Galatians 5:13

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”

It was a hard week at work ending on the 13th.  I try to find scripture that I seem to have been pointed to during the week.  And I should say it has been hard at work for the past several weeks.  I’ve been having some difficulty being a good example at work…and not that I’m a great example outside of work…but lately at work…wow!

I’ve committed to doing 3 things about this.  1) Look for something else and be sure that I’m praying that my work furthers me spiritually to be of service to God and others…if it is at my current employer….then that will be shown if not I feel that through prayer I’ll be led to the right job.  2) Use what I’m going through at work to better myself spiritually by still being the best example I can be and when I’m not at least when I’m mindful of that to pray and meditate on what went wrong.  3) Work on a project there that would make my staying employed better and better the business as a final attempt to see if the owners are serious about making any changes…which past behavior has show they are not.

How does all this relate to Galatians 5:13?  Well I’ve said I’m not being a very good example.  I feel that at I’m not using my liberty in Christ to serve and love others at work and instead revert back to a lot of old behavior and get a bad attitude.  I think the 3 things I’ve mentioned I’m doing above will help me to apply what this piece of scripture is saying to me.  I’ve been applying these 3 thoughts for the last several weeks now….and I at least feel better and my attitude is better although not where I’d like it to be.  In other words move away from sin even in the worst of circumstances.

I must say that as I finish up this post I’ve completed the project with them mentioned in 3 and nothing has been done with it.  After I posted the draft of this on 4/14 I came across another opportunity the very next day.  I’ll be starting there on the 29th.  Prayer does work….PUSH…Pray Until Something Happens.  And I think that applying the things I’ve learned in recovery and as being a Christian helped me grow…even though this is and was a very high bottom problem.