#reviewUWE and #disarmUWE campaign updates

Hi everyone,

On Monday, we bombarded the office of UWE’s Vice-Chancellor and Governors with paper airplanes demanding them to #reviewUWEfollowing the repression as well as issues with health and safety, duty of care and democratic rights, during the ‘impeccable’ protests against the arms fair that took place on campus last November.

That action built the #reviewUWE campaign, not least by triggering the release of our open letter to UWE’s Governors and getting several media interested in our campaign, especially BCFm and Ujima, two influential local radios. Moreover, as part of the Global Day of Action against Military Spending (#GDAMS), the action also highlighted for the first time that our university is stuck between the Ministry of Defence and military industries including several arms dealers.

At the 17 April meeting, we discussed ideas for an anti-arms student campaign, and how to engage students next year (more info to be posted about this soon). In the meantime, at university-level, we still have some follow-up work to complete to address the repression of our protests last November, especially to push for an independent review, and to build legal cases that could set important precedents, for example to keep #copsoffcampus.

There are now two requests that need your urgent attention:

  • On Wednesday (23 April) 13:00-13:30, we need at least one more person, preferably a woman and a UWE student, to speak about our campaign on Ujima Radio (Cheryl Morgan’s show). Please email uwe.better.together@gmail.com if you’re able/interested.
  • On Thursday (24 April), the legal team will meet with our solicitors to share information we have collected so far. If you were present at the protests on 20 November 2013, please send your witness statements by Wednesday 5pm at the latest to support the legal frontline of this campaign, and in solidarity with students building cases.

If you want to help but have no more than one or two minutes:

  • Share this update with other people who have been involved with these campaigns, or may be interested (we still don’t have everyone’s emails).
  • Sign the petition to #reviewUWE, share and promote it on facebook, twitter, etc. We already have about 90 signatures and we need 150 student signatures to call a UWESU referendum which would at least force UWESU to provide minimal information about this campaign to the student body.

If you have more time and interest to contribute, please get in touch (uwe.better.together@gmail.com) or take a task or a role. Lots of important and exciting things are coming up, and lecturers will probably need our solidarity if the marking ban goes through. Moreover, some of us will launch ‘better together’ as an alternative UWE-based newspaper. If you want to see change really happening at UWE, now is the time ;)

Thank you!