Petition update: 16K

benefit-sanct2ionsWhen I started the petition to stop all benefits sanctions, it went so viral it surprised even Jonny Void.

Then I thought I should wait for the campaign to get to more respectable numbers, but the addition of new signatures went slower so I decided to deliver it, with more than 15k, 15,000 (fifteen thousand) signatures on it.

Problem was, the Department of Work and Pensions DWP does not have an email address. And with my current work/life arrangements I can not deliver it myself in office hours when there would be people in the office, so.. I opted to deliver it, or at least make the DWP aware of this petition through social media.

There was no response on twitter, but there was a response on facebook. For those unwilling to sign in just to see the response, here it is:

Hi Ana – thanks for your message. The best way to complain is to follow the process in the link below –…/departm…/about/complaints-procedure

The comments continued as follows:

Ana: No: that page is to complain about “the service you get from the Department for Work and Pensions or from an organisation that provides its services”. I do not get any service from this Department. This is about 15K people wanting the whole policies to stop.

Ana: Until a proper way is provided to deliver this petition, I shall have to continue to post here.

Ana: DEAR DWP: I do not wish to complain. I am delivering the petition signed by 15K people so that all sanctions are stopped.

Job Seekers U.K: Do what the last guy did, drop it off at Caxton House.

Ana: What effect did that have?

(no answer)

Now the petition has 16k signatures.

Correction: as of Sept 2019, it has more than 31k