31st July 2014


Spray Paint -Cussin
Sju Svåra År -Allt Du Vill
Chomsky Allstars feat. Loki -Solidarity ( Clutha Benefit Buy Here)
Mark McCabe -My Disguise Is Better Than Your Disguise
Ste McCabe -Make Your Own Kind of Music (with Maria and the Gay)
Omega Tribe -Another Bloody Day
1981 -Solutions
Berurier Noir -Vivre Livre Ou Mourir
TV Smith -The Drink
Helen Chambers -Banners
Phil Bug -Fleeting Times (Under The Pavement Session)
Simon Stabler -Rolf’s Cartoon Snub
Cardiacs -Sang All Away Away
The Day Man Lost -Obey, Consume, Die
Mwstard -Shift/Ctrl
Landverraad -After The Smoke Clears
Joe Yorke -Lost My Ed
Billie Holliday -Strange Fruit


Don’t do as we do, do as we say!

Is the green movement ready to embrace animal rights and veganism? Recently some campaigners have been saying yes, chief among them Ronnie Lee who used to advocate direct action and people taking control of their own lives, but who now believes we should all be joining the Green Party instead.

But if the experience I had this week is anything to go by, the greens still have a long way to go. While on holiday in Wales with my partner and son, we went to the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth. I hadn’t been for about 20 years but remembered it as being informative and fun, with lots for kids.

And it still is but I’d also heard that the café now has more vegan options. Good, I thought, especially as CAT’s own literature now emphasizes the damage caused by the meat and dairy industries to the environment and especially the massive amounts of greenhouse gases they produce.

Imagine my disbelief then on discovering that the café, while veggie, had dairy with practically everything. The day we were there all the main courses contained cheese. Only the soup was vegan and after enquiring we were told that we could have stuffed courgettes without the cheese topping. Nearly all the cakes were not suitable for vegans either.

Dairy ice cream was prominently on display too and all the while information leaflets on the dining tables urged us to reduce our consumption of milk products. What’s more in CAT’s “Eco shop” there’s even a dairy cookbook – see photo. Don’t they realise they are guilty of hypocrisy when they tell us to do one thing while doing the very opposite themselves?!

My reasoning is they are scared of ditching dairy because they think their customers won’t like the alternative. But more and more people are eschewing animal products for a plant based diet, for reasons of animal cruelty, health and saving the planet.

Proof of this – if any were needed – lay in another place we visited while in Wales. Vegonia Wholefoods in Porthmadog opened way back in 1997, is 100% vegan and still going strong. It even opened a branch in Nantwich, Cheshire, a few years ago. Hats off to Vegonia in showing it’s possible to stick to your principles and still make a living.

I’d also like to point out that the radical wing of the green movement has always seen animal rights and veganism as being important. For instance Earth First! gatherings have had vegan kitchens for as long as I can remember.

And to CAT I’d like to say stop undermining the good work you do by encouraging people to consume products which harm their health, the environment and animals. Get rid of dairy!

Where did we go? We are gearing up for the next round.


We’ve received a few emails asking why there have been a lack of posts fairly recently. We have not been “muzzled” or won-over by the promises of “change” by ASUPD’s new leadership. The fact of the matter is that everyone who was in Command Staff during the era of Pickens is equally to blame for the department’s problems. Continuously using Pickens as a scapegoat after his departure is cheap; the fact of the matter is, you all were there working under Pickens and you failed to even attempt to do “the right thing”. Why should any department member trust ANY of the previous members of Command Staff that the circumstances have changed?

We want to present more hard factual information about the situation at ASU beyond citing media stories, and unfortunately that takes time.

We’ve been fighting with ASU behind the scenes to receive several FOIA requests we put in months ago. Apparently, we’re not alone in this battle either; our media contacts have also experienced the same stonewalling from ASU. There is information which exists that is obviously damaging , so much so that the university is willing to risk legal action if they don’t comply with the FOIA requests.

The problems at ASUPD didn’t happen overnight, nor were the changes started by The Integrity Report. Anything that is worth having takes time and patience.

As always….stand by, folks.


Flush UKIP out of Bath!

Flush UKIP out of Bath!

Author: FlushUKIPbath

Recently, UKIP were invited by a Green Party candidate to attend a protest in Bath against the closure of public toilets. If you object to UKIP being invited to, or attending anti-cuts events, please read, sign and share the open letter below. If UKIP are not disinvited, there will be a pro-public toilets, anti-UKIP presence at the protest. We hope you can make it.

The campaign can be contacted at flushUKIPbath@gmail.com. Please add your name to the letter either using the comments feature, or by emailing us at the above address.

Flush UKIP out of Bath!

This open letter has been written by a group of activists local to the Bath area who have been involved in anti-cuts and anti-fascist campaigning and refuse to accept that UKIP be given a platform at anti-cuts (or any) events;

We are shocked and alarmed to note that UKIP have been invited to attend a local protest against the closure of public toilets in Bath. The organiser of the event, a local Green Party activist, has contacted them, asking them to attend the protest, which will be held on Friday August 15th, 2pm at Parade Gardens. They have confirmed that they will attend.

While we fully support any campaign to defend essential public services against an increasingly brutal agenda of austerity and budget cuts, we feel uncomfortable with the involvement of UKIP for several reasons.

Firstly, the event has been billed as ‘inclusive’. The presence of UKIP whose elected representatives have repeatedly and unapologetically attacked immigrant, ethnic minority, religious, disabled, traveller and LGBTQ groups and individuals, with both comments and party policy will leave many in those groups and their supporters reluctant, or even intimidated out of attending.

Secondly, we reject the idea that UKIP are a party that stand for the rights or welfare of working people, and see their inclusion in the event as naive in the extreme on the part of the organisers and a cynical publicity grab on the part of UKIP. Why would we trust a party who support the dismantling of the NHS, an end to maternity leave, massive cuts to welfare and a significant tax hike for the poorest in the country to stand up for the very services they have been clear they wish to destroy? UKIP should not be allowed to piggyback off legitimate campaigns to curry local favour; especially when they show such commitment to worsening the lot of ordinary people in every other sphere of their campaigning.

Thirdly, we believe UKIP is a racist, xenophobic and far-right party. We believe as a point of principle that progressive groups should not afford them the oxygen of publicity. We believe in a ‘no platform’ approach in response to UKIP and similar groups.

We congratulate the organisers of the protest on standing up for a very important cause and look forward to supporting the campaign. However, we do call on them to immediately retract their invitation to UKIP and make it clear that no xenophobic, racist, anti-worker and anti-immigrant groups will be welcome. If it remains clear that UKIP have not been disinvited, we will be attending both in support of the campaign, but also in an active anti-UKIP capacity, and will be calling on other groups and individuals to do the same.



31st July 2014 What’s On

Echo is a non-profit political events and news site. Echo hopes to provide opportunities for struggle against oppression to grow by increasing participation in demonstrations, events, organised groups, and fundraisers.

Visit the site here: http://echomanchester.net

In light of situation in Gaza there is a #‎BoycottKedem‬ campaign every day, at their store at 6 King Street Manchester, 12.00noon.
Campaigners say:

We’ve been reported on in the MEN, Morning Star and Manchester Confidential and intend to keep going until Kedem is shut down. They stock products exclusively from the Dead Sea, made in occupied lands. Join us, every day, indefinitely.
Press coverage:http://tinyurl.com/oo9wbmghttp://tinyurl.com/pk5zrud http://tinyurl.com/klxcfmg

Saturday 2nd August

Manchester Animal Action Monthly Meeting

Manchester Animal Action are having our monthly meeting this Saturday, 2nd August. Everyone interested in animal rights can attend. Feel free to come along, bring friends and ideas.

12.00noon, The Thirsty Scholar, 50 New Wakefield Street, M1 5NP

As part of their August tour promoting their forthcoming album, Solana will be bringing their brand of gypsy folk to the good people of Manchester.
8.00pm Subrosa/ Manchester Social Centre,  27 Lloyd Street South, Manchester M14 7HS BYOB (Corkage Charge Applies)

Yakavetta, 6 Degrees Of Separation, Halcyonic and Black Light Mutants
Doors 8.30pm £5 On The Door
Witchwood, Ashton-under-Lyne

Wednesday 6th August 


Sunday 10th August


Tuesday 26th August


Sunday 31st August


Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th September


Friday 12th September

127 flyer qh steve igs 12092014

Saturday 20th September

Inca Babies, A Witness and The Great Leap Forward (Acoustic)
The Ruby Lounge, 28-34 High Street, Northern Quarter, M4 1QB

Friday 26th September

Protag-Fest Day 1: Attila The Stockbroker, Andy T plus more TBC
1 in 12 Club, Bradford

Saturday 27th September

Bradford & Leeds Anarchist Bookfair
10.30am – 4.30pm
1 in 12 Club, Bradford

1 in 12 Club, Bradford

Protag-Fest Day 2: Zounds, Blyth Power, Nick Cliff, Mark Automaton and Mwstard
1 in 12 Club, Bradford


Thursday 22nd October

Anarchist Bookfairs:

Saturday 27th September: Bradford
(Poster coming soon!)

Saturday 18th October: London

Saturday 29th November: Manchester


Any what’s ons?

Email radio@underthepavement.org

What News?

It’s crazy what’s going on in the news lately,

Israel/palestine, Melasia air line, NSA, Mexico Border,

how can these injustices happen?

Meanwhile student debt tops 1 trillion … so

Don’t go to Ivy league schools!



Why do we have computers designed for low ceiling rooms.

Lets swim and hack at once!