Travel from Bristol & Somerset to Reclaim the Power

Travel from Bristol & Somerset to Reclaim the Power

Author: Frack Free Somerset

What is Reclaim the Power?

Reclaim the Power is an action camp taking place near Blackpool in Lancashire. More than 1,000 people are expected to attend to the week of action, workshops, learning and organising for social, environmental and economic justice.

The camp has been organised in solidarity with groups on the frontline against fracking.

“For three years we have grown our movement, shared the facts about fracking at public meetings, opposed planning applications, lobbied our MPs and done everything to ensure our voices are heard.  They still aren’t listening though.  We need all the help we can get.  That Reclaim the Power are coming to stand by us as they did the residents of Balcombe is fantastic news and we look forward to offering a Lancashire welcome.’  Tina Louise from Residents Action on Fylde Fracking (RAFF)

What is taking place?

There is a huge programme of events, that you can see here:

The full camp:

On Thursday 14th August a minibus will be leaving from Bristol. This will return on Wednesday 20th August. Places are limited so email your phone number to to confirm your place.

People involved in anti-fracking struggles from all over the country will be coming together.

Solidarity Sunday :

On Sunday 17th August there will be a huge Solidarity Sunday march taking place in Blackpool. Similar to the Solidarity Sunday’s that took place in Balcombe and Barton Moss, the aim of the march is to show local people in Lancashire they are not alone.

Transport Information

Exact times for the minibus can be accessed from Frack Free Bristol.

The coach on Sunday 17th August will be picking people up from:

  • Glastonbury Town Hall Car Park, 7am
  • Bristol Temple Meads, 8am

Look out for ‘Avalon Coaches’.

The coach will be leaving Blackpool at 7pm, expecting to arrive back to Bristol approximately 11pm. Please organise your own onward travel.

Costs: £10 – £30 for waged adults. Unwaged £5 donation. If you can’t afford this, get in touch and subsidised travel can be arranged.


The camp is friendly family & is accessible for wheelchair users. Unfortunately the coach is not accessible for wheelchair users, however Frack Free Somerset, is willing to support anyone to travel independently if needed.

How to Book

Bookings can be made by emailing your phone number, number of seats & desired pick up point to

[Música] Amanda Palmer dedica una canción al Daily Mail por misógeno.

Amanda Palmer dedicó en 2013 una canción al misógeno periódico Daily Mail de Reino Unido, tras la critica amarillista que hicieron de su concierto en Glastonbury.
Donde la criticaron porque se le salió un pecho durante la actuación. Sin mencionar en ningún momento su música o coreografia.

¡¡Por el empoderamiento de la mujer y contra cualquier tipo de violencia!!

Debajo adjunto la canción que les dedica.


y mas abajo la crítica del Daily Mail a su pecho.

Getting blood out of a stone

Courts are difficult places to get information out of, and once things start going wrong they can put you in a loop that you’ll never find a way out from. Most County Courts no longer have an office that you can go to with enquiries, without making an appointment, which you can’t make because the office isn’t open ……

On the 27th March 2014 an Interim Possession Order was made by someone at Bow County Court. The first the occupiers knew of this was on the 28th when someone turned up with the front page of the order, and a photo to show that a copy had been posted on the door on the previous day. Maybe, but it hadn’t been left there, and the original hearing papers had not been served.

The order was made to Magic Circle Law Firm Ltd. They are not the registered owners, and having not seen any of their statements it is not known what right they claimed to the property.

The occupiers were a collection of diverse groups, thrown together by today’s difficult conditions, and different people ran off in different directions doing different things and sometimes colliding.

We can’t be sure whether the notice we wrote explaining the invalidity of the IPO was shown to the police, or even if the police tried to enforce the IPO before the occupiers moved out. We also don’t know if the draft defence we wrote for the full possession order hearing was used. The Order made states “The Claim is dismissed”, although an email from the Court says possession was granted. The email also said that one of the occupiers “subsequently issued an application to re-enter the property which was dismissed also, by District Judge Vokes” and that a further application was made on D J Vokes’ advice, which had been given a new claim number, to which we have still to be told of any outcome.

On the 30th April ASS emailed the court asking for copies of the orders and the statement in support of the IPO application, quoting Civil Procedure Rules allowing this for people not party to the case, and stating that there appeared to have been a criminal offence involved.

On the 17th May an email came back stating that a District Judge had been asked and said that we had to identify the documents required (we had) and file either an application or a notice of request with the relevant fee. The DJ agreed that the rules we had referred to (CPR 5.4C) applied.

In the absence of an office to go to talk to, or the court having responded to our query about how much the fees would be, we eventually wrote, asking to be invoiced. The reply came back that “The District Judge has directed” that CPR 5.4 does not apply.

This is similar to a problem we had with a dodgy IPO from Willesden County Court a few years ago, where we just go so worn down by complaints, being told “no, you can’t complain, it was the judge’s decision so you have to appeal” etc, that we ground to a halt.

So, does anyone out there have the energy to help us keep battling away at this, or know a way through this bureaucratic mess?

Josef K

Getting noticed…

Checking the number of reads statistics where that is possible, there appears to have been a surge of readers discovering the Blurt. Thank you all for giving it your attention.

For those of you wondering what all this is about, The Blurt Of Richard Davies is an uncompromising dystopian novel describing how the UK degenerates further into an authoritarian workfare state. Here’s a short blurb…

“Rejoice! The incompetent political class has been replaced by a Consensus government with commonsense policies who are rebuilding the shattered Federation formerly known as the UK. We may not be wealthy but we’re getting by, and from here the only way is up…

Newly promoted media executive Richard Davies knows the propaganda to be nothing but empty lies; but he can’t anticipate what will happen as the long-heralded General Election approaches, marking the end of the Consensus’ emergency rule mandate.

When he stumbles across a story that could make his reputation or get him killed Davies finds his options for doing the right thing in a world gone wrong are narrowing, and time is running out…

The Blurt of Richard Davies: Today’s fiction is tomorrow’s nightmare. Read it while you are still able to!”

Links to where you may read the Blurt in its entirety for free can be found in previous blog entries. Be aware it is not suitable reading for minors. Read it and spread the word!

Haber Siteleri, Phorm ve Derin Paket Analizleri

Kişiselleştirilmiş reklam ve içerik, adı üzerinde kişiye özgü, ilgi alanlarına giren reklamların ve içeriklerin oluşturduğu bir bütündür. Daha geniş anlamıyla, bir reklamın size özel olabilmesi için sizinle ilgili kapsamlı ve gizliliğinizi ihlal edecek bir bilgiye sahip olunması ve sizin eşsiz bir profilinizin çıkartılması gereklidir. Internet çerçevesinden bakıldığında bu bilgiler, sizin ziyaret ettiğiniz websitelerinden okuduğunuz haberlere, izlediğiniz videolardan dinlediğiniz müziğe, alış-veriş sitelerinde baktığınız ürünlerden oynadığınız çevrimiçi oyunlara kadar çok geniş bir alanı kapsamaktadır. Bununla birlikte, bilgilerin toplanması için çeşitli servisler çoğunlukla arka planda ve sizden habersiz bir şekilde çalışmaktadır. Türkiye’de ise bu işi yapan servisi kendini “internette gezinirken hassas içerik ve sayfaları hariç tutarak oluşan ilgi alanlarınıza göre size özel içerik ve reklam sunan ücretsiz bir servistir” şeklinde tanımlamıştır. Fakat, tüm bu kişiselleştirilmiş içerik ve reklam üretiminin altında yatan sistem aslında bir derin paket analizi sistemidir. Internet, veri paketlerinin karşılıklı değişiminin olduğu bir ağ olup, bu ağlarda paketler temel birimlerdir. Phorm gibi sizlere özel içerik ve reklam adı altında hizmet sunan servisler de bu ağ üzerinde dolaşan paketlerin içeriğini incelerler ve sizlerin eşsiz bir profilinizi çıkartırlar.

Bana gelen bir e-postada Twitter’ın 17 Aralık 2013 yolsuzluk operasyonu ile ünlenen hesabı fuatavni‘nin Rota haber‘de yazdığı ve Rota haber’de ise Phorm’un aktif olduğunu belirtiyordu. Kontrol ettiğimde Rota haber’de ise Phorm sunucularınun aktif olduğu ve üzerinden Phorm’un çalıştığı sonucu geldi. Diğer taraftan, PT Reklam Çözümleri ve Anonim Şirketi Phorm’un Türkiye’deki adresidir.

kame $ whois
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** Registrar:
NIC Handle              : tyh14-metu
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** Domain Servers:

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Created on..............: 2013-Jan-23.
Expires on..............: 2016-Jan-22.

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