Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!


“Over 1000 welsh school children will be taught from the NATO lesson plan” designed by the very same government office that plots the UK’s bloody foreign policies.  Don’t buy the propaganda. Walesonline says that 1000 students will be subjected to these lesson plans.  The lessons have been designed by the foreign office.  Of course, our glorious leaders wouldn’t include any bias about NATO at all…  Young people and parents need to be on the alert for this dodgy propaganda.  Until we get some more details, stuff on our “why act?” page might help as an antidote.

That’s not all. In May, David “Bedroom Tax” Cameron announced a £1m commitment to set up 100 new CCF (Combined Cadet Force) units in state schools by 2015, with more on the way. “Defence” Secretary Philip Hammond explained: “The cadet expansion programme will help schools grow cadet numbers to ensure that as many young people as possible can benefit from military themed activities.” Benefit from militarism?  Not likely.  We’ll be resisting militarism on the streets this week, and calling on parents, young people and teachers to resist it in the schools as well.