Am I an Adult? (Part 1. Definition…)


I have six criteria for being an adult. Each prospective adult must be able to:

1. swim,
2. defend him or herself both emotionally and physically,
3. think critically and build logical arguments,
4. understand statistics,
5. drive manual (stick-shift) cars. (Also, knowing how to ride bicycles and horses can be useful survival skills.)

These all imply the most important criterion:

6. accepting responsibility to think independently,
taking responsibility for one’s actions and for preventing exploitation.

Personally, I have spent a good deal of time studying each of
the above items, and also reflecting on my own principles. I
believe this reflection to be part of both #3 and #6, as each
adult must know the basis of his or her life principles, if he or
she is to live a fulfilling and stable life. Not only meaning, as
Dr. Viktor Frankl described, but pondered one’s
principles and deciding what gives life meaning, is crucial.

Thus, I believe that the final test for being recognized as an
adult should be to teach someone else a necessary life skill.

For example, swimming, or writing. This Adulthood Challenge is described in an earlier post.

Love, Peace, and … Community Cooperation !!!
Shira Destinie
Gregorian Date: Friday, Jun 27, 2014
Meow Date : Tuesday, June 26, 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)