Nanu Nanu

When I heard the news it was as if I didn’t want to believe.  I don’t know why this affected me more than some other celebrities who have been taken from us this year.  Nanu Nanu Mr. Robin Williams.

When I read that he recently had gone back to rehab to “fine-tune” his recovery it made me think about my own.  I do not want to come across as trying to judge or know where someone else is with their recovery.  But what I felt for me was that “fine-tune” my recover means I left something out of steps 4-9.  Something is still nagging at me…not for me at the moment…but if I feel I’m “fine-tuning” my recovery these are the steps I’d be in.

Which leads me smack dab right back into fear and forgiveness.  I may be repeating myself now. But…I always have to ask God for forgiveness and to help me forgive others.  If I do this part and then God gives me the opportunity to do some work face to face in the amends area…then I can only hope for the strength and words to do it.  I don’t always get the opportunity…but know I always need to get right with God then hopefully if and when I do get it I’ll be better prepared.

Now in the 8th month…and 8th step…so maybe time to review some of those amends I’m willing to make…and make sure that I’m always “fine-tuning” my recovery.