter in his van, but the internet says Wack!

Screenshot from 2014-01-14 16:48:42

Screenshot from 2014-01-14 16:48:02

Going to start with the hydrometer and insulation and then see how that goes for them…