Three Acres and a Cow: don’t you wish you had it now?

Three Acres and a Cow advert for another of their events.

By Nick Cooke

Three Acres and a Cow: don’t you wish you had it now? Well yes, I do, and not just because of my love of agriculture gained from my Grandpa’s farm, but because that’s part of the name of the uplifting and enlightening show written and performed by Robin Grey and Rachel Rose Reid. The full name of the show is “Three Acres And A Cow: A History Of Land Rights And Protest In Folk Song And Story”.

It deals with this country’s history from the Conquest to the modern day, dealing with enclosure amongst other themes, which has reared it ugly head many times, at one point being legalised by parliment after the Civil War.It also shows how the struggle over the right to land and it’s role in class struggle has played a central role in our folk memory and in politics – from the well loved tale of Robin Hood to ongoing struggles such as the fracking protests. It takes you on a winding path through the tragidies, the injustices and the rare but inspiring victories; often reminding us that although you may not live to see what you have fought for to be won doesn’t mean you fought in vain. It shows that what ever we may have been told by those in power the blame for the struggles we face lies with them, with their croneisem and greed, not with those at the bottom struggling to get by, where ever they may have been born.