Easton’s UKIP advert


Easton’s UKIP advert


The billboard on the junction before the footbridge over to Werburgh’s. Carefully ripped by someone. Studiously repainted by some other people.


The End of the NHS? How the Govt is Privatising Health Care in England


Professor Allyson Pollock, Professor of public health research and policy at Queen Mary, University of London and Author of NHS Plc

This lecture will show how the government has abolished the NHS; explain how the new structures will operate and what this means for patient access and what needs to be done about it

“We’re facing … the Americanization of our public services through global corporations.  We’re witnessing the great divestiture of all our public institutions…….It’s a political decision whether we can afford things or not, how we pay for them and who owns or controls them…..Everything is affordable if you have sufficient taxation and redistribution.”

Event details here.


Anti-fascist festival in Manchester this weekend

This weekend will see a 3 day anti-fascist music festival in Manchester.

0161 Festival is being held to raise money for anti-fascists throughout Europe, with a huge variety of music and activities going on throughout the weekend. It is to show that regardless of the music and style we are all united through the anti-fascist banner.

Over 60 punk, ska, Oi, hardcore, acoustic, hip-hop and rap acts will play on 3 stages over the weekend.

02/03/04 May 2014 at the Moston Miners Community Centre.

For more info visit the 0161 Festival facebook page. For tickets go to ITS Records website.


Subrosa is officially OPEN…

We are now open! Our café opening times are;
Wed & Thu – 6pm till 11pm
Fri & Sat – 11am till 11pm
Sunday – 11am till 6pm

Check out our calendar for events (we will often be open outside of the cafe opening times too for events) or pop in for some tea and cake! We are at 27 Lloyd Street South, Moss Side, M14 7HS.

Subrosa, Manchester’s new social centre officially opened it’s doors over the weekend with a busy first day on Saturday attracting over 150 throughout the day! We’ve been working hard getting the space ready over the past few weeks, and after a burst of activity on our workday (and night!) on Friday the space was transformed in time for Saturday. We had a packed day with tea, cake and delicious food, as well as crafts, music from Oh man, the mountain, stories, and magic to keep everyone entertained.

We also had talks about the Basement (a previous social centre that closed in 2007) and various temporary social centre projects in Manchester which gave the history and background to Subrosa.

Check out our calendar for events or pop in for some tea and cake! We are at 27 Lloyd Street South, Moss Side, M14 7HS.

Here’s some more info about different ways to be involved;
Put on an event – If you are interested in putting an event on in the space check out our Event Booking pages or contact the events group on events[at]manchestersocialcentre.org.uk, you can also book events for times when the café not open.
Volunteer in the space – We will need more help! Please fill in a volunteer from or contact us on volunteers[at]manchestersocialcentre.org.uk if you are interested in doing a few shifts.
Get involved in organising – We are not for profit coop and are organised in a working group structure. Check out our list of working groups and contact one of the working groups directly or email manchestersocialcentre[at] gmail.com if you want to get involved with one of them.

See you at Subrosa!


24th April 2014

Martin Chomsky talking about RTPDownsized
Find out more at: http://www.rtpdownsized.co.uk

Flobots -Handlebars
Nora & one Left -My Bike & Me
Humousexual -Get On Yr Bike
Chomsky All Stars -Solidarity
The Ragged Trouser Philanthropists Downsized -Ch1
The Ragged Trouser Philanthropists Downsized -Ch3
Chomsky All Stars -Working Class Zero 
BogShed -Lodger Problem
Jezabelleza -A Song About Cycling & Recycling
One Speed Bike -Punk Not Dead, Cave Is Good & Strong
The Cravats -Ice Cubists
The Ex -How Thick You Think
Chumbawamba -Heaven/Hell
Reveng of The Psychotronic Man -Blackpool ROCK
The Autonomads -Supermarket Sweep
Accidente -Juntos Ellos y Ellas
Against Me -Unconditional Love
Flipper -Shine

Listen again:


This from Standing Stone’s blog:

‘UKIP leader and all-round racist (and elephant-hating) scumbag Nigel Farage is set to give a “sell-out” talk to curious and supportive residents of Bath this evening. However, we have it on good authority that “some” of those tickets may have been claimed by activists. Anti-immigration advocate Farage (whose own family were French immigrants escaping religious persecution) last week declared a hatred of elephants, along with his UKIP chums, by voting “No” to a key resolution on the ivory trade. Other members of UKIP, some of whom have been suspended, have recently been quoted saying that the Somerset floods were God’s revenge for gay marriage, and that British-born comedian Lenny Henry should move to a black country.

This afternoon, Mr Farage was asked to leave The Bell Inn on Walcot Street in Bath. The Bell’s statement reads:

“Just had UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his be-suited henchmen in the pub with a BBC News film crew.”

Avoiding any actual political argument, I told him that he was welcome as a citizen to have a pint – we are, after all, a public house – but it was inappropriate for him to be using our premises for his hustings. I asked the camera man to stop filming. Most of the entourage then finished or left their drinks and went outside. They may have continued filming outside, I don’t know, but that is the public highway and they have every right to.

Martin Tracy of The Framing Workshop said he’d brought them in as he thought it would help raise the profile of Walcot Street. He had the decency to apologise when he realised how inapt that was.

I wrote this because our frontage may well feature on tonight’s BBC News or BBC West News, and I’d rather not be deluged with complaints’

Tonight’s demonstration will be outside Farage’s talk in The Forum, 1a Forum Buildings, St James Parade, Bath, BA1 1UG from 6.30pm. Go along and tell him he’s not welcome in our city.’

See here for the leaflet.


Refurbished Bike Sale – 14th May

Refurbished Bike Sale – 14th May


Need a low cost bike? Want to start cycling? Come along to Life Cycle UK’s latest low-cost refurbished bike sale on Wednesday 14th May­!

Starting at 11am, by the fountains opposite the Hippodrome on St Augustine’s parade, we will have a selection of quality used and refurbished bicycles for sale. Bikes are mostly priced between about £80 and £130 – sometimes we have a few higher-end models as well, but it depends what we’ve put through the workshop over the previous few weeks.


If you’re new to cycling, feel free to come down a little early to talk to one of the team about what you’re looking for. The sale will run until 2pm.
All the bikes are from our Bike Back project; a bike recycling scheme run by Life Cycle UK in collaboration with HMP Bristol and funded by the Big Lottery. Our trained mechanics work with prisoners to refurbish unwanted, abandoned and donated bikes. The scheme gives old bikes a new lease of life and also provides the prisoners with valuable skills to help them re-integrate into society. All the bikes are in sound mechanical order, have been professionally checked by Life Cycle’s mechanics and come with a 30 day guarantee.
Have an old bike you don’t want anymore? Why not give it a new lease of life – we will also be collecting donations of unwanted bicycles to fix up. Just bring yours down to the sale and drop it off.
For more information visit the Life Cycle UK website



Hunt Saboteurs Association announce affiliation with Anti-Fascist Network

Bristol Antifascists would like to show its support for the recent statement from the Hunt Saboteurs Association (which you can read below) and for the local hunt sab group, Bristol Hunt Saboteurs.

“The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) is pleased to announce its affiliation to the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN).

The HSA has always had a policy of inclusion, welcoming anyone into our ranks regardless of race, creed, gender, religion or sexuality, and has been forced over the years to confront and exclude people who have been proved to be racist or fascist. Our active members have for years been the subject of racist (and sexist) abuse from the hunting community which only highlights that our struggle to end hunting also promotes a more ethical attitude to both humans and animals.Anti-Fascist Network Logo

Both the HSA and AFN promote a policy of confronting those engaged in racism and hunting respectively, on the streets and in the countryside. To not only stop such activities continuing but also to highlight them to the wider public. While other organisations hide their heads in their hands, hoping that a few leaflets or email shots will make the problems go away, we are clear that the only way to end both hunting and racism is confront it head on, so those who partake of such actions and attitudes are clear that we will oppose them until they stop.

For any further enquiries please contact our Press Officer here.



Another ‘March for England’ wash-out

article taken from schnews.org.uk

“They have become the fools in a carnival of anti-fascism” Stop MfE protestor.

Yesterday Brightonians once again played the unwilling hosts to the moronic March for England. As they have been for the last three years they were once again shown the door in spectacular fashion. They were on the wrong end of the full spectrum of resistance, from insults from passers-by to violent confrontations with autonomous anti-fascists – they were heckled and harried every step of the way. By 5 p.m the centre of town was entirely fascist free.

Sussex Police spent half a million quid to facilitate this dismal racist and homophobic trudge along the seafront. Without the cops the march wouldn’t have even started. “This march is all about hatred for the very town it takes place in – the EDL weren’t allowed into Tower Hamlets so why does Brighton have to put up with the March for England every year?” said one demonstrator we spoke to. “They’ve had their free speech – six years running now, and got the same answer every time”

The day began with most of the marchers in the Wetherspoons, getting pissed up. The gathering hordes of antifascists confronted them until  forced away by policeant. All the weird and wonderful of Brighton were amassing right along the 300 metre route of the march, wondering whether they’d all got out of bed for the 3 men with ten flags at the start of the march. A little behind schedule, due to some scuffling, the rest of the marchers were escorted into their pen.

From what SchNEWS saw the march has been whittled down to a hardcore of racist and homophobic thugs. Once the cops had pushed a brief anti-fascist blockade out of the way with the use of horses the parade was underway. Barely 70 of them mustered for the actual demo and were shouted down by a crowd of 1000 or so with whistles and placards. One lone trombone player drowned out their speeches. A banner was hung out of a seafront window reading “Racists go home” to be greeted with rapturous applause by the counter-demo. They came, they squelched four hundred yards in the pouring rain from a pub and they squelched back again.

Meanwhile little skirmishes were breaking out across town as groups of nationalists tried to make their presence felt. More militant antifascist groups roamed the town seeking to confront them. It was clear that quite a few fash had made the decision not to even attend the march. A significant proportion of the counter-demo therefore hung back awaiting events. SchNEWS has heard of a string of punch-ups and kick-offs happening all over town during and after the main march. Eventually the nationalists – almost all out of towners were corralled together by cops. Laughably some of the opposition actually came through with their promise to dress up as Antifa, well nice try fellas, but as one anti-fascist quipped “You walk among us – then you crawl away”.

Even though most of the official counter-demo made it’s way home to get dry Brighton still had a few surprises up it’s collective sleeve. Around 100 fash were boxed in on Queens Rd as the cops tried to clear the way back to the railway station. Roadworks barriers were hastily converted into barricades. The force of numbers and a still vocal counter-protest meant that the cops had no alternative but to force the fash onto trains and buses and get them out of town.

The March for England could have had a worse day out in Brighton… but not by much. The road they were supposed to be marching on partially collapsed two days before; they were harangued in the pub before the march, thousands of people turned up to drown out the 80-100 boneheads shouting about England; their special undercover forces were sussed and chased out within seconds of arriving; they could not drink anywhere in town without anti fascists turning up; and it rained. But at least they got to wave some flags at the commie scum.


Altogether there were twenty seven arrests – fourteen of those were anti-fascists. Please do not post footage on the internet without thinking carefully about what it shows.

If you witnessed an arrest or have any useful information then contact stopmfe@ymail.com

For more on Anti-Fascism http://antifascistnetwork.wordpress.com/